7 Smart Hacks To Pack Clothes For Moving Day

7 Smart Hacks To Pack Clothes For Moving Day

Dec 21, 2023

Packing your stuff for a move is not an easy task. Most of your time is spent completing tasks like disassembling furniture, thinking about what to do with the bigger household belongings and preparing delicate stuff for a safe transit. Spending that much time on such tasks results in throwing away more casual stuff, especially clothes, randomly in bags at the last moment.

It may not be the worst packing method, but it will certainly waste a lot of your time and effort later on once you complete the move with the help of budget removalists Adelaide.

Also, it is worth noting that the clothes will get wrinkled and possibly damaged. So, it is best to make the moving process easier by just understanding how to pack clothes optimally. In this guide, we will go over 7 smart hacks to pack clothes for moving day. Make use of these tips to ensure a damage-free move for your clothes.

1. Purchase a Garment Box

A garment box, also known as a wardrobe box, permits you to easily move your clothes. You can just take the clothes hanging up in the closet and place them in the box without removing them from the hangers.

As a bonus, there is quite a bit of room on the bottom to help you store large, unruly items. This includes shoes or non-hanging sweaters. Just remember not to overload the box. This way, you can easily pack and move the clothes with the help of professional removalists Adelaide.

2. Get a Garbage Bag

If you do not prefer the option of a garment box, it is still possible to move the clothes without removing them from their hangers. You can just group the clothes and slip a garbage bag over the stuff. Next, follow these steps:

  • Keep the opening of the garbage bag underneath the clothes.
  • Tie the strings just below the part of the hangers that hold onto the closet’s bar.
  • Prefer heavy-duty black garbage bags in place of basic white bags.

3. Use Vacuum Seal Bags

One of the major problems people face when packing clothes for a move is limited space. They just take up a lot of space. Small to medium-sized boxes can be filled fairly quickly if you pack large and heavy sweaters as well as jackets. Use vacuum seal bags to save space. You can utilise them to flatten out packed garments and safeguard them.

It is a great idea to vacuum seal the seasonal items that you are not planning to unpack right after you move in because the seal will offer a barrier for them from dirt, moisture and pests. You can also explore companies offering quality packing services in Adelaide to ensure your clothes are packed optimally.

4. Prefer Using a Suitcase

Suitcases are ideal packing containers for your clothes as they are quite easy to identify and move. It also offers a much better barrier against elements as compared to basic moving boxes. To optimise suitcase space, roll the items instead of folding them. You can also make use of packing cubes to ensure items are grouped together. Remember to utilise each and every nook and cranny. The gaps between the items are the perfect space for keeping garments such as socks, underwear, etc.

5. Utilise Your Dresser Drawers

Another way to appropriately pack your clothes is to make use of dresser drawers. The process is fairly easy to apply:

  • Ensure each drawer is out of the dresser.
  • Fold all the clothes and keep them in the drawers.
  • Apply plastic wrap around the drawer to ensure everything is secured in place.
  • Move each drawer similar to how you would move a box.

There are two big advantages of doing this. First, the drawers will already be unpacked once you arrive at the new residence with the help of budget removalists Adelaide. Secondly, the dresser is much lighter to load on and off the truck.

6. Group Similar Items Together

Grouping similar clothes together will make it easier for you to unpack them. The process is much faster if you keep the items that go together separated and out of the way. It can be as simple as just separate sections in the same suitcase or box.

Group your workout clothes together, the work clothes together, etc. You will be glad that you made this decision when the time to set up your new closet at the new property comes.

7. Use Old Clothes for Double Duty

Sweatpants, sweatshirts, old clothes, and other clothes that you do not want to handle carefully are perfect for doing double duty by serving as padding for the other stuff. Utilise them to offer the required support to the important clothes and to fill in the gaps in boxes, preventing the stuff from moving around during transit.

Once your move is complete with the help of expert removalists Adelaide, just toss the items in a pile. Wash and dry before placing them back in your closet or dresser.

Wrapping Up

Packing items like clothes for a move demands careful planning, attention to detail, and proper execution. It is ideal to utilise a few hacks to make the process easier. Follow the ones mentioned in this article to ensure your clothes are not damaged and successfully moved to the new place.