10 Ways to Build Your Network in a New City: Moving Tips
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10 Ways to Build Your Network in a New City: Moving Tips

Feb 11, 2020 Moving to a new city can be both intimidating and exciting at the same time. Your house relocation decision comes with some great opportunities that can help you start over. Whether it is about meeting new people or exploring new places, you need some great hacks that can help you settle down at the new place easily. It is good to plan things ahead of time and pack your precious belongings into boxes for safe and secure relocation. If you are moving across the city for the first time, then consider hiring professionally-trained interstate removalists in Adelaide. They can make it super easy for you to pack delicate items and lift heavy furniture from one place to another without any damage. Once you are with your packing chores, you can find out some easy ways to meet new people and build your network in a local community at a new place. Whether you are searching for a new job or new friends, the following tips will help you build your network without much elbow grease. Let’s Get Started!

1. Make a List of People you Already Know

You can start by creating a list of people you already know in the new city you are moving to. From old school or college friends to relatives, you can include everyone in your list. Don’t forget to add people who used to live there because they might have contacts that can help you settle down with ease. After that, reach out to reconnect with the people included in your list either by phone or email. Meet them and share what you will be searching for once you get to your new house. They can help you find a new job and school for your kids. So, there is no harm in taking their advice because they already know everything about the place you are planning to relocate.

2. Use Social Media to Build Network

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media groups play a vital role for those who want to build a strong network. In today’s era, you can leverage the unlimited benefits of social media platforms. Join social media groups of the city or locality you are moving. This is one of the best ways to connect with new people who are living around you. You can tell the Facebook group that you have joined about your relocation and ask if anyone has advice for you. It will be interesting to interact with the people who can share their relocation experience and help you relocate to the new city without any stress.

3. Make a Visit

If your schedule is allowing, then it will be good to visit the new city before the final move-in. You can explore your new locality and find the best schools, hospitals, your neighbours and much more so that you can easily settle down with your family at the new place. You can also attend industry networking programs and events that can help you develop your network when you actually move into the new city. In case you don’t get enough time, then you can join meetups that are happening when you are in the new place. You can search for conferences hosted by people in your field. This will help you find a new job quite easily.

4. Use Your Alumni Network

Take some time out of your tight schedule and contact your college alumni association. It will help you know a group of friends/people you already have connections. Most universities have an alumni directory that lets you search for people by industry and location. You can prepare a list and include people that are in the same field or same location/city. Reach out to them via phone and build your network. If you are relocating to a metropolitan city like Adelaide, then check if your alumni group hosts conferences or events you can participate. It is one of the best and easiest ways to create a new network of people in the new city.

5. Be Extrovert

It is good to get out of your comfort zone and talk to the people and make new connections while attending meetups or events. As you become extrovert, you will get more comfortable, which in turn, help you build your network with other professionals, locals and networking groups.

6. Throw a Housewarming Party

Let everyone in your new community know that you are new in the city. You can do this by throwing a housewarming party. Invite your neighbours, new friends, colleagues, relatives and other important connections to your new house. Introduce yourself to the people you invited and share your relocation experiences. You can discuss ideas with the people who are in the same field. This will help others to know you.

7. Volunteer in the Local Community

One of the best ways to build new connections in the new city is by volunteering in the local community. If you are passionate about giving back, then find other people who share the same passion in the local community. Once you are moved to the new place, you can share a few hours each month in your community. You can stand strong for some of the following causes: • Animal Welfare • Sustainable Living • Children and Youth • Human rights • Education etc.

8. Join a Professional Networking Group

If you are running a business, then it is good to join the Chamber of Commerce. It is one of the great ways to meet new people and build networks of genuine referrals in the new city. If you don’t have your own business but take pride in your professional field and want to meet new people, then professional networking events are ideal for you.

9. Join Activities You Like

Get out of your home and participate in the fun-loving activities. It can be anything- a gym, dance class, book clubs, hiking groups, etc. Find a group of people who share the same passion and make new friends.

10. Visit Local Food, Art or Music Festivals

Attending art and music festivals is one of the ideal ways to make new friends. These types of festivals and events are communal that is focused around having fun. This will encourage you to meet a group of people who also love food, art or music.


Adjusting to a new city can be overwhelming, but always remember that a little effort can help you build new networks with ease. You can try the ideas/tips mentioned above in the article. Once you prepare your moving checklist, take professional assistance from your Adelaide Removalists and contact the people you already know and are living in the new city. They can guide and advise you and help you make safe and stress-free interstate relocation.