Advantages of Making an Inventory List While Relocating
Coffee and pencil and notepad to make inventory

Advantages of Making an Inventory List While Relocating

Dec 28, 2017

Moving or relocating is one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life. There are so many things to remember and keep track of, that you are bound to forget some of them. And on the top of it, there is this perpetual fear of losing your belongings and cherished possessions during the process. The only way to keep things under control and prevent complications and is to introduce order and management into the exhausting moving preparations.

As human mind has its limitations, there is no way by which you will be able to remember all the details of the things you have packed till now, from the day one. That is why there is a need to prepare an inventory list or complete checklist of items you are packing in the boxes.

You can create an inventory list as you pack your belongings or you can just hire the services of  reputed removalists in Adelaide for the job, and they will inventory your possessions most professionally.

Even if you take the services of professionals for this job, it is imperative to keep track of your home inventory as a back-up. You can do this by merely noting down everything in a diary or a notepad or can create a spreadsheet for the same.

Here are some reasons for which you should prepare an inventory list

1. Get an accurate account of your belongings

Many people in Adelaide don’t realise how much stuff they have been storing for years. As home inventory gives detailed information about every single thing you have, you get an actual idea of your possessions. In this way, it helps you to decide on which things to carry along and which ones to sell or donate. Your home inventory also helps you to recognise outdated, damaged or duplicate items and the ones which you don’t need anymore. Thus, sorting and managing your things becomes more comfortable for you.

2. Saves your time

As contradictory it may seem, but it is true that making an inventory list will save your precious time while moving. It will not only help you in organising your move better but also can be used as an all-inclusive packing list. Thus, you are less liable to forget anything and manage every step in a better way.

For example, by just a glance at your inventory list, you can decide upon the packing material you need or the boxes required for packing. You can also plan which things to pack together and save time and money. As you will pack and label things in an organised manner, it will become easier for you while unpacking also.

Moreover, you will also get a note of things you do not need anymore and can donate it to a charity in Adelaide. You will be able to estimate the time to be taken for packing and preparing your items for the transit and will be well aware of special handling requirements and thus can inform your Adelaide removalist in advance.

3. Helps you estimate the cost

The cost of your move depends directly on the total weight of your belongings. Once you get your inventory list ready, you can share it with your removalists in Adelaide and get an estimate of the weight and final moving cost of your belongings. Having the accurate idea will help you prepare in advance the moving budget.

Sharing your inventory list will also help your Adelaide removalists to get the correct information on things to be moved and the services to be provided. They can come up with the accurate price for their services and thus prevent any issues later. Also, your moving company can even make necessary arrangements according to your requirements like the size of the moving truck, people needed to lift your belongings and much more, thus preventing any delays.

4. Get proper Insurance

Your moving inventory list will help you get the appropriate insurance for your belongings. It helps you to get a better estimate of the value of your items and thus you can opt for an appropriate liability coverage plan. If you have some precious items like antiques or limited versions, it is better to fill high-value article inventory form and specify these things to ensure their adequate protection.

It is, however, your responsibility to note down the value of all the items you are packing for the move as your Adelaide removals company should be made aware of it in advance. Also, make sure to note down the accurate condition of your belongings before the move.

You can also attach warranty or maintenance slips along with the photographs taken while packing. The inventory list with such detailed information will help you while filing a claim in case of any damages or loss. You can also use this list to get home insurance after the move or for the goods which keep sitting in the storage for some reason or the other.

5. Helps to keep track of your possessions

At the time of loading your articles in the moving truck, you can keep a check on your boxes and thus find out whether your mover has loaded everything into the vehicle. Keep an account of every box, appliances or furniture pieces being loaded and mark it in a copy of your list.

The most important use of your list comes while unloading your belongings at your new location. With all the information in hand, you can easily check and compare the items against those mentioned in the list. You can immediately trace if anything is missing and thus enquire about it.

Moving is not about one or two boxes; it involves many big and small items, so it is not easy to find out if anything is missing. But with your inventory list on hand, you will be able to manage this and notify your moving company and insurance company in time.

In absence of a checklist, you will be able to notice the loss after some time and then it will be too late for taking any action or filing for the claim.


Moving is a daunting task and requires a lot of work to do, so it is better to entrust a reputed moving company like Better Removalists Adelaide for preparing your inventory list and packing. Their professional and well-experienced team will offer all the help and make your moving process much easier.