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11 Sep, 2020

Decluttering Tips during a Move

People relocating to a new home have to complete a host of moving-related tasks among which an important one is decluttering. This activity is necessary for a variety of reasons such as it reduces the moving cost, the load for handling/transportation, and the process is holistic. Experts in Adelaide believe once the relocation date is fixed the first thing on your moving checklist should be decluttering.

Whether you have been living in a property for years or relocate frequently, there are things to declutter and remove from your household either by discarding responsibly, reselling or donating. Want to know how to effectively get rid of broken or unwanted things in your house? Here is your complete guide outlining expert decluttering tips for a move, have a look!

Follow the KonMari Cleaning Method

KonMari method of cleaning was devised by an expert cleaning consultant Marie Kondo. Her method is easy to follow, and over the years, it has gained popularity because of its effectiveness in helping people get rid of things that no longer serve any purpose. Here are the decluttering rules of the method.

• Imagine the aim for decluttering which while moving should be to reduce the moving load for your hired removalists in Adelaide
• Declutter the things according to categories mainly focusing on clothes, books, paper, sentimental items, and miscellaneous things
• Hold each item in your hand to feel if it gives you joy and if it doesn’t, then say goodbye to it before adding to it to the donation, reselling or discarding pile.

Remove Duplicates

One of the easiest ways to declutter your belongings for decreasing your packing load is to remove duplicate things in your home. For example, if you have four or five spatulas of the same size and design, then get rid of the ones which are not used regularly. They are duplicates and add to the clutter in your home.

Similarly, you can get rid of multiple things by checking if you have one or two out of a few which you use and the rest just hog space in your storage units. You can remove duplicates for clothes, utensils/crockery, furniture, footwear, home décor, accessories etc.

Downsize Furniture

Moving furniture adds to the moving load and costs significantly making it physically and financially taxing. Therefore, while decluttering your belongings analyse your furniture and which items will fit the space and decor of your new home.

Accordingly, see if you need to downsize and get rid of some things either by reselling them or donating to a charity. By downsizing your furniture, you can reduce the moving load and may have to pay less to your hired removalists in Adelaide as they usually charge according to the weight and vehicles required for transportation.

Check Things for Obsoleteness and Expiration

While going through your belongings, one of the easiest criteria to get rid of them is check for obsoleteness and expiration. For gadgets and things with technologies, it is wise to check if they are obsolete or can be used after upgrading or updating. Things to inspect for best before and expiry dates food, medicines, beverages, ointments, makeup, creams, oils, repellents, cleaners, disinfectants, and general utility items.

Create Boxes

For segregating things, you don’t want correctly arrange boxes and label them to know what things are in them. Create boxes of things to discard, donate, resell, give to specify family member/friend, etc. By creating boxes, you can organise the things you’ve decluttered and ensure they are responsible disposed of or given. After the boxes are full or nothing more is there to add, seal the boxes adequately to transport or send them.

Get a Storage Unit

In case there are things you cannot take the new home but don’t want to get rid of then renting a storage unit is a feasible option. People who move long distance or need to vacate properties immediately especially benefit by renting storage units because there is less time to declutter.

It can be rented for keeping things of sentimental value, antiques, special items, furniture, documents, and other things that cannot be moved for any reason. While the things you want to move to your new home are transported by the hired removalists in Adelaide, these things can be placed in the unit to access after everything is settled.

Hire an Expert

Decluttering can be difficult, especially for people who are moving out of a home they have lived in for years. Therefore, hiring an expert to help declutter and organise your things is wise if you are among them and have several items to get through.

Organising experts in Adelaide can assist you with their team members to go through all the things in your home and make an inventory of things you need or don’t. In addition, they can help declutter and organise the things you don’t need according to what your plan for these items is such as reselling, donating, discarding etc.

The Bottom Line

When planning to move, the first activity that needs to be prioritised is decluttering to reduce the packing and moving load for your hired removalists in Adelaide or your household members if a DIY move is preferred.

Decluttering is a holistic process that helps you get rid of things that no longer serve any purpose or aren’t required at the new property. Thus, if you are moving to a new home, follow the decluttering tips by experts mentioned above to ensure your relocation process is managed without any hassle.