COVID-19: Expert Guidelines for Healthy Moves
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COVID-19: Expert Guidelines for Healthy Moves

Apr 20, 2020

As coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Australia and other parts of the world, the majority of the people are forced to stay inside their home. However, some people are dealing with a complicated problem of how to relocate safely with their family. Relocating to a new place during a global pandemic is extremely stressful because you not only deal with the ethical questions of whether you are doing the right thing or not but also worry about the safety of your family.

This is why many people have postponed their move. There is no denying that hiring professional removalists in Adelaide can make things a lot easier. Still, you also need to make efforts and take some precautions that can prevent the spreading of the virus. Here are a few expert guidelines that can help you to move safely. Let’s have a look!

Only Relocate If You Don’t Have Any Other Options

Moving your house is never a problem, but under such circumstances, it is vital that you take every possible precaution. Moving your house is one such thing! Experts believe that you should avoid or postpone your relocation as long as possible and only relocate if you don’t have any other options. So, talk to your landlord and discuss this issue. The property owner is most likely to agree to extend your stay because everyone is aware of the deadly virus that has spread like wildfire in the entire world.

Contact a Reputed Removals Company

One of the safest ways to move during coronavirus is to contact professional removalists in Adelaide. When you are moving during this pandemic, you must follow some particular ways and take precaution to prevent its further spread. Professional removalists are well-aware of these precautions. Thus, they increase the safety of your family during the move.

However, you need to make sure that you are contacting a reputed removals company. Not all the removals companies are working in Adelaide, so do your research properly and choose the most reliable one.

Know About the Arrangements

Once you found a reliable removals company, you must know about them in detail. You must thoroughly check their website and shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions on what arrangements they have and what precautions they take for a safe move during COVID-19 outbreak. Contact their customer support team and ask what methods they are following to make sure that their professions are not infected.

Also, what factors they consider while assisting their clients in the relocation process. Knowing all these things will help you prepare properly and give you peace of mind.

Maintain Social Distancing

No matter how reputed the company is or how experienced the professionals are, you must maintain social distancing with everyone. Such precautions are essential to ensure the safety of your family members. The professionals are properly trained, so they know how to deal with such situations.

Under such circumstance, the removalists in Adelaide maintain a 6-feet distance with their clients. If they are not following the standards, then you should do it and remind it to the experts. You should also avoid any touches or handshakes with the professionals. Also, you need to ensure that the professionals wear protective gear, including gloves and face masks.

Ask For Virtual Estimates

A pre-move survey is an essential part of the moving process. The removalists in Adelaide analyse all your belongings and give you a quote. This helps you to plan your budget and the professionals also get a specific idea about the moving supplies.

However, during the coronavirus, it can be a little risky to allow professionals inside your house. There is an easy way to deal with the problem. Many removal companies provide the option of virtual estimates. So, if this is your preference, talk to the removalists and see if they provide the service or not. This is the safest way to get the job done without people getting inside your home.

Purchase New Packing Supplies

Usually experts advice to use recycled boxes and packing supplies to reduce the moving expense, but during coronavirus, you should always purchase new moving boxes, bubble wraps, tapes, packing papers and other such things. This is because you never know whether the last person who has touched these packing supplies was infected or not. Purchasing new packing supplies might not give you the guarantee, but it can certainly reduce the chances of infection.

Give Moving Crew Easy Access to Hygiene Products

Whether you have hired professional removalists in Adelaide or asked your friends and families to help you in your moving process, you must provide your team easy access to the hygiene products like soap, water and paper towel throughout the process. This will keep their hands properly clean and prevent the spread of the virus during the relocation. In case this is not possible, then keep a bottle of hand sanitiser with you.

Thoroughly Clean Your New Home

You must consider the deep cleaning of your new house before unpacking your things. This will further mitigate the risk of COVID-19 virus. Contact a professional cleaning company and let them clean your home thoroughly. The cleaners use effective solutions and modern tools to remove the dust and dust. They also disinfect the house to eliminate germs, harmful bacteria and virus. It is also advisable to wipe down all your belongings and boxes with disinfectant wipes before packing them.


Moving to a new place is always a difficult and time-taking process, but when you have to relocate during the spread of coronavirus, things can get more challenging. However, with proper house moving plan, taking the right precautions and choosing reliable removalists in Adelaide, you can make your moving a lot easier and safer for everyone.