A Guide To Moving With A Large Family: Tips And Strategies

A Guide To Moving With A Large Family: Tips And Strategies

Sep 11, 2023

Moving with a large family is among the most stressful and challenging life events because it’s physically, mentally and emotionally draining. The relocation process is taxing for everyone, especially children who can feel helpless, sad, and anxious.

Many can suffer from Relocation Stress Syndrome up to three months after moving to a new home. It can make them withdraw, lose appetite, sleep erratically, angry, irritable, and have many other issues. You can make the process easier for your family by planning the move and being proactive.

Hire the best removalists in Adelaide to help you pack and move your belongings, giving you more time and energy to take of your large family and its needs.

In addition, follow this ultimate moving with a large family guide to streamline the process and even make it fun. Have a look.

Inform Your Family

As soon as you find the new house and the moving date is fixed, break the news of moving to your family. Be patient while informing them and answer any question they have because the news can confuse and overwhelm them.

Share the details of the house move to make them feel included in the process and give them an overview of what to expect in the coming weeks.

Start Looking For Schools

Sometimes moving requires you to change your kids’ school, which is a huge responsibility. Therefore, make sure you do your research in time and find a good school near the new home to educate your children.

If possible, plan visits to new schools with your children to help them feel included and share their opinion about the schools.

Declutter their Belongings

Sit with all household members and explain the benefits of decluttering before sorting belongings. Ask everyone what things they don’t want and what they plan to take to the new home. Additionally, tell them how they can donate belongings, clothes, and other things in good condition or resell them via a garage sale.

Visit the New Home with Household Members

The thought of moving is scary for household members especially kids, and you can abate their fears by introducing them to the surroundings they will live in a few weeks. Take everyone in your family to visit the new home if possible and familiarise them with the neighbourhood, playgrounds, and other places.

Let Them Help With Moving-Related Tasks

If your children are old enough to understand certain instructions and help, make sure you involve them. You can ask them to help you declutter the house, pack belongings, look for removalists in Adelaide to help, create a tasks list and do much more.

Arrange for Someone to Babysit the Kids

If you have small children, then the risk of them getting agitated or injured during packing and moving your belongings is higher. Therefore, get a trusted person to babysit them for a few days before and after the moving day. This step would keep them from getting in the way of your hired removalists in Adelaide and prevent their routines from being disrupted.

Get School Migration Certificate and Complete Enrolment

At least four-three weeks before moving, make sure you have your children’s migration certificate, and their enrolment into the new school is complete. You should be able to send your child to school immediately after moving into the new house. If you are low-income household, do inquire about the school card scheme and the change you must make upon moving for it.

Have Your Household Members’ Medical Records Transferred

If your move requires you to find a new doctor for your family, make sure their records are shared with the new paediatrician or physician. It is easy to get the records transferred as you need to sign a release form at the current practitioner.

You can also ask your family doctor to fill prescriptions if any family member is taking regular medication for a health problem.

Pack an Essentials Kit

For every member of the house, an individual essential kit should be packed containing necessary items that are needed during travel and after moving in the new house. For your children, packing these kits is essential for their well-being and comfort. Here are some things that an essential kit should have. Customise it according to the household member.

  • Change of clothes
  • Medicines, diapers, face wipes, tissues, hand sanitiser etc.
  • Food, water, snacks, candies, lollies, and beverages of choice
  • Toys, blankets, books, and other items of comfort

Make sure this kit is packed and ready to use a day before the removalists in Adelaide arrive and you move out of the house.

Wrapping Up

Moving is challenging and stressful for a large family, especially for children because they can feel helpless, anxious and overwhelmed. Before and after moving, it is common for household members to experience mood swings and irritation.

However, you can make the process less stressful and even fun for your family by planning everything. Follow this guide along with hiring professional removalists in Adelaide to streamline the process for your large family and your peace of mind.