9 Hidden Moving Costs And Expenses

9 Hidden Moving Costs And Expenses

May 10, 2021

Relocation is a challenging process that takes a toll on you mentally and physically. What’s more, moving can deplete your savings and put a financial strain on your household if the process isn’t planned properly. Therefore, you need to create a moving budget and consider all the expenses you may incur before, during, and after you go and live in your new home.

The moving expenditures can include the costs of hiring good removalists in Adelaide, paying rent of your new property in advance, getting repairs done and much more. Most moving-related costs are easy to estimate, but there are several invisible expenses you may not know about and overlook.

Here is your complete guide outlining nine hidden moving costs and expenses that you should consider while creating a budget for your move. Have a look.

1. Security Deposit

Most landlord or property managers ask for bond payment before starting a tenancy. It is a security deposit lodged with the Consumer and Business Services (CBS) and refunded after your lease agreement ends and you successfully move out. For people who have rented properties before, it is an expected expense, but people renting a property in Adelaide for the first time may not know about it. The maximum bond is up to four weeks of rent if the weekly rent is $250 or less, and it can be up to six weeks of rent if the weekly rent is more than $250.

2. Packing Supplies

Commonly people arrange for old or used boxes and supplies for packing, which is an economical and eco-friendly solution. However, the material of old or used items may not be structurally sound, making them susceptible to damage. Thus, while creating your moving budget, always factor in the costs of new packing supplies like corrugated boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, foam wrap, etc.

If you have hired professional removalists in Adelaide to manage the packing, ask for the service cost upfront and ensure you have a reliable quote.

3. Moving Insurance

Reputed removals companies in Adelaide offer a basic cover in case of damage or loss of items during transportation of your belongings. But, this protection is not enough, especially if you are moving long distance.

Ensure to get good moving insurance for your interstate or international move, as it can help you get reimbursement for unexpected expenses without any hassle or stress. Find removalists in Adelaide who offer top-notch services and can arrange for you customised removals insurance via a third-party agency.

4. Travel, Food, and Accommodation

During and after a move, you can expect various unplanned expenses for running errands, ordering food, getting a place to spend a night etc. You can expect some of these expenses, but it is wise to set aside extra cash for travel, food, and accommodation. You can consider these as miscellaneous expenses and be prepared in case you are faced with the need to shell out money.

Thinking about these costs is important if you are moving with family and have pets, as you may have to arrange for necessary amenities for them at any time while moving.

5. Bond Cleaning

End of lease cleaning is a crucial activity every tenant has to perform to receive a complete bond repayment. The best option is to hire professional bond cleaners in Adelaide to deep clean your rental property and guarantee you get your bond back in full. If you book a reputed company, then you can expect them to be upfront with the cost of cleaning your leased house or apartment.

But, some expenses can be added after the cleaners arrive at the property and inspect it before starting the cleaning process. Thus, you should always consider the extra costs you may incur even after paying the professionals the booking amount and the entire service charge before the job.

6. Special or Heavy Items Handling Fees

Your hired removalists in Adelaide will provide an estimate of packing and moving your belongings before they arrive. However, if you have special or heavy items on the moving day that the removalists would require additional moving equipment or human resources, then be prepared to get charged extra.

Reputed removalists usually provide a near close moving-cost estimate, but the actual expense cannot be calculated until the professionals arrive at your home and analyse the contents.

7. Extra Assistance Charges

Before booking the professionals for packing and moving your belongings, have a complete discussion regarding their service inclusions and exclusions. It will give you a fair idea about what they can help you with. For example, if you have heavy furniture that requires dismantling, some removalists in Adelaide may charge for the assistance. Therefore, if you require any extra assistance which is not a part of your service package, then be prepared to pay for it.

8. Utility or Changing Address Expenses

Even if you are proactive and know what costs you will incur while changing or updating your home address or utility services, there is always a chance that you may need to pay a fee that you hadn’t accounted for in your budget. Hence while budgeting for these activities, always keep a surplus amount for immediately paying late fees or other costs.

9. Storage Costs

When moving out of a home you have lived in for a few years; you have a lot of belongings. It can become difficult to declutter and pack things you need at the new home, especially if you are pressed for time. You may have to rent a storage unit in such a situation, which is why you should always consider this expense before relocating.

The Bottom Line

Moving is not only a mentally and physically taxing activity; it also impacts you financially. You must create a moving budget and estimate the expenses to avoid depleting your savings. Therefore, in addition to calculating the costs of hiring removalists in Adelaide, keep an eye out for the invisible expenses and costs mentioned above.