9 Incredibly Useful Packing Hacks For Moving
happy couple packing their belongings in boxes

9 Incredibly Useful Packing Hacks For Moving

Aug 01, 2019

Packing fragile to heavy household belongings into a few moving boxes can be a challenging task for you. When you have so many things to prepare for the big move, you may lose your patience and end up with chaos.

If you really care about the safety of your precious belongings, then you need to be calm and composed. First of all, prepare your moving budget, create a custom-checklist, and hire professional Adelaide removalists ahead of time.

Apart from this, make sure you pack your belongings with the utmost safety. In case you are moving for the first time and engaged in DIY packing chore, then this article is for you.

Today, we’ve got 9 incredibly useful packing hacks that will assist you and protect your belongings from sudden damages during the transition process.

Let’s get started!

1. Purge Out Unnecessary Items

In order to reduce the stress as well as load out of your packing, you should make a list of items that you no longer needed. It can be anything- old clothes, furniture, artificial jewellery etc.

Purge out all the unnecessary items and pack only those that you need to take along with you to the new house. This will not only simplify your packing process but also save you time and overall moving budget.

2. Rent Cardboard Boxes for a Move

Before packing your household belongings, make sure you arrange packing paper, tape, bubble wraps, mattress cover, etc. Apart from these supplies, you also need to arrange high-quality moving box.

Instead of buying boxes, you can rent them from any grocery store. You can ask them to provide you used cardboard boxes that can help you pack different household stuff with ease. You can also use them for keeping the things you wish to donate to charities in Adelaide.

Rental boxes can cost 50 per cent less than buying new boxes. So, make some wise decision and look for the used boxes for your precious belongings. Look for different sizes of moving boxes so that you can pack your belongings safely.

Tip: Research online to find places in Adelaide from where you can buy quality moving boxes on rent.

3. Pack your fragile items in Bubble Wraps

It is good to provide extra coverage to delicate items such as antiques, jewellery, glassware and other electronic items while packing them.

Pack them with a double layer of bubble wraps before putting them into boxes. This will protect them from damages and losses during the loading and unloading process.

Professional removal companies in Adelaide provide high-quality packing service to ensure the safety of your belongings throughout the moving process.

They take care of delicate items and pack them using the best quality of supplies while you take care of other important tasks like getting your bond refund, arranging for documents etc.

4. Pack in right order

This smart trick really works when you do it in the right way. You can start packing your stuff in the room farthest from your main door. This will save you and your family from tripping over boxes when they move around your home.

Tip: Make a list of items that you want to take along with you to the new place. Do this at least 6 weeks ahead of your move.

5. Pack your precious items together

Don’t forget to sort your precious items into the smallest number of packing boxes as much as you can. You can put these tinny boxes in your car easily.

So, you can use these boxes to pack tangled yet expensive items such as necklaces, keys, credential documents etc. Keep all the valuable items together along with you.

6. Label your Packed Boxes

Labelling is one of those overlooked tasks that you create last-minute chores, especially when you move into your new place. If you want to keep things organised, then label all your packed boxes — label with the relevant names/content.

For example: If you have packed all kitchen dishes and pans in a single box, then name it ‘kitchen utensils’. This is how you can pack all your household belongings and keep tasks organised during the unpacking process.

7. Go Creative with Packing Supplies

There is no denying the fact that packing peanuts, and bubble wraps are one of the expensive materials when it comes to wrapping delicate items.

If you are running out of your budget, then you can use your creativity and use stuff like sheets, clothing, egg crates, crumbled newspaper and towels to pack your fragile items. Try the following packing tricks:

  • Protect fragile items in socks
  • Wrap your footwear in shower cap
  • Use blankets for padding your furniture
  • Use old newspaper to pack plates and glassware.


8. Pack your Survival Kit

After you relocate, you are going to need some items for survival for the first few days in your new home. This includes soap, clean towel, first-aid box, toiletries etc.

So, you can take a smart move and pack your survival kit a day before your move. You can put some of the other things such as:

  • Bed and Bath Kit
  • Screwdrivers, scissors, pliers
  • Paper towels
  • Hand sanitiser

9. Wisely Pack your Wardrobe

Instead of using white kitchen trash bags, use heavy duty black bags. They don’t tear open, and you can use them again for garbage as well. So, sort and pack your wardrobe so that you can reduce the stress of your move.


No matter how far you are relocating, packing household belongings in the right way can make a huge difference. You should always be careful while preparing your valuables for a big move.

You can either look for the best Adelaide Removalists for safe and secure removal process or engage in DIY packing with the help of the useful hacks mentioned above in this article. If you are confident enough and have time, then do it yourself. Hope you have a seamless move!