7 Top Things to Remember before preparing for an end of tenancy move
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7 Top Things to Remember before preparing for an end of tenancy move

Sep 02, 2017 Moving is not only about packing and transferring your belongings from your old address to the new one, but it involves many other aspects to consider. The actual work starts months before you have to make a move and if you have kids, it becomes necessary to plan everything according to them. If you are moving to a new place from your rental premises in Adelaide, then you need to prepare things in advance. From performing a thorough end of lease cleaning to arranging packing supplies, you need time and proven strategies. A proper planning will help you achieve safe and sound moving results in less time. Of course, you can take assistance from professionally Adelaide Removalists because they know the right ways to pack and transit all types of household belongings. But if your budget is low and want to move on your own, then keep the following things in mind before preparing for an end of tenancy move. Here are 7 top things to remember before preparing for an end of tenancy move along with the time:

Two months before moving

    • Read your contract carefully and make a checklist of all the things you have to do.
    • First of all, inform your landlord in writing that you are planning to move out. Your move may be at the end of a lease or before that, whichever case your landlord should be informed well in advance of the date you will be leaving.
    • Start searching for a reliable furniture removalist in Adelaide for the moving job. It will take time as you have to get quotes from many companies and then finalise the one whom you think would be best for the job. Better Removalist Adelaide is one such company which perform their job well and give many additional services as well.
    • You should start sorting your stuff by now and de-clutter before the move. It will take much more time than you had anticipated. Sort out things by which ones are important and have to be moved, ones to be donated or gifted and others which have to be discarded.
    • You can also arrange a garage sale for the stuff you don’t need anymore.

One and a half months (6 weeks) before moving

    • Start collecting your packing supplies by now. Most important is to gather all sorts of moving boxes, you can ask from friends, neighbours and local shops. You can also rent them from Better Removalists Adelaide or can assign them the packing job also and set yourself free of this task. Also, arrange packing tape, packing paper, permanent marker, blankets, and scissors before getting into the packing process
    • Notify all the supplies providers which include electricity, water, gas, the internet and cable TV provider. Give them a date which is seven days after your moving date as you may need to make some trips to carry extra things or end of lease cleaning.
    • Check your insurance papers thoroughly and make provisions, if needed, to include your move in cover.
    • Arrange a garage sale by now to get rid of all unwanted items. You can also post online if you need a wider audience, especially in case you have bulky items to sell.

One month before moving

    • Start using all the grocery items and purchase only necessary items as it is not feasible to carry or pack these items for the move.
    • Get all the measurements of the new house and see if your existing furniture fits in there. Discard the items you think would not fit in the new house.
    • Also, inform your moving company about the measurements of the doors as they have to see whether the furniture would enter through the door or not.
    • Start packing the things you don’t use on a regular basis. Make a separate room for packed stuff to be organised and label every box.
    • Keep your valuables in the safe box.
    • It is time you should notify your bank and credit card provider for the change of address. In case you are leaving the city, you can enquire about some other branch of the bank in that respective city.
    • Also, inform your insurance company about your move and request them to initiate any procedure, if required.
    • Ask your doctor for references in the city you are moving to and request him to forward all your medical records to the new doctor or health care facility.

Two weeks before your move

    • This is the time you start organising all the items for the move. If you have any borrowed items, return them, collect the dry cleaned items from your dry cleaner and ask for a few days off from your work.

One week before your move

    • Pack all your suitcases and prepare a bag of essentials, which may include toiletries, pet food, breakfast requirements like tea, coffee etc.
    • Confirm the details with the moving company and list the things you want to move.
    • You should also start with the final cleaning procedure.

Two days before the moving day

    • Start collecting all the keys and remotes to operate garage or any other locks in the house, as they have to be handed over to the landlord.
    • Reconfirm with your moving company.

On your moving day

    • Guide your mover while he is loading your stuff in the truck as he should know which containers have breakable items.
    • If you have hired Better Removalist Adelaide for the packing job also then there is no need for keeping a check.
    • Lock your house and say good bye to your old neighbours.
This ultimate moving checklist will help you organise your move and have a stress free time.
Whether you are moving next to the street or across the new city, make sure you keep these seven tips in mind while preparing for an end of tenancy move.