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Tips for a Smooth Move
19 May, 2020

7 Tips for a Great Moving Day Experience

The precise implementation of a moving plan is very crucial for the safety of your valuable belongings. It is necessary to prepare a complete checklist ahead- at least 6-8 weeks before your moving day to avoid last-minute chaos. From arranging necessary packing supplies to creating an inventory of delicate items, you have to organise everything to ensure a smooth and stress-free relocation.

Even the most experienced people and planners can find relocation day to be exhausting and annoying. If you are feeling overwhelmed because of hefty tasks, consider hiring highly-trained removalists in Adelaide. They will assist you throughout the relocation process and give you peace of mind.

Apart from hiring professionals, there are some great ways to make your moving day go a  bit easier.

Make sure you follow these tips carefully for a stress-free move day experience.

Let’s get started!

1. Keep a Moving Checklist Handy

Planning is one of the critical aspects to ensure a successful move. Whether you are moving next to the street in Adelaide or across the new state, make sure you have a complete moving checklist to get things done in an organised way.

From purging out unnecessary things to removing food content from a fridge, packing delicate items to hiring the best moving company, you need to mention everything so that you can manage your move without any stress.

Don’t forget to mention all the small things that you have to do on your final moving day and keep the list handy. You can also prioritise certain tasks and manage accordingly so that you can arrange a time for your kids and family.

2. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

There is no use of packing and loading unnecessary household items into the moving process. To make your moving day a less stressful, you may need to start working on it at least 4-6 weeks prior to that day.

Before getting into the packing process, make sure you sort through all of your household items and purge out, sell or give away that you have not used in months. These are counted as unnecessary items, and you should get rid of them. This will reduce the burden as well as overall moving expenses.

3. Hire A Reliable Moving Company

This is one of the crucial steps because you can’t hire any moving company for the safety of your precious possessions. Having experienced and trusted removalists in Adelaide can make things a little bit easier for you. They can handle the difficult tasks and keep your moving day worry-free.

But for that, you need to do thorough research. It is good to shortlist at least five best companies and compare their quotes,  track records,  services and other aspects before making the final decision. Make sure they have a safe and secure packing service and storage facility so that you can rely on them if you are moving interstate.

4. Make Arrangements for your toddlers and Pets

Having four-legged member and kids around can make things worst on your moving day. It can be risky for your kids too. So, you can plan things ahead and make arrangements for them early in the morning. If you have a family member or friend in the nearby location who will be watching them for you, then ask them to help you out.

Schedule a pick-up and drop-off facility in the morning so that you can concentrate on your moving chores. If you don’t have an option, then try to keep them away from the move and keep them busy to avoid chaos or injury.

5. Pack your Essential Moving Kit

Many people often forget to pack their bag of essential items and then suffer throughout the moving day. This is one of the great tips that you should jot down if you are planning for a move, especially a long-distance one.

Your essential kit should have first aid box, toiletries, phone chargers, important documents and valuable items, keys, toys for your kids, water bottle, snacks, bedsheet and a couple of extra clothes.

Make sure you keep this bag along with you so that you can survive the day without any trouble.

6. Label Your Packed Boxes

A well-organised move can reduce stress and make things super-easy for you. Once you are done with the packing process, make sure you label all your boxes with proper names.

It is important to know which box has kitchen appliances and which box has delicate items. This will also help our removalists while picking up and loading boxes into the truck. They will take extra care while lifting a box of fragile items.

Without proper labelling, you can’t experience a smooth and stress-free move. This will also manage your unpacking process when you reach your new house.

7. Final Inspection of All Rooms

Moving a house is not an easy thing. You can’t leave essential stuff behind. So, it is good to do a final walk-through of your home and inspect all rooms. Check all of your cabinets, every single closet to ensure you have taken everything with you. Also, check your patio area, laundry room and bathrooms for the last time.


Relocating a house is always a challenging process. Without proper planning and professional assistance, you can’t achieve a successful outcome. The tips mentioned above in this post will simplify your moving day. For the smooth and damage-free transition of your belongings, make sure you hire the best removalists in Adelaide who can take care of your possessions throughout the journey.