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16 Jul, 2021

7 Moving Tips For An Eco-Friendly Move In Adelaide

People use packing supplies like cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, tapes, packing papers, etc., in ample amount to move their belongings safely. However, they do not realise that a million tonnes of packaging material ended up in Australian landfills every year.

The problem is, the government only manage to recycle around 50 percent of the material that is manufactured. So, it won’t be unfair to say that the relocation process also contributes to environmental pollution. That is why it is advisable to follow a natural approach to protect the environment.

Whether you are moving on your own or hire experienced removalists in Adelaide, it is possible to relocate without causing any harm to the environment. The capital city of South Australia provides better job opportunities, quality education to kids, and other facilities. That is why so many people move to this part of the country every year. If you also want to move here in an eco-friendly way, you need to follow some smart tactics. It might take a little more time and effort, but you will be satisfied with the result in the end.

Here are some excellent moving tips for an eco-friendly move in Adelaide.

1. Get Rid of Excess Items

It can be tempting to pack everything you have and relocate quickly, but it is not the right approach when you are aiming to reduce the wastage. Get rid of all the unwanted things by either selling or donating them. Pack and move only those items that you will need at your new place. When you have minimum items to move, you will need fewer efforts, packing materials, boxes, etc. You can also avoid back and forth trips, which means less consumption of fuel.

2. Find Used Cardboard Boxes

People purchase cardboard boxes in ample amount and then throw them after completing the move. These boxes produce methane gas that negatively impacts the environment. The boxes are sturdy enough to use twice or thrice, so you don’t need to purchase new boxes for the move. You can visit the nearby grocery, liquor and other similar stores as they have plenty of such boxes. Also, try to find neighbours, friends and other people who have recently moved. They can also give you the boxes for free.

3. Recycle Boxes after the Move

Instead of throwing the cardboard boxes straightway, try to find the utilities of such boxes in your home. You can use them as a container in your garage or basement to keep several things. You can also try to find people who are planning to move and offer them your boxes. One of the best ways to deal with such boxes is by contacting a nearby recycling centre.

4. Rent Plastic Boxes and Bins

Instead of using cardboard boxes, you can opt for plastic boxes and bins, particularly designed for relocation purpose. These are sturdy and spacious, which make them a perfect choice to move your belongings. Moreover, you can rent these boxes and return them after completing the move. The boxes help you move in an eco-friendly manner and provide more protection to your valuables.

5. Avoid Bubble Wraps and Plastic Tapes

Packing materials like bubble wraps and plastic tapes are not biodegradable. Therefore, it is crucial that you avoid using such materials. Instead of using bubble wrap to pack fragile items, you can also use newspapers, blankets, towels, old t-shirts and other similar things. These things also work perfectly and keep your items safe. Instead of using plastic tapes, use paper tape to secure your packing. This approach is also one of the best ways to reduce house moving costs in Adelaide.

6. Choose a Removals Company Carefully

When you are looking for the best removalists in Adelaide, make sure that they follow an eco-friendly approach. For that, you need to research properly and read online reviews about the company. Try to contact the previous customers and find out what kind of efforts they make to ensure the safety of the belongings as well as the environment. The entire selection procedure can take a lot of time, so it is advisable to start your research as soon as you decide to relocate.

7. Dispose of Hazardous Materials

In case you don’t know, removals companies do not move hazardous materials such as acids, motor oil, ammonia, engine oil, fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, cleaning supplies, etc. These are corrosive, flammable or explosive items, so you should not also try to move them if you are planning a DIY move. Instead of discarding them inappropriately, donate them to neighbours or friends.

Take Away

The relocation process is already an arduous task, but when you are also aiming to reduce the wastage after moving, you need more time, effort and planning. However, you can make the task a little easier by following the tips mentioned above. If you find it challenging to carry out the process on your own, contact a reputed removals company in Adelaide that can help you to move without polluting the environment.