7 Signs You’ve Chosen Quality Removalists in Adelaide
Tips for Choosing the Right Removalist

7 Signs You’ve Chosen Quality Removalists in Adelaide

Feb 25, 2020 Whether you are relocating next to the street within Adelaide or across the state, it is always imperative to do a little planning and arrange everything before the final moving day. From buying high-quality packing materials to hiring the most suitable removalists in Adelaide, you have to manage every single phase for a safe and stress-free relocation journey. Since shifting precious household belongings and expensive furniture is an arduous task, make sure you hire professional removals company who can take the stress out of your move and give you quality service. It is vital to do a complete research and find the moving partner who can assist you throughout the journey- from start to end. They should meet your specific moving requirements, time constraints and security standards – which is essential for the safety of belongings. However, finding the most reliable removals company is not an easy thing. You may also end up hiring an inexperienced or unprofessional company who can leave your household items at risk during the lifting, loading and transiting process. So, it is good to do your part of research and shortlist at least five companies depending on their prior experience, pricing policy, quality assurance and other aspects. This will help you make the right decision for your moving process. Here are 7 signs you have chosen quality removalists in Adelaide. These signs will give you peace of mind and make your relocation journey a bit easier and hassle-free.

1. Genuine Customer Reviews

A sure sign of the quality removalists is that they have genuine customer reviews on the web. Most of the dodgy companies either have bad reviews or absolutely none at all. The best thing you can do is to filter the reviews to check the worst reviews and see what people are saying about the company. A good company always take care of their customer’s needs and give them quality service at the best price. So, it is better to check all the reviews and choose the moving partner that has genuine reviews.

2. Their Experience

The difference between a good removals company and a bad one is their experience. It is always good to opt for a company that has more than 2-5 years of experience in shifting homes and offices from one location to another. If you have chosen removalists in Adelaide who have years of experience in moving all types of belongings- from furniture to fragile items, then you’ve made the right decision. They will transit your valuable items with utmost care because they know the potential challenges that could ruin the entire moving experience. Such companies prepare a proven strategy to relocate your belongings without giving you a hint of stress.

3. Upfront Prices

Always remember that cheap moving prices might seem engaging, but it can risky to hire such companies because they usually ask for additional fees in the middle of the process. On the contrary, a reliable removals company strives to offer upfront pricing and provide you with estimated quote without any hidden cost. Their quote includes everything- from basic wage for the removalists to fuel expenses. In short, a good company always follows a transparent pricing policy because they believe in building long-lasting customer relationships. So, you can say that upfront pricing is one of the great signs that you’ve chosen the best removalists for a safe and affordable moving.

4. Quality Assurance

Moving valuable household belongings from one location to another involves a lot of stress. No matter how far or near you are relocating, it is crucial to take assistance from professional furniture removalists who can give you quality assurance while packing and lifting heavy furniture. People you have chosen should know the right strategies of lifting expensive and bulky furniture and other large items. Plus, they come fully-equipped with latest lifting tools such as moving dolly and other appliances that make things super-easy and safe.

5. Credible Contracts

A renowned removalists company will send you all your moving information, their terms & conditions and responsibilities via an official mail. Plus, they will have the valid removalists Public Liability Certificate that you can check on their official site or ask them to provide you on the email- this is also a great sign that you have found the most suitable moving partner. They not only provide you upfront quote but also share the moving details to make the entire process more transparent.

6. Polite and Friendly Approach

When you contact them over telephone or email, notice their attitude towards you. A quality removals company always sound polite and friendly. If they are answering the questions related to the move with politeness, then you have chosen the right company. A good moving partner should resolve your queries related to the relocation and make things pretty clear before the final moving day. They will make you feel comfortable without giving you a hint of stress. Plus, they will assist you from the start to the end by giving you professional advice. You can rely on reliable companies while moving your belongings from one place to another.

7. Comprehensive Services

Does your hired company offering local, interstate, packing, storage and unpacking services? If yes, then you’ve made the right decision. A good removals company aims at offering a comprehensive range of services to give you quality assurance with a complete service guarantee. So, make sure you ask them about all the services and hire them if you need professional assistance. This is one of the best ways to ensure a safe and secure relocation journey.


Finding a reliable removalists in Adelaide can give you peace of mind throughout the process-from start to end. These seven signs will help you know whether you have selected the right company or not. Make sure you do thorough research before making the final decision. You can decide depending on these aspects mentioned above in this article and move your valuable household items without any stress.