7 Ways to Make Your Moving Process More Environment-Friendly
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7 Ways to Make Your Moving Process More Environment-Friendly

Feb 20, 2020 Keeping the environment clean is not rocket science! A little bit of concern for the environment and some honest efforts can make a significant amount of difference. People hire removalists in Adelaide to accomplish the moving task quickly and smoothly but they are least bothered about whether the process will affect the environment or not. So, is it possible to make your relocation more environment-friendly? Yes, it is! There are some great tactics that can minimise the harmful impact of relocation on the environment. And interestingly, most of the eco-friendly ways save your money. Here are some excellent ways to make your moving procedure more environment-friendly. Have a look!

1. Declutter Your Home

When you are planning an eco-friendly move, the first thing you need to do is to declutter your home. Take only those things that you will use in at your new home. Moving more things mean more moving boxes, packing supplies, and fuel to transport your belongings. Reducing the list of your belongings also mean that you can avoid a round trip of your moving truck. Prepare a list of things that you don’t use anymore, such as old clothes, books, magazines, sports and gym equipment, coffee table, electronics, small appliances, etc. Organise a garage sale and sell as many items as you can. You can contact a charity in Adelaide to donate the rest of the things. This step will not only help the environment but also save your time, money and transport cost.

2. Opt for Reusable Moving Boxes

If you want to make your moving process more environment-friendly, you need to focus on the moving boxes. People usually purchase a lot of cardboard boxes and discard them along with the packing supplies after the job is done. This significantly contributes to land waste, which only harms the environment. Thus you need to opt for the reusable moving boxes. The best option is to hire professional removalists in Adelaide. They bring along sturdy plastic containers, which you can use to pack your belongings. Once the relocation is complete, they will take back all the boxes. So, you don’t have to think about the pile of empty cardboard boxes. However, if you are opting for the cardboard boxes, it is advisable not to purchase them. Get it for free from the nearest grocery or liquor store in Adelaide. And after using them, do not throw them. Instead, find someone who needs these boxes or contacts the nearest recycle centre.

3. Avoid Bubble Wraps

The bubble wrap is considered as beneficial packing supplies, and people use plenty of it during the packing of their belongings, particularly the delicate items. However, people overlook the fact that these plastic covers are not at all eco-friendly. Thus, instead of purchasing these plastic wraps, go for eco-friendly alternatives. Use blankets, bedsheets, towels to pack your belongings. These things can be an excellent option to protect your delicate items. Many eco-friendly removalists in Adelaide follow this approach. These items are not only safe for the environment and effective but also comes free. So you save a decent amount of money while moving.

4. Hire Eco-friendly Removals Company

If you want an eco-friendly move, contact removals company in Adelaide that is eco-conscious, and it should be visible in their approach. All the reputed removalist in South Australia use eco-friendly products and methodologies to accomplish the relocation process in a hassle-free manner. So, when you interview the removals companies, ask them important questions like what packing supplies they offer, whether they use bio-diesel in their eco-friendly moving trucks, and what efforts they make to ensure the safety of the environment. If you don’t find their ways as effective as it should be, look for other options in the market.

5. Dispose of Hazardous Materials

Before the relocation, people declutter their home and often dispose of hazardous materials in the wrong manner. This allows toxic elements to spread into the air and pollute the environment. If you want to protect the environment, you need to find out the appropriate ways to discard hazardous materials such as acids, kerosene, antifreeze, gasoline, weed killers, aerosol cans, ammonia, motor & engine oil, fertilisers, paint, pesticides, dyes and paint thinners. The removalists in Adelaide may not agree to transport such items. So, you need to dispose them. However, before you discard them, properly read the instruction written on it and follow it properly. You can also talk to your neighbours and friends and see if they need it. Contact the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in South Australia to get some quality advice on how to discard of such harmful materials without causing any damage to the environment.

6. Choose Eco-friendly Cleaning

Cleaning is an important part of the moving process. You not only need to clean the property that you are moving out (to get the bond money) but also your new home to ensure it is free from dust, germs and bacteria. It is a common thing for people to deep clean the house using commercial products. However, environmentalists believe that you should not use these products because most of the commercial cleaners have harmful chemicals. These chemicals pollute the environment and also responsible for various health issues. Instead of these products, go for natural cleaning agents like baking soda, white vinegar, salt, lemon, hydrogen peroxide, Borax, and so on. These are as effective as any branded products and do not cause any harm to the environment or your health.

7. Follow Eco-Friendly Ways at Your New Home

Your environment-friendly moving process is incomplete if you are not following eco-friendly ways at your new home. Removalists in Adelaide will safely move your belongings to your new place, but after that it is your responsibility to follow the ways that will show your concern toward the environment. Here are a few things that you can do. • Replace bulbs with energy-efficient LED light fixtures • Install solar panel to reduce the use of electricity • Insulate your home to minimise the electricity use • Bring in more plants, particularly the air purifiers • Use the water more sensibly for cleaning the house


While juggling with numerous moving tasks, people often forget that it is also their responsibility to minimise the negative impact of their relocation on the environment. The ways mentioned here will not only protect the environment but also help you to save some money and accomplish your move in a hassle-free manner.