7 Best Tips To Help You Hire The Best Movers In Adelaide

7 Best Tips To Help You Hire The Best Movers In Adelaide

Sep 25, 2020

When it comes to moving, people always face the dilemma about whether they should do it on their own or hire seasoned professionals. From packing your belongings and cleaning the property to transferring utilities and finding storage facilities, relocation is a challenging task.

Relocating to a new place is always exciting, but nobody wants the hassle and mental stress involved in the process. Thus, the majority of people prefer reliable removalists in Adelaide to get the job done smoothly.

Despite hiring professionals, many people face various challenges throughout the process. It happens when you do not choose the removals company carefully. Always remember that the right removalists can be the difference between a stress-free moving and a complete disaster. So, always follow the right methods, do proper research and take your time before finalising any company.

Here are some useful tips to help you hire the best movers in Adelaide. Let’s have a look!

1. Get References

One of the most useful tips to hire the best removalists in Adelaide is to get references. So, talk to your friends, families, colleagues, neighbours, etc. and see if they recommend any name. This method can lead to a local but reliable company that believes in keeping their price reasonable and deliver the best service.

If you get any references, try to find out the reason behind it. Whether the company provide top quality service? Do they offer the best price in the market? Are they capable of providing a customised solution? Knowing answers to all these questions will help to choose the best movers.

2. Read Online Reviews

You should also read online reviews about the companies you have shortlisted. Visit the comparison websites to read the reviews of the previous clients. It will give you a pretty good idea about the company, their sense of responsibility, their experience, price policies, transparency and so on. If there is a possibility, try to contact a few previous customers and have a word with them.

The idea is to know if the company has a good name in the market. While exploring various websites, also try to find out whether it is an AFRA affiliated company or not. The entire research can take a lot of time, so you should start it as early as possible.

3. Consider the Experience Factor

A company cannot become reliable overnight! It takes years of hard work to earn the trust of the clients. So, when you are searching for a reliable removals company, expect it to be well established and have enough experience in the industry.

Whether it is about packing heavy appliance, loading costly furniture or handling fragile items, it requires some skill. And professionals develop that specific skill with time. So, if you want to ensure the safety of your belongings and complete the move smoothly, look for experienced professionals.

4. One-Stop-Shop

When you are looking for the best removals company, analyse all the options carefully and try to find out which company is capable of fulfilling your specific requirements. Whether you need a short-term or long-term storage facility, high-quality moving boxes, or packaging service, the company should be able to provide it.

You should also know whether the removalists in Adelaide are capable of moving your heavy furniture and appliances downstairs or not. Before finalising the company, it is crucial to know that you can assign them all your moving-related tasks and complete the move in a stress-free manner.

5. An Informative Website

If you want to hire the best movers, you should have all the information about the company and their services. Good companies are aware of this fact, and thus they provide a platform where the potential clients can visit and gather all the information they require. A removals company you want to hire should have an informative website.

If you want to know about the services they offer or locations where they provide the services, it should be there on the website. It will give you an idea about how professional they are and how open they are with the clients. If the information looks promising, it is worth contacting the professionals for a no-obligation quote.

6. Consider the Price Policy

Many removals companies charge their client on an hourly basis. It can be very costly for you because such companies add many last-minute costs and other hidden charges. Thus, if you want to hire the best movers, consider a company that provide the clients with the final quote at the starting.

Before giving you the final quote, the professionals understand your specific requirements, the details of the work like the size of the property and its accessibility. Reputed companies do not add last-minute costs.

7. Don’t Fall For the Massive Discounts

Every company offer a few discounts from time to time as a marketing strategy, and there is nothing wrong with it. It is always good to save some money when you are relocating. However, if a removals company is quoting the lowest price in the market or providing a massive discount that is too good to believe, you should avoid it.

Companies that ready to offer their service that such a low price are mostly inexperienced companies that do not even have their own removalists. And if you think that at least you can save money by hiring such a company, then you are making a mistake. These companies apply several hidden charges so you are most likely to end up paying way more money than what you should.


Whether you are moving to a different city or across the street, hiring reliable removalists in Adelaide is always beneficial. They save a lot of time, effort and help you to accomplish an easier relocation. However, you need to make sure that you are hiring a reputed removals company. The next time you plan to relocate, consider the useful tips mentioned above to hire the best movers.