10 Time-Saving Moving Tips To Keep You On Track

10 Time-Saving Moving Tips To Keep You On Track

Nov 12, 2021

Time is of the essence during a house move because you have to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. You need to plan every aspect of your move to ensure there are no delays because it can cost you money and disturb your mental well-being.

Hiring professional removalists in Adelaide is one of the best ways to reduce your stress and burden. Since professionals have years of experience and knowledge, they can undertake challenging moving-related tasks and complete them effectively and efficiently. Even with professional help, you need to manage your move carefully to prevent delays.

Here are ten time-saving moving tips to keep you on track and relocate without stress. Have a look.

1. Create A Moving Timetable

Moving is a complex and time-consuming process that you should streamline to get things done efficiently. To do so, create a moving timetable when the date is set to outline everything you need to do and set deadlines for them. Make sure the tasks are prioritised according to importance and urgency on the calendar.

To ensure each task is complete within time, delegate work to household members by assigning ownership to the chores. Share the timetable with everyone involved in the moving process to keep tabs on progress.

2. Explore Your Moving Options

You can hire removalists in Adelaide to manage every aspect of your move from packing to moving. However, there are other moving options you should explore early to know which one is the best. Often people pack their belongings and book professionals to handle and transport them. Other moving options include renting a storage container, availing backloading service etc.

3. Reduce Packing & Moving Load

To save time while moving, reduce the number of things to pack by asking your hired removalists what items they won’t move. Additionally, declutter your house to get rid of everything you don’t need at the new home. Remove trash, broken items, unwanted things and old belongings that serve no purpose. If things are in good condition, choose to donate or resell them online/offline.

4. Book Local Removalists

Choose a good and reliable removal company near you to get things done conveniently and within a stipulated period. There are many benefits of hiring local removalists, as they can reach your house on time and you can remain in contact with them easily. Furthermore, it is easier to know the reputation of local removalists and find ones with good reviews/feedback.

5. Get The Right Packing Supplies

Speed up the packing process by getting the right supplies before starting the activity. Arrange for small, medium and large corrugated boxes in addition to packing tape, bubble or foam wrap, newspapers, moving blankets etc. Don’t forget to get special supplies like wardrobe boxes, flat boxes for TVs, cell dividers, plastic palettes etc.

6. Start The Change Of Address Process ASAP

Once you know the moving date, create a change of address checklist and start notifying utility providers, insurance agencies, banks, and other government or non-government authorities. Know which places to notify before the move and which ones to intimate after relocation. The sooner you start this process, the better because many companies or organisations take a few weeks to verify and update their records.

7. Pack Room By Room

The aim behind this strategy while packing is to wrap and box things you occasionally use first and things you use regularly last. This way, you can avoid inconvenience during the move. Also, ensure the things you need the most are packed and loaded on the moving truck last and unpacked first upon arrival at the new home, making it easier to settle in.

8. Disassemble Furniture Before Packing

Instead of going through the hassle of moving bulky furniture in one piece, disassemble the items. It will help make it easier to pack and move them through doors, pathways, stairs, lifts etc. To streamline the process, take before pictures for reference, label everything correctly, and box furniture parts together.

9. Be Prepared Before The Removalists Arrive

Prevent delays on the moving day by being ready before your hired removalists in Adelaide arrive at your home. Make sure the essential bags for every house member is packed. It should contain everything you need during the move like medicines, keys, charger, toiletries, change of clothes etc.

10. Keep Kids & Pets Away On Moving Day

People with kids and pets should send them away in the care of a trusted person on the moving day. It will keep them out of harm’s way and make it easier for you or your hired removalists in Adelaide to complete work. If you cannot arrange for someone to take care of them, make sure they are in a room with a door locked, food & water and things to ensure they are comfortable.

The Bottom Line

Moving is a physically and mentally draining process that causes stress and anxiety. It is also time-consuming, and you can experience delays due to poor planning. To make things easier and complete tasks quickly, hire professional removalists in Adelaide. Additionally, follow the ten time-saving moving tips to keep you on track.