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beautifully staged home for a quick sale
07 Aug, 2019

6 Home Staging Tips to Ensure a Quick Sale When Moving

If you are putting your home up for sale, its presentation will be the key to selling it faster and receiving a satisfactory amount. While publicity or marketing play their role, the interiors of the home make all the difference. Today, most of the buyers look for homes online.

Thus, it has become essential to make a home’s web appeal as charming as its curb appeal. All you need to do is highlight the most impressive assets of your house so that the buyers get impressed and develop a desire to move in. With a little know-how, you can sell your house quickly and in a hassle-free manner.

Professional interstate removalists in Adelaide and experienced home cleaners can make things much easier for you as you get more time to get involved in the home staging process. Here are some useful tips for home staging for a quick sale of your home. Let’s have a look.

1. Hit The Right Spots

When it comes to home staging, always remember that all your rooms do not have equal importance. Thus you need to concentrate on those rooms that have the maximum chance to influence the decision of the buyer and spend less time on those rooms that will not make a lot of difference.

The rooms that buyers usually focus on while looking for a home are the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. Therefore, these are those areas that require your maximum attention when you are staging a home.

You don’t need to worry about rooms such as guest bedrooms, bathrooms and children’s bedrooms, as they usually don’t capture the buyer’s interest.

2. Make It More Buyer-Friendly

One of the primary purposes of home staging is to help potential buyers envision the space as their own. And the best way to accomplish this is by minimising your personal touch in the house. You need to make it more buyer-friendly so that you can attract more potential buyers.

You need to ensure that the house looks stylish and has its own charm, but you should avoid anything that suggests the home belongs to the seller, and not the buyer. Start by taking down all the framed photographs and anything that is hanging on the fridge and pack them safely in corrugated boxes or custom made boxes.

Remove personal items such as toothbrushes and contact solution to clean your bathroom counters. Though cleaning of each and every corner of the premises is also an important part. Make sure it looks like a new house so that people can make the buying decision quickly.
Also, ensure that your clothes are stored away and out of sight. Although de-personalising your home can make it a little awkward to live in, it is a useful strategy to connect the buyers with your property.

3. Declutter To Make It Look Bigger

Always remember that clutter takes up space, which is the most crucial thing in home staging. Thus, to make your home look spacious and more desirable, you need to declutter it properly. Over the years, you must have accumulated countless things in your house that you will not require during home staging.

In fact, these things can make your home look cramped, and that is the last thing you want while selling the house. To tackle this problem, you should hire a reliable interstate removalists in Adelaide to move all your belongings to your new place.

Keep only those few things that will help you to decorate your home. The lesser clutter you have in your house, the bigger it will look and consequently, become more appealing to the buyers. You can donate extra stuff to charities or gift them to friends as mementos.

4. Pay Attention To Repair Work

Home staging is the best time to deal with minor issues like tiny nicks, holes, scratches, and other impurities that the buyers can quickly notice. Take eraser pad and visit all the rooms one by one to remove scratches from the walls.

You may also have to do some paint touch up in those areas that are easily visible to the buyers. The main objective is to show the potential buyers that you made efforts to maintain the property. This step will make your home more attractive.

So, don’t forget to fix minor to major damages such as leaking taps, broken window frames, doors, etc so that you can present a property in a well-maintained condition.

5. Go For Deep Cleaning

Home cleaning is another essential feature of home staging. Thus, you should hire professional cleaners to ensure that the house is cleaned thoroughly. The task of deep cleaning becomes more critical when you are putting the home on the market.

From the corners of your ceilings to the baseboards and everywhere in between, you want every square inch of your home to shine. A clean home suggests to buyers that you have taken good care of the property.

Professional and experienced bond cleaners in Adelaide take care of all the cleaning tasks that you have overlooked like the kitchen countertops, inside the refrigerator, window blinds, and so on.

They are seasoned cleaners who have the technical knowledge and modern cleaning equipment to execute the cleaning tasks flawlessly and make your home sparkling clean. A crystal clean and spacious house will definitely impress your buyers.

6. Give It A Breath Of Fresh Air

This is another excellent way to make your house more appealing to buyers. Place a few plants and flowers to add some freshness into the space. Do not place them close to each other; otherwise, they might make one particular area look cluttered.

You can place a vase with big and bright flowers in the centre of the kitchen table, some succulents in your living room, and a larger potted plant at the corner of your living room. In case you don’t have enough time to maintain the plants and flowers, fake plants can also do the trick.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money on home staging. All you need to do is make some smart moves. And if you keep your property clean and well-maintained, you are most likely to get a buyer quickly and a good price too.

If you require, contact the professionals like bond cleaners and interstate removalists in Adelaide to make things easy for you. By following the tips mentioned above, you will get the result you want.