7 Hacks That Make Moving Cheap
A Couple is preparing for a house move

7 Hacks That Make Moving Cheap

Nov 13, 2019 Whether you are packing your household belongings or preparing your moving checklist for the first time, it always seems to be a stressful process. Moving from one location to another is not easy on anyone. You have to prepare everything in advance to keep things under control as well as cheap. With so many things to remember in relocation, people often forget to keep it as budget-friendly as possible. Instead of losing patience or ending up with the chaos, it is vital to stay ahead and plan everything at least eight weeks before moving out of your home. Fortunately, some brilliant hacks can make moving cheap while keeping your precious belongings safe throughout the journey. From hiring affordable Adelaide Removalists to arranging packing boxes on rent, you can do many things to reduce your overall moving budget. Below is the list of seven hacks that you should follow to make your house relocation cheap.

1. Planning in Advance is a Key

Planning plays a vital role in keeping the entire moving process organised. It relieves stress while helping you evaluate your overall moving expenses. Whether you are moving to the next street in Adelaide or across the city, you should always be prepared with all the possible scenarios. This is one of the easiest ways to make your move seamless and budget-friendly. You can also research the best Removal Company in Adelaide that can offer you the high-quality of service within your estimated budget. You can shortlist at least five companies and ask for the estimated quotes so that you can pick the most suitable option for your relocation. Tip: Look for the online moving checklist if you want to plan your complete moving in an organised way.

2. Sort and Purge Out Unnecessary Items

There is definitely some items in your house that are doing nothing just taking space. It can be anything- old clothes, gym equipment, side table, etc. Moving is the best time to ditch the unnecessary belongings that you don’t want to take along with you. Clean up your entire home and get rid of excess items that you have been carrying around. You can sell out unwanted items that are in good condition via garage sales or donate to the local charity. A successful garage sale can help you earn a few extra dollars and reduce the stress of our expensive moving process. You can also throw away the items that are not in good condition. This way, you can minimise the burden and make the moving cheap. Tip: For a hassle free move, you can hire an end of lease cleaning specialist in Adelaide for all the cleaning chores.

3. Plan out your packing materials

Moving within a budget is quite a daunting task, especially the packing tasks. But with little planning and a bit of research, you can plan out your packing materials and reduce the expenses. With the use of a packing calculator, you can get the supplies such as packing tape, packing paper, heavy-duty plastics, bubble wraps and other materials that are necessary for you. • You can also do some creative stuff to save money while packing your belongings: • Use blankets to pack heavy and large delicate items. • Egg crates can be an extremely creative packing supply. It can help you protect fragile belongings. • Use socks as well to store household items. Tip: Hire Professional Adelaide Removalists who can offer you highest-quality of packing supplies at the best price.

4. Don’t Spend Money on Moving Boxes

Paying for new moving boxes can easily increase the cost of your move. Usually, moving companies charge the price for high-quality moving boxes. So, instead of investing in new ones, you can look around the local market and buy used boxes (that are in good condition) on rent. Save money by using boxes from your office. Ask your colleagues to save boxes so that you can pack your belonging without buying new ones. You can also buy boxes on rent from liquor shops, local retail shops and other places so that you can save money.

5. Use Luggage Bags for Packing

Using suitcases and luggage bags as packing boxes can save you money. You can use them to load clothes and linens it in. This will not only keep your clothing in an organised way but also cut down the cost of boxes.

6. Don’t Move in a Peak Season

There is a good reason why people want to move in the summer. This weather is perfect for moving as you can wear light clothes and can easily get moved without any worry. But if you have a flexible schedule, then moving in the off-season can save you a lot of money. Do a little planning and adjust the time so that you can move within your estimated budget. With most people choosing to move during the peak season, you can reduce your moving expenses by hiring removalists during the off-season. This gives you an ideal opportunity to pick for the best deals and get quality service at a reasonable price.

7. Do Some Utility Planning

It is important to know when you want to transfer your utility services to save you money while moving. If you are setting up a new account for utilities, then timing is also vital for your budget. Decide when you will relocate and when the utilities such electricity, water supply, internet services, telephone services etc should be switched off in your current location. Make sure that you get a meter reading as this will help you know what you owe before moving out of your old home. Tip: Ensure you contact your new utility service provider ahead of your move because no one wants to arrive at a new place without electricity and water.


Moving to the new house can be expensive, but with a little planning and right strategies, you can minimise the overall relocation expenses. Follow the hacks mentioned above in this article and experience a smooth and budget-friendly move. For the safety and security of your household belongings, you can hire trained and qualified Adelaide Removalists. They will take care of your valuable items from the start to end- throughout the journey.