7 Important Documents That You Need When Moving In Adelaide
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7 Important Documents That You Need When Moving In Adelaide

Jun 10, 2020

Enticing the lovers of beautiful things in life with its beauty, charm, revelry and abundance, Adelaide is a marvellous city that offers a world-class experience in all its offerings. Stunningly situated amidst a breathtaking backdrop of undulating mountains and the St Vincent Gulf, it is home to some of the best wineries across the globe.

There is little doubt that thousands of people wish to move here as the cost of living is lower than other metropolitan cities while the standard of living is quite high. However, moving is not an easy task. It involves a lot of legwork and arduous chores of packing, which make people anxious and overburdened.

Thus most of them hire professional and experienced removalists in Adelaide to make the process comfortable and relaxed. It gives them ample time to concentrate on various other critical aspects of relocation that often get neglected. One such significant detail that might get missed from your moving checklist is organising essential documents and doing the required paperwork when moving to Adelaide.

To make sure that you do not forget any of these vital documents, we have compiled a list of seven essential credentials that are needed for a smooth relocation to the capital city of South Australia.

1. Paperwork For Driving License Application

It is obvious that you will be driving around in Adelaide when you shift base to the city. Thus you will have to apply for South Australia driving license which will make you legally eligible to take the wheel. You must apply for the license within 90 days of moving to Adelaide to get your existing license transferred to SA.

Thus you must pack your current state license and a medical certificate that will have to be submitted along with an ID proof and the duly filled application form. The license can get renewed annually, or you can apply for a long-term license for up to ten years. If you do not have an existing license or it expired more than five years ago, then you will have to appear for the driving test practical and theory examination.

2. Registration of Pet Dogs

If you have a furry friend at home which is three months old, then you need to get it registered and microchipped in Adelaide. It helps in finding the canines easily and returning them to their owners if they get lost. Cats need not be registered, but they must be microchipped.

Also, all dogs and cats born after July 2018 must be desexed. The registration and microchip details must be updated on the Dog and Cat Online website (DACO) where you will have to make an annual payment for registration. If your pet is microchipped, then you must carry the required certificates for registration. You will also need your driving license as an identity proof.

3. Documents For Lease Agreement

If you are looking for a rented place to live in Adelaide, then you will have to submit the tenancy application along with a plethora of documents. These include birth certificate and driver’s license, bank account statement for the past three months, proof of income and that there is no debt on you, contact details of your previous landlord and his/her reference and proof of your current address.

Since you are moving at the time of COVID-19 pandemic, you must find a good removalist in Adelaide to take care of your other belongings in a safe manner while you concentrate on organising the paperwork.

4. School Records of Children

If you have school-age kids, then you will need the school records of their previous class, such as transcript with grades. If your child is getting admitted in preschool, then you will have to provide the proof of name and birth date through an official birth certificate or any other official government document.

You will also have to provide the school with a proof of residence by submitting a copy of the lease or sale contract for the property and recent electricity or gas bill received on the new address. Besides these, you will have to give the evidence of immunisation if your child is being enrolled in preschool and medical documents about general health and well-being.

5. Medical Records of The Family Members

When you are moving to another place, you will not be coming to visit your regular paediatrician and physician all the way back to another state. Thus after you have settled in the new house, you must find all the good doctors in your local area and visit them if needed.

However, you must carry all the immunisation and your medical history records of the family members so that there is no gap in communication, and you can consult the doctor with all the required details. If you have health insurance, then keep the papers with you when moving to a new place.

6. Tax Records

Filing income tax is an important part of financial management, and you must have all the documentation to submit your tax returns in Adelaide. Since you will be self-assessing the amount that will be declared and claimed on your tax return, you will have to provide all the records of your income and expenses, asset acquisition, donations, contributions, disability aids, aged care expenditure, etc.

If you receive the family tax benefit, then the records of other family members will be required as well. The records of income must include written or digital proof of salary, wages and allowances received. Also, you must provide the evidence of government benefits and pension along with income from rental properties, interest and dividends.

7. Qualification and Experience Certificates

It is needless to say that you will need your qualification and previous employment records to find a new job in Adelaide. If you already have a job offer, then bring along copies of your old salary slips, educational certificates, bank account statement, identification documents, proof of residence, etc.

Paperwork is an important part of the recruitment process, and you will have to submit a variety of documents at your new office. It is essential to confirm with the organisation which records are required and compile them accordingly before moving.

Important Note on Safeguarding Your Documents

You must carry several copies of all the essential documents as you will have to provide them at various places. Do not send them with the rest of the belongings that are being handled by your removalists in Adelaide. Although professionals take all the precautions, these papers are delicate items and can easily get lost or damaged.

Thus you must secure them in a plastic folder which holds them together and place them in the essential moving kit which ensures a great moving day experience. When you enter your new house, put them safely in the cupboard so that they do not get misplaced while unpacking and organising.


Your identification, qualification, medical and employment documents are of the utmost significance as a plethora of organisations will need them. While expert removalists in Adelaide take care of your belongings, you will have to be responsible for the safe transport of the documents mentioned above.