8 Cool Tricks To Motivate Yourself To Pack For Moving
woman sitting aside packing boxes in the house

8 Cool Tricks To Motivate Yourself To Pack For Moving

Oct 01, 2019

The task of packing is time-consuming and usually ends just a day before the move. Sometimes it gets delayed, and at others people tend to drag it until the very last minute. But ideally, it should get finished a couple of days before the move. That is why people opt for professional removalists in Adelaide as they ensure that the packing gets finished before time for a smooth relocation.

If you decide to do it on your own, then you must prepare a plan for packing to get the job done without any hassles. All you need to do is maintain your focus and motivate yourself. Here are some cool tricks that will help you to stay motivated throughout the packing procedure. Have a look!

1. Prepare a Detailed Packing Checklist and Follow It

After analysing your entire home, not knowing from where to start and how much to pack can be demoralising. To tackle this problem, all you need is a detailed checklist. A checklist guides you from beginning to end and helps you to complete your tasks one by one. So, you get a chance to keep track of your progress.

This will not only manage your time in a better way but also allow you to set your priority. As a result, it increases the packing efficiency and you are able to finish the job on time.

2. Break the Entire Packing Process into Several Mini Tasks

The entire packing process can look like one gigantic task. So you need to make some changes to transform it into a series of smaller tasks. This “divide and conquer” approach will make this massive challenge a lot easier in your mind. And thus, you become confident and motivated to finish it.

As you finish the tasks one by one, your mind will enjoy the flow, and your motivation level will increase with time. This trick is quite helpful to complete the packing before time and without any stress.

3. Reward Yourself From Time To Time

After every significant packing task, reward yourself with something like a cup of coffee, juice, a break, some good music, your favourite movie, TV show, or some snacks. This will make you happy and give you a sense of achievement. So, you will feel motivated to complete your next task on time so that you can enjoy the next reward.

This gives a break to your brain which is required after a point of time. So, you can start a new task with a fresh approach and energy.

4. Start Your Packing Task from the Right Room

People hire experienced removalists in Adelaide because they know from where to start and how to do it. However, if you are doing it on your own, it is essential to start from the right place. Otherwise, it can slow the entire process, and become upsetting.

Experts believe that you should always start packing from those rooms which don’t have belongings you need in your day-to-day life. Begin with the garage, basement, attic, or any spare room and move towards the kitchen, bathroom, and other parts of the house. Also, you should start as soon as you get your moving date. This allows you to get some additional time.

5. Spend Your Time to Pack only the Relevant Things

It doesn’t make any sense to pack those items that you don’t use anymore. Spending hours on such items will only waste your time and this will definitely demotivate you. Even if you have hired removalists in Adelaide, packing unnecessary items will only create confusion. So scan each room and identify the things that will not go into your new house.

You can sell them in a garage sale, donate to charities or simply throw them.

But you must get rid of such items first. Then focus on those belongings that are important for you. This process will save your time and effort in packing and reduce the overall transportation cost. Follow this trick to stay motivated.

6. Stay Away from the Distracting Elements

When you are involved in your packing process, you must maintain your focus. And for that, you need to stay away from any distracting elements. The biggest mistake that people make during this time is multitasking. Even if you are good in this, getting involved in more than one task will only slow down the entire process and might end up making you feel directionless.

So, one of the secrets to staying motivated is to focus on one task at one time and only start the other task when you are finished with the previous one. Also, once you gain the packing momentum, avoid taking too many breaks, chatting with friends over the phone and watching movies.

7. Always Keep In Mind The Money You Are Saving

This perhaps is the best way to stay motivated while doing the packing of your belongings while moving into your new home. The removalists in Adelaide offer several types of services that include end to end removals (where they will start from packing and end with unpacking all the belongings) or only loading facility and rental truck service. So, by packing your items, you can save a good amount of money.

Loading the boxes, heavy furniture into the truck can be a bit risky, so you can hire professionals for that. However, you can feel motivated if you continuously think about where you have saved money. For instance, you use blankets and newspaper instead of bubble wrap and get free boxes from a nearby grocery store in Adelaide instead of purchasing them.

Irrespective of what you are doing, money is always the best motivational factor.

8. Don’t Let the Boredom Affect You

The packing of your household belongings takes a lot of time, so despite making all the efforts and applying smart tactics, chances are that you might get bored at times. However, if you want to stay motivated, you to need to find a way to stay away from the boredom.

And for that, you can play some good music that will relax your mind or ask a few good friends to come over so that you can get some help. In return, you can pay for a pizza party at your place. This way you can tackle boredom and finish your task ahead of the scheduled time.

The Bottom Line

People in Adelaide often consider packing of household belongings as a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be a challenging task. The tricks mentioned here will help you to stay motivated during the entire time, so that you can finish it before time and focus on other essential aspects of moving. This is the ideal way to accomplish your move.