10 Tips For Moving Into Your First Apartment

10 Tips For Moving Into Your First Apartment

Jul 01, 2022 Are you planning on relocating to a lovely new apartment in sunny Adelaide? If this is your first apartment, you will need some tips to help you with this big move. Experts at removalist services are ready to help you with suggestions on how to move into your new home and make this process exciting. Here are ten of their tips below:

1. Save As Much As You Can

Before you hire a removalist service in Adelaide to help you move into your new apartment, you need to have enough funds. You must start saving in advance to find the apartment of your choice. You will also need to save for other expenses like:
  • Utilities
  • Security deposit
  • First and last month’s rent
  • Renovations in the new place
  • New furniture

2. Create A Moving Budget

As part of your saving plan, you must also fix a budget for your moving costs. You should create a moving budget considering all the costs you are saving for and a little extra for any additional expenses. You must stick to this budget then while moving to have enough for your moving costs. You can calculate your budget based on the difference between your monthly income and daily expenses. This extra amount can be multiplied according to the timeline you have set for moving out so that you have an approximate for your budgeting and money.

3. Look At The Location

Before you pick an apartment to stay in, you must also look at the location and look for factors like:
  • You should pick an apartment with a sound transportation system that is well-connected.
  • Also, you should look at an apartment close to your work, so you don’t have to travel a considerable distance.
  • If you have children, you should see what kind of schools and educational facilities there are in the neighbourhood.
  • Also, look at the amenities like grocery stores and recreational and entertainment areas so you can choose a suitable location.

4. Inspect Your Apartment Thoroughly

If you have seen several apartments you like, you must thoroughly inspect each one. Take your time walking around each apartment and looking at all the facilities. Check for any damages so that you can have them repaired immediately and this can even lower the house’s asking price. You must check all the utilities to see if everything is in order and working correctly. You must also check for any pest infestations so that you don’t have any problems later. Once you have properly inspected the apartment and are happy with it, you can hire an expert removalist service in Adelaide to help you move there.

5. Go Through Your Lease Agreement

If you are ready to finalise an apartment when moving to Adelaide, you must go through your lease agreement properly. Read the terms and conditions and check for hidden fees and costs. You should also see if any time period is mentioned for renting the apartment and ensure that everything in the lease is legal to avoid fraud and scams.

6. Create A Floor Plan

Now that you have found your apartment, you must create a floor plan before asking your furniture removalists in Adelaide to move all your belongings. This is necessary so that you can plan your move accordingly. If there are things that won’t fit in your new apartment, it is better to sell them and buy some new furniture.

7. Pack Your Items Properly

You must also ensure that all your belongings are packed properly to transport them safely to your new home. Pack all your fragile items in small boxes and double wrap all your items to keep them safe. You should also label all your boxes and make sure all your boxes are securely shut. If you need help in packing your boxes efficiently and quickly, you can always hire a furniture removalists Adelaide to help you out.

8. Talk To Your Neighbours

When you move into your new apartment, getting to know your new neighbourhood and neighbours is necessary. Meet them and invite them for lunch or a quick snack to learn more about your colony. This will come in handy when you go out of town and need someone to check your apartment.

9. Get Your Apartment Ready

Make sure that your new apartment is organised the way you want. You can decorate it with new items and go shopping for fun and innovative stuff that will make you feel at home in your new apartment. You should also turn on the gas and the water in advance to make these facilities available as you move in.

10. Hire An Expert Removalist

Once you have settled on an apartment, you should hire an expert removalist service in Adelaide to handle all your packing and moving needs. This will give you more time to concentrate on things like changing your address, update your billing details, setting up the utilities, and more. These experts will also help you load all your furniture into your new home so that you can start unpacking immediately.


Moving to a new apartment can be fun and exciting if you follow the tips above.