9 Tips For A Safe Move During Coronavirus

9 Tips For A Safe Move During Coronavirus

Aug 02, 2021 So many things have changed in the last two years because of the coronavirus. Social or physical distancing, face masks, gloves, and hand sanitisers have become an integral part of our lives. This global pandemic of Covid-19 has led to a drastic loss of human lives, and economic breakdown across the world. Even searching for a new house or moving to the new place in the middle of the health emergency has also changed. It is good to delay your home moving journey if possible because the chances of getting infected increases when people move from one place to another. However, the government of South Australia has ease down the COVID-19 restrictions and the City of Adelaide is happy to return the key services and facilities back to the community. Now restaurants, the golf course, cafes and libraries are open and you can also plan your home relocation by hiring the best Adelaide removalists. Here is the list of 9 tips that you still need to keep in mind while moving during the Coronavirus. Make sure you follow all the precautionary guidelines and keep your family safe throughout the process. Let’s Get Started!

1. Know all the COVID-19 Rules in Your Area

The first thing you need to do before moving is to find out the local rules for the COVID-19. If you are moving within Adelaide, then things won’t get difficult. However, if you are relocating to a new state, then know the state’s rules ahead of time. Checking the state’s coronavirus regulations, and activity restrictions levels is one of the best ways to ensure as safe and sound relocation.

2. Carefully Choose Removalists

Transiting household belongings from one place to another can be risky. It is good to hire an experienced moving company in Adelaide. Make sure you ask relevant questions if you are relocating in the middle of a health emergency. Most renowned companies understand the safety of you as well as items is crucial during the process. They follow all the precautionary guidelines and offer you contact-free services to give you the utmost safety and protection. Below are the few questions to ask from a removals company related to COVID-19: • What precautionary guidelines are you following to prevent the spread of COVID-19? • Are your removalsists vaccinated? • What safety protocols do you take during the move? • Is there any re-scheduling policy? Make sure they wear masks and gloves with a big bottle of hand sanitiser in the truck. Also, they should maintain the distance while lifting the boxes.

3. Get a Quote Virtually

It is good to avoid in-person moving estimates during this global pandemic. You can conduct a virtual survey. Let the estimator walk through your home via a video call on your mobile device. They will evaluate the number of your belongings that you need to move. This will get you a precise estimate so that you can plan things ahead within your estimated moving budget.

4. Pack On your Own

It is good to pack your belongings on your own with the help of your kids and spouse. Outsourcing a packing service or asking a friend for help can increase the chances of infection. In such a situation, you should avoid meeting people because the COVID-19 spreads via respiratory droplets. Use blankets, towels and other creative packing materials to wrap your fragile and expensive belongings.

5. Stock up Covid-19 Related Supplies

Taking extra precious is one of the best ways to protect your family from this deadly virus. Apart from arranging necessary packing supplies, make sure you have enough face masks, gloves, face shields and hand sanitisers. Invest in cloth or surgical masks as it can keep the germs and viruses at bay. Also, keep disinfecting wipes handy while moving.

6. Keep the House Clean and Disinfected

Cleaning a house is one of the most effective ways to keep germs at bay. Make sure you spruce up everything before wrapping inside the paper or boxes. Also, disinfect high –touch surfaces of your house, such as doorknobs, handles, light switches, toilets, desks, faucets, sinks, and other germ-laden areas using EPA-approved disinfectants. This is an important step because the virus can stay on the surface for 24 hours to 3 days. So be serious about cleaning.

7. Maintain at least Six-Foot Distance

Do not forget to practice social distancing when your removalists in Adelaide load and unload the belongings. Avoid helping them because the virus can transit easily. Also, keep your kids and pets in a separate room.

8. Label Your boxes

You can label your boxes so that they can easily identify and load it into the trucks. Make sure you keep your face mask on when the movers arrive at your place.  Colour coding is also helpful in organising the entire process.

9. Wash Your Hands

If you want to ensure safe and sound moving, then engage in routine hand-washing. Teach your children to wash their hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap. Also, ask movers to do the same.


Keep these safety tips in mind and move safely to the new house during Coronavirus. Make sure you choose the best Adelaide removalists who maintain stringent safety standards during the moving process to give you the utmost safety and peace of mind.