10 Factors To Consider When Moving Interstate With Kids

10 Factors To Consider When Moving Interstate With Kids

Jun 12, 2023 Moving interstate to Adelaide can be tough as you have to deal with both the physical aspect of relocating and the emotional factor of leaving your loved ones behind. And this can become even more stressful when you relocate with your kids, as they might not be happy with this decision. To make this interstate move with your kids easier, hire professional removalists in Adelaide who offer a 100% service guarantee and will help transport your belongings safely.  This will also give you time to explain this relocation to your kids and spend more quality family time with them. Besides hiring professional movers to make this relocation process easier, you should also consider these ten factors when moving interstate with your kids:  10 Factors To Consider When Moving Interstate With Kids 

1. Look At The Timeframe Of The Move

The first factor you must consider when moving interstate to Adelaide is whether it will interfere with your kids’ academic calendar. Moving in the middle of their school year or during their exams can hamper their learning. It is best to relocate during their summer or winter holidays so that they can adjust and move to a new school and class easily.

2. Inspect The Quality Of Schools In The New Neighbourhood

Speaking of new schools, you must also look at suburbs and towns in Adelaide, like Glenelg and Blakeview, that have good schools and educational institutions for your kids. Since this process can take up a lot of time, it is best to plan this and research the best schools and colleges for your kids in the new area. Tip: Here are some educational and child care facilities in Adelaide you should note when moving here.

3. Search For Family-Friendly And Safe Neighbourhoods

Besides proper schools and educational institutions, you must also look for family-friendly and safe neighbourhoods in Adelaide where your kid can grow up. You can go online and look at the local councils and check out the towns or visit them with your kids in person while your interstate removalists in Adelaide start packing your belongings. Tip: Here are some of the best family-friendly suburbs in Adelaide.

4. Keep An Eye On Your Kids’ Mental State Regarding The Move

One of the biggest factors you must consider when moving interstate in Adelaide is how your kids react. To do this, you must properly explain the move to them and why it is necessary. If they have any doubts or queries, it is best to answer them and address any worries immediately. You must give them time to process this move and see what their mental state is regarding this move.

5. Consider The Distance From Family And Friends

While moving to South Australia with your kids, you need to see how far this new home will be from your present one. If you are moving far away, your kids will get to spend less time with their family and friends. This might make your kid more emotional and scared about the move, so explain that they can always stay in contact or plan trips to meet their friends. You can also schedule video calls, organise family activities and arrange monthly sleepovers with their old friends.

6. Identify Recreational Activities In The New Location

You must also make this move easier for your kids by looking at recreational facilities in your new location, like malls, parks, cafes, play centres, restaurants, movie theatres and more. If your kid has a hobby like swimming or tennis, look for activity centres and clubs in your new location that cater to these interests. This will also help make your kids more excited about the move to their new town.

7. Ensure There Are Proper Healthcare Facilities For Kids

Another factor to consider when moving with kids is to look at the healthcare facilities of your new town. Look for paediatricians, dentists, hospitals and family doctors that are renowned and well-certified. You can let your professional interstate removalists in Adelaide handle your packing and loading while you check out these hospitals and paediatricians and see whether they have top-notch facilities for kids and adults alike.

8. Take Your Kid Around Your New Home

When planning an interstate move from Perth or Melbourne to Adelaide, the main thing to consider is whether your kids will like your new home. You can drive to your new home and neighbourhood and let your kids see and pick their room. Also, take them around the town more than once and enjoy fun pizza dinners and walks in the neighbourhood parks to see whether they like it. Tip: You can also involve your kids in the move in the following ways.

9. Maintain Your Regular Routines To Avoid Stress

Once you have finalised a home in Adelaide and planned on moving there, you must give your kids time and space to adjust to this move. Maintaining your normal routine and spending daily time with them is also important so that they do not feel stressed and overwhelmed with such a big move. You should also maintain this routine in your new home so your kids can feel more comfortable and learn to enjoy their home.

10. Celebrate Your New Move And Create Lasting Memories

Lastly, once your removalists in Adelaide pack and move your belongings and unload everything properly, you should celebrate your new move with a housewarming party. You can leave the unpacking for later and always keep an essentials box and bag ready in your new home to help you adjust for the first few days. This is important so you can take time to enjoy this occasion and make your kids feel happy about the move as well.  Additional Tips Once You Move In 
  • Look for child safety hazards like overhead wires, lack of fencing, and loose steps in your new home.
  • Let your child unpack and decorate their room to keep them involved in the move.


Moving interstate with kids involves a lot of planning and consideration as you have to consider the schools and educational institutions, the time frame of the move and the healthcare and recreational facilities. It is also important to give your kids time to adjust to the move and answer all their doubts and queries so they can understand this relocation better.