Education and Schools in Adelaide: Ultimate Moving Guide
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Education and Schools in Adelaide: Ultimate Moving Guide

Jan 24, 2020 Adelaide is counted among the best cities in Australia to receive primary, secondary, and higher education. Education is a strong suit of the capital that has about 440 schools and some of the most prestigious universities/colleges in South Australia. Therefore, if you’re planning to move here and worried about finding the best schools or colleges for your children or yourself, it is a great city. To help you know more about the education scenarios of Adelaide, here is the ultimate guide by professional removalists providing information on why Adelaide is the preferred destination for learning, facts about the education system, top schools/universities in the city and much more.

Why is Adelaide a preferred destination for primary, secondary, and higher education?

Adelaide is one of the best cities to receive primary and secondary tuition as it has a host of public and private schools with pupils from diverse cultures and comprehensive curriculum. The schools follow the Australian curriculum that covers various subjects ranging from Mathematics, English, Arts, Technology, Science, etc. Students receive a combination of theoretical and practical learning exposure which helps shape them into adept young adults and get the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) or International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. Coming to higher learning, the prime reasons why locals and migrants prefer Adelaide are affordability and high-quality education options. It is one of the cheaper cities compared to major ones like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. According to reputed removalists majority of students from other states and countries choose Adelaide for higher studies because the city is extremely liveable with a diverse and welcoming populace. The college curriculums are globally focused, making them suitable for domestic and international students. What’s more, the low cost of living and reasonable tuition fees help students partake in domestic and international exchange programs across the nation and world. Furthermore, children and young adults can get financial support for studying via scholarships offered by the Australian government and institutes in Adelaide.

General Facts about Adelaide’s Education System

Knowing facts about the education system of Adelaide and South Australia before moving here is wise, according to expert removalists. Here are a few interesting and useful ones. • There are three stages of learning for a school student that are pre-schooling, primary, and secondary. • Children in Adelaide are legally bound to be educated from the age of six to sixteen. Children can be enrolled in pre-schools once they turn five or more. Enrolment can happen during any of the four terms depending on when a child’s 5th birthday comes. • The government guarantees pre-schooling to all children in the city; however, if the government arranges for a child to be placed in a school, parents or guardians have little say in choosing the establishment. • The general shift timings for secondary schools are 8.30 am to 3.30 pm, and 8.45 am to 3.15 pm for primary schools from Monday to Friday. • There are usually four terms in a year with Term 1 initiating from January end, usually from 29th, and each term lasts for about ten weeks with two weeks of holidays. • Summer vacations generally begin from mid-December to the end of January until Australia day. • Majority of Adelaide schools have uniforms and pupils are required to wear them. However, some schools don’t have a uniform, as it is up to each school’s council to enforce the rule to wear them. • After turning 16 years, students are not legally obligated to attend school. They can choose to obtain an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma, other training/ education or work. • Students who choose to return to school after turning 16 are awarded the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) after completion of the 12th year, which is during the secondary stage of learning. • A student is required to acquire 200 credits to achieve the South Australian Certificate of Education. • International students have the right to study in government-run schools in any city of South Australia, including Adelaide.

Types of Schools in Adelaide

Adelaide has private and government schools where students can get quality education from the age of 5 to 17 years. The private ones are mostly categories as catholic and independent schools, both of which offer primary and secondary education. Expert removalists in Adelaide say parents who wish to enrol their children in a private school should plan the move accordingly and buy or rent a property near one because Adelaide has a private school in specific regions. The majority of schools in Adelaide are public or government that follow the Australian curriculum. They have contemporary teaching methods, which are implemented within a conventional framework. All government schools in the city are non-denominational whereas most private schools are affiliated to some religious faith. Both private and public schools have programs for special needs and disabled children. In addition, for children with excellent learning capabilities, schools are offering specialised course/programs for gifted or talented students. In addition, the good news for people moving to Adelaide from other countries is that about 200 public and private schools have programs for international students.

Top Schools in Adelaide

According to expert removalists, for those who are planning to move to Adelaide with children aged between 0-17 years, it is wise to buy or rent a property in a region with reputed schools. Here is a list of the top schools in the city to help plan the move better. • North Adelaide Primary School (Public) • Linden Park Primary School (Public) • Norwood Primary School (Public) • Glenunga International High School (Public) • East Marden Primary School (Public) • St Dominic’s Priory College (Private) • Pulteney Grammar Schools (Private) • Adelaide Botanic High School (Public) • Gilles Street Primary School (Public & reckoned for its Intensive English Language Program) • Pembroke School (Public) • St Peter’s Collegiate Girls’ School (Public) • St Peter’s College (Public) • The Hills Montessori School (Public) • Wilderness School (Private) • St Andrew’s School (Private) • East Adelaide School (Public)

Higher Education and Top Universities

Adelaide is among the best places to obtain higher education due to the affordability, liveability, and availability of some of the top-rated universities in the world. Therefore, moving here is beneficial for young or established families and people interested in pursuing higher education programs. The top universities offering a variety of graduate and post-graduate degrees, diplomas, and more are listed as follows. • University of Adelaide • University of South Australia • Flinders University • Carnegie Mellon University • Torrens University Besides these establishments, several institutions offer specialised programs and courses for youngsters and adults seeking higher education in fields of commerce, engineering, IT, hospitality, health, and more. Some of these institutes are • International Institute of Business and Information Technology (IIBIT) • Adelaide Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) • International College of Hotel Management • Le Cordon Bleu • TAFE SA • EQUALS International

Wrapping Up

According to professional removalists in Adelaide, the city is ideal for families with children and young adults moving here as the cost of living is lower than other cities in Australia and the scope of receiving top-notch education is high.