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03 Dec, 2020

All-In-One Moving Guide For An Organised Move

Proper planning can save you from last-minute chaos when you are moving from one place to another. Juggling between moving, packing and cleaning chores isn’t easy because you don’t have enough time to manage everything with precision. If you want to streamline the entire relocation process, then create a complete checklist and include all the possible tasks that can keep your precious household belongings safe and intact.

There are numerous things you can do to organise your move. Hiring experienced removalists in Adelaide is one of the ideal decisions you can make while transiting your much-loved possessions to the new house. Apart from this, you can consider the following guide, which includes everything that will keep you organised throughout the journey.

This moving guide will help you know what to consider at different stages so that you can make the best decisions in terms of moving budget, timeline, packing supplies and much more.

Let’s Get Started!

Preparation for House Relocation

Creating a well-defined moving checklist will help you stay on the track, especially if you are running low on budget. From preparing the rough moving budget to finding the best moving company, you can manage everything on time without making common blunders.

1. Prepare A Moving Timeline

It is good to begin the process ahead of your final moving day so that you can finish things on time. Creating a customised timeline for your home relocation can help you stay focused without any distractions. Adelaide removalists suggest 8 weeks are ideal to start the packing process.

• Do not forget to include tasks like:
• Storing out household belongings
• Arranging packing materials
• Creating an inventory
• Hiring a trusted removals company
• Changing address<
• Packing household items and much more.

Depending on your specific needs and distance of your move, you can plan the entire process for the safe and sound experience.

2. Creating a Realistic Budget

Moving a house is one of the most expensive tasks. So, make sure you keep a close eye on your expenses throughout the journey. This will keep you stay under your estimated budget while helping you save money. Whether you are hiring professionals or doing it yourself, create a budget accordingly to manage your expenses. Also, remember that the cost may vary depending on the distance of the move and weight of your moving truck.

Tip: Include the cost of professional relocation service if you are hiring experts. They can manage your belongings and transit them safely to the new location.

3. Manage Everything For a DIY Move

If your budget is not allowing you to hire professionals, then prepare a checklist accordingly. You can use an online moving calculator to get a rough estimate on expenses. Do not forget to consider the factors like:

• Expenses on packing supplies
• Moving equipment
• Transportation
• Moving Insurance, etc.

4. Deciding What to Move and What to Leave

Finding out what to take and what to purge seems to be an overwhelming process. You can need a lot of time and decision making skills for this task. If you are moving to a studio apartment, then you need to downsize your household belongings.

It is good to inspect all rooms, wardrobes and cupboards before packing your stuff. Sort your items into three categories:

Keep: Include all the items you want to take along with you. Create a list and add all the household belongings.

Throw: Include all the belongings you are not in good condition. Tossing them away can be an ideal decision.

Donate or Sell: This includes the stuff that you haven’t used for years. You can either donate them to the local charity in Adelaide or organise a garage sale to earn some extra dollars.

This will not only reduce the load of your moving truck but also save you a lot of expenses.

5. Packaging Supplies

If you are not planning on hiring professionals for a full moving and packing service, you will need to arrange packing supplies on your own. This will keep you organised throughout the process. So, make sure you arrange:

• Different sizes of cardboard boxes

• Packing paper
• Packing tape
• Bubble wraps
• Box cutters
• Permanent markers
• Furniture blankets, etc.

Use high-quality supplies and pack your delicate items safely to keep them intact during the lifting and moving process.

6. Pack Your Belongings Ahead of Time

After arranging packing supplies, the next step is to wrapping precious household belongings safely. If you are not availing a professional packing service, then you need to start the process at least 6 weeks before the final moving day. Consider the following packing tips and stay organised:

• Properly pack fragile items using bubble wrap and packing paper.
• Do not forget to fill crumpled newspapers to fill the gaps inside the moving box.
• Never leave space in the box while moving smaller things
• Prepare kitchen appliances
• Disassemble heavy furniture (if possible)
• Securely pack furniture pieces
• Label your boxes
• Pack drawers as they are

7. Arrange a Storage Unit

If you are shifting from a big house to a small one, then you need to downsize some household belongings. Since you can’t donate or sell everything, there is a great option of a storage facility which can be used to store household items in a safe and secure warehouse. You can store your belongings, such as furniture, clothing, wardrobe, etc in a storage unit if you can’t take everything along with you.

Many companies offer the storage facility for short and   long-term basis depending on your specific needs. You can search for the best company that can offer you the moving service with a storage option at the best price.


Regardless of your moving distance, make sure you follow a complete checklist to stay organised and streamlined throughout the process. It is good to hire professional removalists in Adelaide if you want to transit belongings safely to the new house.