5 Charities In Adelaide That Offer Free Donation Pick Up

5 Charities In Adelaide That Offer Free Donation Pick Up

Aug 12, 2022 Home relocation gives you an excellent opportunity to de-clutter your rooms and list items you can donate to the needy people in your city or local area. You can inspect each room, cupboard, wardrobe, etc to grab out the items you no longer need but are in working condition. It could be anything, from clothes to old furniture, electronic devices to books, blankets to carpets, etc. If you don’t want to take along with you, classify them and donate them to charity in Adelaide. For this, you need to prepare everything in advance. Since you are busy packing and moving chores, list the name of NGOs that are offering pick-up services. It will help you focus on the important tasks before the arrival of the best removalists Adelaide. This will give you peace of mind and happiness while you are doing something good for underprivileged people. Here is the list of 5 charities in Adelaide that offer free donation pick-up with utmost dedication and passion.

1. St Vincent De Paul Society

Do you have pre-loved clothes for kids, old furniture and other belongings that you no longer need? If yes, then donate to Vinnies. It is one of the most trusted charity organisations in Adelaide, offering a free pick-up service. You can bring a smile to the face of kids and families who need your love and care. You can donate the old furniture and ask the NGO to come to your place and pick up everything from your doorstep. If you are shifting large furniture, protect walls and floors when moving. You can also bring smaller boxes of items to a local outlet of St Vincent De Paul Society during business hours or schedule a pick-up before relocating your home. Make sure you pack everything properly and label each box. Also, write some interesting notes to show your love.

2. Salvos Stores

It is also one of the most renowned NGOs in Australia. Salvos Stores accepts pre-loved clothing and accessories, toys, books and electronic devices, furniture pieces, and other items that are good in condition. The Salvation Army Programs support those who need help in the form of household belongings. They are doing a noble cause, and you can also do the same by creating a list of items and packing them in advance. You can contact the local Salvos Stores in Adelaide and schedule a date and time for a free pick-up. The volunteers will come to your home and pick up the furniture and other boxes without giving you a hint of stress. Make sure you hire professional removalists Adelaide for precious possessions you want to move to your new home.

3. Uniting Communities

From old age people to young kids and needy families, Uniting Communities is an ideal place where you can see everyone smiling. If you want to do a good deed, donate your household items that are in working condition to the people who need these belongings. Instead of throwing them into the landfill or selling them in a garage sale, you can contact Uniting Communities. They accept your donations and offer a free pick-up service to give you peace of mind. The charity house believes in supporting underprivileged people by creating a brighter future. You can de-clutter the home at least 6 weeks before your final moving day and pack items that need to be donated separately.

4. Second Chances Furniture Showroom

It is a non-profit volunteer organisation that aims at restoring the lives of prisoners and their families all across South Australia. If you have good quality furniture, such as sofa, table, chair, bed, etc, call their office because they can come to your place and pick up the heavy items. Second chances accept your donations and will sell them at their shop at affordable prices to those who are in need. If you decided to store your furniture for a short time, then avoid self-storage mistakes and protect your expensive items.

5. Lyell McEwin Volunteers Association

You can help people who are suffering from different diseases and the ageing process. The association accepts pre-loved clothes, boots, warm wear, furniture, books, toys, blankets, etc. You can schedule the date and time at your convenience, and they will come to your place. They will take the donation and sell it in their op-shops in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.


De-cluttering before moving to a new home is important if you have decided to donate pre-loved possessions to these charity associations. Do not forget to dispose of chemically-laden products, such as store-bought cleaners and old batteries. For your household items, hire the best removalists in Adelaide, and they will transit them safely to a new place without giving you a hint of stress. They will help you in the packing process so that you can stay relaxed throughout the process.