5 Tips for Moving on a Low Budget
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5 Tips for Moving on a Low Budget

Sep 03, 2018

Moving can be exciting, stressful, and overwhelming all together. No matter how far you are relocating, the stress will always be there on your shoulders. From hiring professional Adelaide Removalists to buying quality packing supplies, DIY packing to unpacking chores, you have to manage everything for safe and smooth removal.

When it comes to moving, expenses is one of those aspects that can ruin your excitement. If you are running low on a budget, then you should cut out the additional costs and save your money for further important things such as paying security deposits or down payment to the new landlord or property seller.

Keeping a close eye on a budget is imperative because it will help you know about your financial implications. Fortunately, there are some money-saving tips to help you move on a low budget with ease. Consider the following tips and make a short note of all your funds that will be required in an entire moving process.

1. Declutter Every Room in Your House

Purging unnecessary items is one of the best ways to reduce both the stress and cost of a move. Instead of packing everything in your house, it is better to sort out the things or items that are no longer needed.

De-clutter your rooms and collect all the stuff in three different boxes (for waste items, donations/charity, and selling items) depending on their current condition and usage.

You can earn extra money by selling the unused belongings online, or you could also have a garage sale so that you can add that cash to your moving budget.
So, take fewer items and save extra money while moving your house or office.

2. Compare the Estimates

Relocating valuable belongings is a complicated job and that the reason why you need highly-trained Removalists in Adelaide for safe and quick results. But most of the people don’t hire professional because of their expensive services.

So, it is good to do thorough research and shortlist at least 5 to 6 companies. Ask them to provide you a free estimate so that you can compare all the quotes and pick the most suitable company that best fits your targeted budget.

Instead of hiring the very first company you researched, evaluate everything and find out the one that can offer you affordable services related to moving and packing along with adequate insurance cover for your belongings

3. Pick your Moving Date Wisely

Yes, you can reduce some financial burden by picking the moving date during the off-season. Rather than moving your house during peak season or hours, it is advised to choose off-peak moving season generally during the winters.

Moving during these seasons is a bit cheaper than moving during summer or spring season because these are the busiest time to move and expensive too. You can ask your shortlisted removalists to schedule a move when the season is off.

Make sure you plan your entire move and keep the date flexible so that you can look for cheapest options for you (especially related to the moving date).

So, whether you are moving within Adelaide or relocating to the new city, make sure you choose the dates in the middle of the month because the first and last day of a month is the busiest days of all.

4. Pack your Items on your Own

Though moving is an expensive chore, you can minimise your budget by saving money on packing. You can use old newspapers and even magazines to pack fragile items. You can also look for used moving boxes around the local market of Adelaide or use some creative ideas to wrap your household belongings for safe removal.

You can ask your friends and family to assist you in packing your stuff two to three weeks before your final moving day. If you don’t get enough time, you can hire an affordable Removalists Company in Adelaide for quality packing of both your delicate and expensive items.

Tip: Gather free boxes from grocery stores, local liquor stores, recycling drop-off points and big-box chains. You can find different sizes of boxes that can be used to store all your belongings for a move.

5. Book as Early as Possible

It is always good to book a removal service ahead of time, especially if your budget is tight. Most of the companies quote better rates when people book them in advance instead of those who wait for the last moments.

If you want to be flexible with your options, you have to get into the moving process two to three weeks prior to your move. Do your own research, compare different estimates and look for the affordable options to put down the strain of expensive relocation.


Reducing the moving cost and additional expenses can be a difficult task, but you can achieve this by planning your relocation in advance. Create a moving budget and know how much you’ll be needed for a moving process. If you want to save your time and money, hiring professional and affordable Adelaide Removalists can be an ideal decision for you.
Hope you experience a happy and stress-free moving!