9 Survival Tips For Moving Your Elderly Parents

9 Survival Tips For Moving Your Elderly Parents

Feb 09, 2022 Moving to a new house when you are young and in good health is stressful enough. Hence, the process is often more challenging for older people who dislike major life changes due to behavioural or health issues. It is difficult for elderlies to leave a familiar and comfortable space, which is why many experience relocation stress syndrome and anxiety. They can also sustain injuries during this time, as statistically, 1 in 3 older Australians experience a fall every year. Falls generally occur due to hazards around their living surroundings which increase during a house move. Therefore, if you are planning to move soon with elderly parents, seek the assistance of professional removalists in Adelaide. While the professionals manage every aspect of your move, you can care for and support your parents. Furthermore, check these nine survival tips for moving your elderly parents without hassle or stress.

1. Communicate Effectively

Elderlies can feel a loss of control, irritation, agitation and much more when they need to move to the residence. It is justified and natural since most are extremely attached to their homes. Therefore, you must communicate to them the reasons for moving house and why it is beneficial. For example, when moving an older parent to a retirement residence or aged-care facility, explain why it is essential.

2. Allow Them Time To Process The Change

Moving out of a familiar neighbourhood and house gets challenging as you grow older. Your surroundings become your safe space which is why you must give your elderly parents ample time to prepare and plan for the transition. Even if they are not in the best mental or physical state, let them get used to the idea of relocation.

3. Involve Them In Decision Making

Avoid alienating your elderly parents during the house moving planning as it can increase their apprehension. Involve them in the process by taking the following measures. • Look for aged care facilities, a residence in a retirement village or any other place with them. • Take their opinion while booking professional cleaners and quality removalists in Adelaide. • Help them declutter and pack things they want at the new residence.

4. Follow A Moving Checklist

Streamline your moving process and reduce hassle for your elderly parents by following a moving checklist. It will help prioritise work according to importance and set deadlines for timely completely. Additionally, you can change the address on time, discontinue, transfer and set up utilities, and do much more via the checklist.

5. Take Them To The New Home

The fear of the unknown can cause stress and anxiety in older people. Therefore, it is a great idea to take them to their new residence before moving. Explore the area and property with your parents while explaining the floor plans, available amenities, nearby places and other important information.

6. Pack An Essentials Bag

On the moving day, your parents should have their medicines, change of clothes, water bottle, snacks, and other important items. Pack an individual essential bag for your elderly parents to ensure smooth travel and arrival at the new home. They can keep this bag on person while their other belongings are packed and loaded on the moving truck by your hired removalists in Adelaide.

7. Visit The Doctor

Fix an appointment with your parent’s doctor and visit before the move to ensure they are in good health. This step is extremely crucial if any or both of your parents suffer from a terminal or chronic ailment like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer etc. While visiting the doctor, make arrangements to transfer medical records & stock on prescription medicines as per requirement.

8. Rent A Storage Unit

If you are helping your parents move out of a family home, consider renting a storage unit to keep things of sentimental value, furniture, heirlooms, artwork etc. However, before taking this step, declutter and downsize to only pack things required at the new place. Ask your parents to help sort the property contents to create an inventory of things to store or pack. If there is anything your parents want to give away to a friend or family member, make arrangements to send them to the correct address. The rest you can donate or resell if they are in good condition or discard responsibly.

9. Hire Quality Removalists

Moving house is physically and mentally taxing for every person involved. Delegate whatever moving-related tasks you can to have more time and energy to look after your parents. Find quality removalists in Adelaide to book a full moving service where the professionals manage the relocation from start to finish. However, if you don’t want the professionals to manage every aspect of your move, take their assistance as per requirement. Most removalists in Adelaide offer packing, local moving, interstate removal and other solutions to help you move smoothly.


Moving at any age is stressful, but it is particularly challenging for older people. However, many elderlies have to move in with their children or go to an aged-care/retirement residence due to health or other reasons. It is a significant change for them, making it a complicated process even when you take the assistance of professional removalists in Adelaide. Thus, follow the survival tips shared above to move your elderly parents without any issue.