Essential Things to Carry on a Moving Day
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Essential Things to Carry on a Moving Day

Aug 18, 2017 No matter how carefully you prepared and planned your move to your new house, last minute bloopers could leave you in a worrying situation on your moving day. It is easy to forget things when it comes to managing multiple tasks at the same time, especially while relocating home from one city or state to another. For example, if you are moving from Adelaide to Melbourne, you need to ensure that everything is in place. You can’t take a risk of forgetting anything; otherwise, you need to pay extra to your Melbourne to Adelaide removalists for transportation costs. If you don’t want to ruin the happiness of buying a new house, make sure you keep the following things with you on a moving day. Here, we present a handy list of essential things that you must carry while moving to your new residential property. You can consider these tips to get the job done without any hassle. Here we go!

1. Don’t forget your Packing Kit

Make sure you carry your last-minute packing kit with you while shifting to a new place. You can include all the necessary items such as scissors, tape, bubble wrap, spare corrugated boxes, bag, packing paper, permanent markers etc in your packing kit to make things better for you. Instead of buying cheap packing materials, look for high-quality ones, especially when it comes to wrapping fragile items. These things can help you a lot after reaching to a new place (during the unpacking process). In fact, you can add all the things that can save both your time and effort while unloading and unpacking the items.

2. Keep a notepad with you

Try to create a list of everything in your notepad to keep the things simple. You can mention what needs to be load or unload first during the move. They can help you remind key things with ease. Just ensure you jot down the things whenever you get time. It will be better to carry pocket-friendly notepad that can be accessed on the go. Also, don’t forget to add a pen with it. In case you are using backloading option for moving, it is necessary to have an exact estimate of space required in the moving truck.

3. Extra Plastic Baggies

You can invest in the following types of plastic bags while packing your belongings: Heavy Duty Bags: Thick and black garbage bags are perfect for carrying household belongings because they are more heavy and reduces the chances of breaking or tearing. Outdoor Bags: These are sturdier as compared to indoor bags because they can hold a lot of small items during your move. Zipper Bags: These are one of the best options when it comes to storing screws, phone chargers, screws and spare pieces of furniture. Tip: Don’t forget to keep a black marker with you to label all your plastic baggies.

4. Toilet paper and towels

Don’t forget to keep toilet papers and towels, especially if you are moving with small kids and pets with you. You can buy them in excess before your moving day. Also, keep them in your handy bag and keep that bag along with you.

5. Trash Bags

Trash bags can be a great saviour on your moving day. Whether you want to stuff unused materials or want o lower your load from heavy objects, you can use both trash bags and heavy duty bags altogether. Try to use simple yet solid trash bags instead of expensive wardrobe boxes – this can reduce your load.

6. A basket of fruits and snacks

Since you don’t get time to prepare food on your relocating day, make sure you carry a basket of fruit to keep your kid’s tummy full. You can also include dry snakes, dry fruits and water bottles and pet food to make your moving day less hectic. In case you get traffic on road, this basket of essentials can be a saviour.

7. First Aid Box

You can’t miss this. Always carry a first aid box along with you to aid unfortunate injuries and any other mishap. Include prescriptions, aspirin, allergy medicines, and bandage in your first aid box.

Hire Professional Removalists

You must hire the professional moving company that can help you move out to your new residential property with a zero damage guarantee. If you are living in Adelaide, you can hire Better Removalists Adelaide to make your moving journey less daunting and stress-free. The Company provides their top-class packing and moving services across Adelaide at the cost-efficient price. So, don’t forget to hire trusted moving company while relocating all your goods (both heavy objects and lightweight items) to your new house.
Keep the above-mentioned things in mind on your moving day. This can reduce a lot of burden and even a cost from your shoulders. You can also hire professionally-trained Adelaide Removalists for a safe and secure moving.