Considering A DIY Local Move In Adelaide? What To Know

Considering A DIY Local Move In Adelaide? What To Know

Jul 13, 2021

Adelaide is one of the safest places to live and raise a family in Australia. Apart from being the capital city of South Australia and the fifth largest capital cities in the country, you can find affordable housing options with great local amenities, such as schools, medical facilities and transport facilities.

Unlike other metropolitan cities, Adelaide doesn’t offer overcrowded shopping centres, road traffic conditions, and footpaths, and that’s why people love this city. Whether you want to move from one suburb to another within the city or across the next street, local moves are always challenging and back-breaking.

From arranging packing supplies to disassembling heavy furniture, make sure you manage everything before the final moving day. You can also hire professional Adelaide removalists for the safety of your precious possessions.

Despite the great benefits of hiring a moving company, many people opt for a DIY move to save those extra bucks. If you are under a financial crunch, then consider the following DIY local moving tips in Adelaide:

1. Ask for Help

A DIY move is a stressful and time-consuming experience because you are not taking any assistance from professionals. It is good to ask your friends or relatives to assist you in this task.

You can prepare a list of people who can actually help you on that final moving day. Make sure they are reliable and dependable. Discuss the moving date with them so that they assist you in lifting heavy furniture and packing fragile items.

2. Begin As Early As Possible

Since you don’t have any prior experience in moving household belongings, make sure you start as early as possible. Plan everything at least 8 weeks ahead of your final moving day so that you can avoid last-minute chaos.

Getting an early start will also make sure that you have plenty of time to unwind and unpack in your new home. So, pull up your socks and start your work for a local move in Adelaide.

3. Get Rid of Unecessary Stuff

The less you will pack, the easier your relocation process will be! So, make sure you de-clutter your home and toss unwanted items before starting the packing process.

Begin by cleaning out your pantry, closet and drawers. You can sell those unwanted items that are good in condition. It is also good to donate used clothing, furniture and other stuff to the local charity in your city.

Tip: Toss broken or expired items, torn clothes and other household belongings that are no in working condition.

4. Arrange Packing Supplies

A DIY home move involves a lot of planning and preparation. One of them is arranging necessary packing supplies and sturdy boxes. For the utmost safety of your belongings, you need to invest in quality materials that can protect your belongings, especially fragile items from scratches and serious damages during lifting and loading processes. You can have the following supplies:

• Packing tape
• Packing paper
• Bubble wraps
• Plastic bags and ziplock bags
• Wardrobe boxes
• Corrugated boxes of different sizes
• Moving straps
• Newspapers and foam pouches.

Tip: Use old blankets, bed sheets and towels to protect your large furniture and delicate items.

5. Rent a Moving Truck

Renting the right size of a moving truck or trailer will make your job a bit easier. You can opt for it after evaluating the belongings you want to take along with you.

You will need to reserve a truck at least 2 weeks prior to your moving day, especially if you are relocating during peak season. Before selecting the vehicle, make sure you select the company that can offer you quality service at the best price.

Since local moves are cheaper than interstate or long-distance moves, you can save a lot of money if you choose an appropriate size of a moving vehicle.

6. Rent Moving Tools and Machines

Lifting heavy boxes and bulky furniture alone can lead to serious personal injuries. So, it is important to rent necessary moving equipment ahead of time. Make sure you have moving dollies, furniture pads and heavy-duty appliance dolly. It is good to follow the right lifting techniques to move oversized items without breaking your back.

7. Safely Pack Your Fragile Items

Ask your kids to assist you in packing up their rooms, toys and books. You can wrap your delicate or breakable items, such as crockery, lamps, mirrors, art pieces and other fragile stuff using a packing paper and bubble wraps.

You can also hire trained Removalists in Adelaide who can assist you in packing household belongings so that you can transit without causing any damage.

8. Moving Insurance

Look for reliable and affordable moving insurance if you want to protect your belongings in transit while moving to a new place. Whether on the vehicle or in a temporary storage, it is vital to get your moving belongings insured because accidents can occur and you can’t predict about it.

So, be careful and opt for the best moving insurance for a DIY local move.


Living in Adelaide is a great decision because the city boasts of high-end amenities, top-rated schools, world-class hospitals, universities and affordable housing. You can consider the tips mentioned above in the article if you are planning a DIY local move or search for an affordable moving company in Adelaide that can give you quality service within your estimated budget.