A Complete Post-Move Checklist To Settle Into A New House

A Complete Post-Move Checklist To Settle Into A New House

Apr 05, 2022 It is natural to remain occupied with multiple tasks you need to complete before a house move. During this period, you have limited time to manage several things simultaneously, which is stressful and challenging. Besides managing pre-move tasks such as packing, changing address, booking reliable removalists in Adelaide and many others, you have to chart a plan for post-move tasks as well. Checklists can help streamline your chores according to importance and urgency. Thus, here is your complete post-move checklist to settle into a new house quickly and comfortably. Have a look now.

Check & Turn On Utilities

Immediately upon arriving at your new home, make sure the electricity, gas, water and sewerage work perfectly. Find the main supplies and turn them on to see if all the utilities are working. To ensure they are working from day one, you must choose the right providers & manage the transfer or set up of utilities before leaving the old house.

Inspect Inventory

As you unpack, make sure to tally the inventory with the list you have. This step is crucial whether you took the assistance of professional removalists in Adelaide or DIY packed your belongings. It will help you know if anything is missing and also streamline the process of unboxing.

Thoroughly Inspect The Property

Reviewing the property is imperative when you are renting and have the right to edit the entry condition report. Most tenants who pay the rental bond can edit the condition report shared by the landlord in case anything is amiss in it.

Unpack Essentials First

The kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are the critical areas you must focus on setting. Thus, start by unpacking essential items from these rooms like toiletries, utensils, appliances, mattresses, sheets, and more.

Unpack Children/Pet Belongings

You must ensure the kids and pets are comfortable in the new home to keep them safe and occupied while navigating your post-move tasks. Unbox their clothes, beddings, toys, and other important belongings.

Clean The House

Cleaning post-move is essential to ensure the indoor air remains good and you avoid getting sick. Often people fall sick upon arrival at a new home, and to avoid this, you must clean and sanitise every nook and cranny of the property, even if it was cleaned before your arrival.

Complete Change Of Address

After settling in your new home a little, take care of ending change of address tasks to ensure you get your mails, subscription, and other vital correspondences at the correct address. Additionally, it is important for maintaining your records with government and non-government authorities.

Rekey Or Change Locks

For maintaining the privacy, safety and security of your household, you must hire a professional locksmith to rekey or change locks. Take this measure even if the landlord or seller claims the locks are new.

Remove Clutter As You Unpack

An ongoing post-move task you need to manage while unpacking is removing materials and clutter. You should get rid of plastic wraps, bags, and boxes that you cannot reuse by responsibly throwing them in the trash. Note: You can skip this step if you avail of unpacking service from reputed removalists in Adelaide, as the professionals will remove packing materials before they leave.

Visit Places Of Interest

A house move is mentally and emotionally taxing for you and your family members. Thus, you must ease the stress and anxiety of moving by visiting places of interest. You can go to restaurants, the local libraries, theatres, cafes, and other places.

Design Your House

Place your furniture, artwork, and other home décor items to decorate your house and make it feel like home. You can design your property with things you own and also with new things you purchase after moving.

Set Outdoor Areas

If the season is favourable, decorate the patio with outdoor furniture. But before you do, sweep the entryway, mop the deck and vacuum the windows, doors and other fixtures.

Host A House Warming Party

Throw a housewarming party for your near and dear ones after unpacking and decorating your house for comfort. It is a great way to increase your sense of belonging in the new house and stay in touch with family members, friends and others.

Meet With The Neighbours

The sooner you blend into your neighbourhood, the easier it is to be a part of the community. After finding comfort in your new home, acquaint yourselves with others who live near you by visiting them individually or attending a community meeting.


Your responsibilities and challenges don’t end after your hired Adelaide removalists bring your things to the new home. After relocating, you still have things to manage, which is why you must follow the complete post-move checklist to settle in your house smoothly.