10 Things To Keep In Mind During The Busy Moving Season

10 Things To Keep In Mind During The Busy Moving Season

Aug 19, 2022 Are you relocating home during peak season? When you decide to relocate, the most important thing is to finalise the date. Choosing the suitable month of the year is always good to avoid chaos and hustle-bustle. It is good to prepare a plan when moving to a big city like Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. It is one of the most liveable states and people around the world are migrating to South Australia. However, if you are moving locally, you need to create a different plan from scratch. When you choose the busy season, there will be plenty of moving vehicles on the road. Plus, you may pay more because good removalists Adelaide are busy during this peak season. However, if you are moving during the busy season, do proper research and keep the process as stress-free as possible. According to the latest reports, more than 90 per cent of Australians move their homes from January to  March and July to September. If you are also doing the same, look at the following tips and ensure a seamless moving journey. Let’s Get Started!

1. Book Your Removalists and Choose the Right Date Quickly

Most people prefer moving during summer when school is not in session. That’s why you need to book the best moving company in advance without wasting your time. Do a bit of research and choose a move date that works perfectly for you. Booking professionals in advance also helps you get the most reliable and affordable option in Adelaide. It is important to know what to expect on the moving day so that you can prepare yourself in advance and stay organised throughout the journey.

2. Make the Most Out of Discounts

Moving during the peak season is always expensive due to the high demand for moving companies. The rate tends to get higher in the summer season. Luckily, many companies offer discount couples that you can avail yourself to enjoy services at the best price. All you need to do is to research such discounts and redeem them as soon as possible.

3. Move in a Mid-Week or Mid-Month

Believe it or not! Relocating at the start or end of the month may cost you more than moving in the middle of the month. Similarly, shifting home on the weekends is expensive because most people get time only on Saturdays and Sundays due to busy work schedules. If you want affordable yet reliable service, choose a weekday and a mid-month when relocating home.

4. Pack Belongings in Advance

Preparing your belongings in advance when moving during the busy season is a good decision. You can arrange all the necessary supplies, de-clutter your belongings and pack the ones you need. Make sure you wrap fragile items using double layers of packing materials. This will help you avoid last-minute chaos. Dismantle the large furniture pieces and pack them using blankets. Clean appliances and pack with bubble wrap. Pack books in a smaller box and fill the space using packing peanuts. Do not forget to label the boxes so that professional removalists in Adelaide can load your items without wasting your time.

5. Ask For Assistance From Friends & Relatives

Having a friend or relative to help you with your home relocation chores is always good. This will give you peace of mind. They can help you in:
  • Shifting large items like furniture and boxes
  • Load items onto the truck
  • Pack your items into boxes
  • Unpack boxes, etc
Cleaning is also important, especially if you are moving out of a rental property. So, you need to hire professionals for detailed end of lease cleaning to retrieve bond money safely.

6. Hire Childcare on a Moving day

Children, especially toddlers, create obstacles when relocating home. To simplify the task, it is good to arrange Childcare on moving day.. You can ask your family, friends, relatives, or a babysitter to watch your kids when you are busy moving chores. If you have a school-going kid, involve them in the packing process and follow other tips to make moving easier with kids.

7. Keep Extra Time in Hand

The busy moving season means traffic jams on the road. If you do not want to be stuck in traffic, create a route in advance and let plenty of extra time when relocating belongings. It is good to check the traffic reports in Adelaide and plan things accordingly. You can leave as early as possible to avoid jams and rushes.

8. Pack an Essential Kit

Do not forget to pack an essential moving day kit when you have kids and pets. Include a first-aid box, food, water bottles, blankets, clothes, toys for kids, etc.

9. Stay Hydrated

Summer is considered the busiest moving season, and it is important to drink water frequently. So, it is important to stay hydrated throughout the process and keep yourself motivated to avoid chaos.

10. Keep A Few Items Climate-Controlled

Certain items, such as computers, laptops, heat-sensitive furnishings, candles, etc., may get affected if you are stuck in a jam. They need to be kept in a temperature-controlled atmosphere.


These are the 10 important tips when moving during the busy or peak season. Make sure you stay relaxed by doing meditation and plan things well in advance to avoid chaos. For a better and safe move, hire the best removalists Adelaide and keep your belongings intact throughout the journey.