10 Things You Should Never Pack in a Moving Truck
What You Can't Put on a Moving Truck

10 Things You Should Never Pack in a Moving Truck

Jan 17, 2020 Moving is a cumbersome process requiring a variety of tasks to be completed simultaneously. Among these tasks, one of the major ones is packing, which should be planned and done carefully to move belongings without damage. Before starting packing, it is crucial to know what things to prepare to transport via the moving truck because accidents or other factors can cause content loss or damage. For those who have hired professional removalists in Adelaide, this isn’t a problem as professionals already have a list of things they recommend not to load on the vehicle. However, for people who are planning a DIY move, mentioned below are ten things to never pack and transport in a moving truck.

1. Personal documents

During the moving process, ensure to pack personal documents in a briefcase or folder to carry along on the moving day. Don’t pack these documents to transport in a moving truck to avoid damage or misplacement. Here is a list of personal documents to keep on-person while relocating. • Identity proofs • Australian citizen certificate • Driver’s licence • Passport • Birth certificate • Medicare card • Bank account credit/debit cards and passbooks • Marriage or divorce certificates • School, college, and work certificates/degrees

2. Family photographs & tapes

To minimise the risk of damaging or losing family photographs and videotapes keep them safe with a relative during the moving process and retrieve when you’re settled at the new home. Professional removalists in Adelaide discourage the movement of sentimental items as the emotional loss due to misplacement or damage to these items is significant.

3. Precious Items

Other things that experienced and reputed Adelaide removalists request clients to not pack to transport on the moving truck are precious items such as jewellery, antiques, pieces of art, and heirlooms. These things are considered high-value items that are best to be kept in a safe and moved when there is a place to store them in the new home securely.

4. Ammunitions, Explosives and Other Dangerous items

It is important to know that moving certain things is illegal according to state laws as they are considered dangerous items. Not even reputed removalists in Adelaide are allowed to move them, which is why they caution clients against packing them. These items include • Guns or firearms • Fireworks • Toxic substances such as fertilisers, pesticides, bleach, ammonia, hydrochloric acid etc • Explosives • Gas tanks • Flammable products like aerosols, paints, varnishes, thinners, nail polish removers etc.

5. Perishable Items

It is best to properly dispose or donate perishable items like fresh vegetables, fruits, frozen food, and beverages before moving. Professional removalists in Adelaide advise against packing and moving these items as they can spoil, decay, stink, and create a mess.

6. Essentials Kit

On the moving day, ensure your essential kit remains on-person and doesn’t get loaded on the truck accidentally. The kit should have all the things you’ll need throughout the journey such as snakes, candies, house keys, mobile phones, contact information, etc.

7. Prescription medication

For people with health issues or life-altering diseases, it is imperative to keep prescription medicines with them. These medications can be for diabetes, heart conditions, blood pressure, asthma, pain management and other medical problems.

8. Plants and Produce

It is recommended to arrange for neighbours or near and dear one to take care of plants as professional removalists in Adelaide advise against moving them. In most states of Australia, moving plants and produce is illegal without notification and verification. When moving interstate or internationally researching about which plants and produce are allowed in the state lines of Queensland will help.

9. Relevant Financial/Medical Documents and Items

When moving to a new home, remember to pack the below-mentioned items and move them personally. • Bank statements, chequebooks, debit/credit cards, investment portfolios etc. • Insurance policy documents for health, home, car, life, or any other tangible or intangible need. • Copies of your previous lease contracts (if any) • Property documents like titles, deeds, mortgages • Vehicle ownership documents, registration certificates, pollution tests etc. • Income tax returns • Medical reports and medicine prescriptions

10. Heavy or Delicate Items

There are certain electronics and delicate items that need special care and cannot be moved in an ordinary moving truck. Also, packing and moving these items can be expensive and time-consuming. These items may include • Washing machines, dishwashers, and other heavy electronics • Delicate glass and mirror pieces and fixtures • Collection of wine, whiskeys, scotches or other alcohol bottles • Heavy exercising equipment • Big flat-screen TV or home theatre collections Whether you’re planning to hire professionals or move yourself, always consult with a reputed removals company in Adelaide about these items to chart a plan on how to move these things safely and economically.

Why Is It Best To Hire Expert Removalists for Packing?

Hiring expert removalists is wise because they will come for inspection of property contents before packing. In their assessment report, they will mention things that can and cannot be packed along with the list of things their company is unauthorised to move. The removalists will provide options and solutions to move items that may not be suitable to relocate via an ordinary moving truck. Furthermore, you will have a precise estimate of packing and moving costs according to which you can plan your relocation budget.


Moving is a tiring task, and your aim should be to make the process as smooth as possible. Therefore, it becomes imperative to know what things to pack and move to your new home. Consider consulting professional removalists in Adelaide to know more about things that can be legally and safely relocated in a moving truck because, besides the things mentioned above, your home may have content that can be unsuitable for moving via truck.