9 Important Things To Think Before Moving Into Your New Home
happy couple unpacking in their new house

9 Important Things To Think Before Moving Into Your New Home

Jun 07, 2019

Staying calm and relaxed on your moving day is a myth! You cannot escape from the stress and anxiety. The more you will try to loosen up, the more you will find yourself trapped in the entire procedure. When you move, you have to get involved in everything – from packing and cleaning to loading and transportation of the belongings.

However, a little planning can make the whole procedure much more manageable. Many prefer to hire professional and reliable removalists in Adelaide to save time and energy. It also lets them focus on other important aspects related to the move. Usually, in the midst of all the chaos, people often fail to identify the essential things they need to manage.

Here, you will learn about those vital things that should be in your priority list while moving. Let’s have a look.

1. Contact The Utility Providers

When you are ending your tenancy period and planning your move, contact the service providers at the new place in advance so that they can remove the name of the outgoing tenants from the utilities and replace it with your name. All you need to do is, call the utility provider and share your details and address.

Also, mention your preferred connection dates. Many providers require a couple of days to start the service, so make sure you contact them before you move. Otherwise, you may end up paying for the previous tenants’ usage.

2. Connect The Internet At Your New Home

Contact the internet service provider of your area at least a couple of weeks before the moving day. Inform them about your moving date and your preferred date for connection, so that you can get the service right from the very first day. You don’t want to face the inconvenience of living in a new house without the internet, as it can be a bit frustrating.

3. Take Care Of Your Children And Pets

It is essential for you to take special care of your children and pets (in case you have one). If you have hired professional removalists in Adelaide, you would want them to do their job correctly. However, if your children run around in the house and play with your pet, it can distract the removalists.

As a result, your delicate and expensive belongings can get damaged. Besides, it can also be a huge safety concern for them. Ask your family or close friends to take care of your children for that day and make sure they are not at home when the removalists arrive. Also, don’t forget to get adequate insurance cover for your belongings n transit to have a peaceful and smooth relocation.

4. Inform Your Family and Friends

You should inform as many people as possible about your latest address, including your professional contacts, friends and family. You can send around a text message or email. This step is significant as it helps you to stay in touch with the most important people in your life, even after the move.

5. Update Your Latest Address

If you don’t want to depend on the new tenants of your old home to forward all your mails and other packages, update your latest address at all important places before moving into your new home. These are the five important places where you must inform about your most recent address.

Update you address for magazine subscriptions

Contact your registration and car insurance provider

Update all the details on the electoral roll

Update your latest address in your bank documents

Update the address with your annual funds

6. Prepare An Un-Packing Tool Box

What will be the first task for you after reaching your new home? It will be unpacking all the boxes. And for that, you will require all the essential tools to assemble the furniture, ziplock bags to keep screws of furniture you dismantled for the move, screwdrivers, scissors, masking tape, glue and dust cloths.

Thus, you should pack all these things in one box. This step will undoubtedly save time while setting up the new home.

7. Hire Professional Bond Cleaners In Adelaide

Before you move out and hand over the keys to your property manager, make sure that the home is thoroughly clean. As you are involved in planning, packing, loading, and taking care of the family, it can be a daunting task to clean the entire property.

Thus, you should contact the best end of lease cleaning company in Adelaide as they have experienced professionals and modern cleaning tools. You will require professional help particularly for, kitchen, bathroom and carpets. Do not forget that you will only get your entire bond money if the property is perfectly clean.

8. Do Not Forget To Have Spare Keys

You should do this as soon as you get the keys to your new home. It is no secret that moving days are time-consuming and very stressful. Thus, it is easy for the keys to get locked inside the house or get lost. In this situation, a spare key can solve your problem immediately. So, have extra keys for each member of the family.

9. Pack A Separate Box To Keep Essential Things

This particular box has great significance in your moving procedure as you will require it after reaching your new home. This box should contain all the items that you usually use and most likely will need on the very first night.

Pack stuff like basic toiletries, pyjamas, a change of clothing, towels, bed linen, toilet paper, chargers, couple of plates and bowls, tea bags, coffee maker, and so on. If you don’t have a separate box, you will be confused and frustrated in the clutter of all the boxes.


Moving is a cumbersome and that is why you should start your preparation at least 5 to 6 weeks in advance. If you do the things mentioned-above before relocating, you will realise that the moving process has become manageable, and it will also be a lot easier for you to settle down in your new place.