A-Z Guide For Preparing Appliances For A House Move

A-Z Guide For Preparing Appliances For A House Move

Oct 09, 2023 Moving is a complicated process, especially if many large appliances are involved. You want to avoid finding yourself in a situation where you stare at appliances, wondering how to prepare them for packing and moving. The large ones like refrigerators and washing machines are vital components of your daily life. So, preparing them to ensure they smoothly integrate into your new house is essential. The preparation part is not only about packing and moving. It is also about maintaining the items for longevity, safety, and functionality. Once you can do that, you will not need to worry about moving, especially if you have hired expert removalists in Adelaide. But there is a process you need to follow before it gets to that stage. This guide will teach you how to prepare appliances for a house move. Follow these tips to ensure every item in your house is ready to move.

1. Clean the Stove for Removal

Cleaning and preparing your stove for a move and for maintaining kitchen hygiene is essential. It needs thorough attention, and you need to follow a few steps cautiously for a smooth transition. If there is grease left on the stovetop, then it will attract dust and leave stains on anything it touches. Remove the power and the gas supply to the stove and ensure it is cool before using DIY methods. Separate all the removal parts and safely pack them in a box. To move a gas cooktop, hire a technician to disconnect it and cap off the line. After arriving at your new home, you will need to find a qualified gas installer to check the supply, connect the line, seal the openings, and address the other requirements.

2. Prepare the Dishwasher

Safety precautions should be your priority when preparing your dishwasher for the move. For safe disconnection, turn off the power and water supply. Detach the pipes and drain them. To facilitate drying, leave the door of the dishwasher open for a few days before moving. Wrap the dry pipes in packing paper and towels. Now, place them inside the dishwasher for maximum protection during the move. It helps save time and money by reducing the risk of damage.

3. Set up Your Microwave for the Move

To ensure your microwave arrives at your new home safely and operates at its best, it is crucial to prepare it correctly. Firstly, clean the microwave thoroughly and remove the food residues. Ensure it is dry before packing. Remove the glass tray for wrapping and carefully pack it in a well-padded box. Next, pack the microwave in a well-cushioned carton. If the one you own is large in size, then ask your preferred professional removalists in Adelaide if it can be pad-wrapped on the day of moving. Remember not to place the cardboard in the door opening as it can spring at the time of transit. When installing the microwave at your new home, ensure not to block the exhaust vent.

4. Get the Refrigerator Ready for Moving

To prepare your refrigerator for a DIY relocation or removalists, follow these steps:
  • Toss out all the perishable goods.
  • Disconnect the power cord in order to wash the removable parts thoroughly.
  • Let all the parts dry, including the refrigerator’s interior.
  • To remove dust from the compressor, Vacuum it.
  • Empty the evaporator pan and clean it.
  • Turn off the water, disconnect the water line of your cold water dispenser, and empty the water reservoir.

5. Prepare the Washing Machine

Before doing anything, clean the washing machine inside and out while ensuring no residues are left. Then, disconnect the pipes and remember to drain them. Wrap the pipes’ metal connector ends in a towel before placing them inside the washer. To prevent damage, secure the tub by following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you do not have that, you can purchase a washer kit with instructions on securing the tub. Your preferred removalists in Adelaide can also arrange a third-party service provider for these specific tasks.

6. Get the Clothes Dryer Ready

Start the process by thoroughly cleaning the dryer. Remember to remove the lint and dust. Clean the lint screen. To prevent leaks during transit, switch off the gas supply and cap the gas line securely. Ensure to protect delicate parts such as the knobs and control panel by wrapping them with bubble wrap. Guard the dryer by placing the moving blanket, as that will prevent it from rotating during the move. Wrap the complete dryer with bubble wrap and secure it in place with packing tape. If you are making use of an appliance truck, load the dryer carefully and strap it. Avoid any pressure and weight on top while loading the dryer, and let the expert removalists in Adelaide suggest the best spot for it.

Wrapping Up

If you’re moving to a new place, it becomes a must to protect the investments you have made in the appliances. You do not want to damage any of your items. To ensure maximum protection, follow the tips from this guide and apply them. Also, don’t forget to remind the expert removalists in Adelaide about fragile items when loading and moving.