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24 Apr, 2020

Expert Tips on How to Find a Good Removalist in Adelaide

Moving to a new place is always exciting, but at the same time, it is also challenging and time-consuming. It is not easy to carry out all responsibilities at the same time with perfection. This makes the entire moving process so confusing. That is why you need professional removalists in Adelaide.

They make sure that you accomplish your relation in the most hassle-free manner, and your belongings remain safe throughout the process. However, you need to hire good removalists to get high-quality service, but how to find them? Here are some expert tips for finding good removalists in your city. Let’s have a look.

Ask for recommendations

Experts believe that if you want to find good removalists in Adelaide, you should first talk to people around. They might give you first-hand information about some local removals company, which you will not get on the internet. Talk to your friends, common friends, families, colleagues, neighbours, etc.

Ask them if they can recommend any reliable name. This way is considered an excellent option because you get information about the company from a person who you can trust. From their service quality to price policy, you get accurate information about everything.

Read reviews and testimonials

Another great way to find reliable removalists in Adelaide is to read the official website of the removals company and the testimonials. By reading the site, you can know about a lot of things. Moreover, the websites have customer reviews which can help you to know about the service quality, quotes, price policy, transparency with the clients and other essential information.

All this information will help to decide whether it is suitable for you or not. Along with the official website, you can also visit the comparison sites. Try to contact the previous customers and if possible talk to them face to face.

Know about their accreditations

An excellent way to find out how trustworthy your removalists are is to check their accreditations. The Australian Furniture Removers Association certifies most of the reputed removals company in Adelaide. It is an authorised body of removals experts that control the moving industry of Australia.

So, try to find out if your removals company is also approved AFRA or not. If the official body certifies them, then you can expect quality service.

Consider the experience factor

Experience is one of the most important factors when you are searching for reliable professionals. All reputed company have at least ten years of experience in the moving industry. The reason why experienced professionals are essential for a safe and hassle-free relocation is that moving involved packing of all types of items.

From large and heavy furniture to the appliance and from electronics to fragile items, seasoned removalists make sure high-quality packing the also load them safely. Inexperienced professionals can make mistakes and damage your valuables. They can also take more time than it should require.

Know about the price policy

Experts believe that one of the most important things to know about your removalists is their price policy. Any company that charges its clients on an hourly basis is not reliable. You should opt for those removals companies that offer a package. They calculate the weight of your belongings and the total distance of moving.

If you get a quote for the entire process, it helps you prepare your moving budget. Hourly rate is always risky as this allows the removalists to delay the moving process by increasing the hours.

Talk to the Customer Support team

It is always advisable to contact your company and have a detailed conversation about your moving. This gives you a clear idea of whether they are the right option for you or not. Talk to the customer support team and find out if they are capable of fulfilling your specific requirements.

The conversation will help you to know if they provide a pre-move inspection, are they prepared of rain on a moving day or what would the professionals do if they have to move the belongings down the stairs. A good removals company have an attentive and knowledgeable customer care team.

Don’t fall for the discounts

One of the biggest mistakes that people often make during the moving process is that they get confused between the cheap removalists and good removalist. This is why people get attracted to those professionals who quote the lowest prices and tempting discounts. But this can be a huge mistake because the companies that offer the lowest quotes work with unprofessional staff.

Moreover, they have hidden charges which can prove very costly. This is why you should always focus on other important aspects, like the experience and reputation of a company.

Good Removalists never outsource their work

Any removals company that outsource their work to other small agencies is not trustworthy. Thus it is important that you know that the company you can shortlist will do the moving and they have their own removalists. The third-party company do not have trained removalists, so it is not at all safe for your belongings.


When it comes to moving, professional removalists play a pivotal role in protecting your valuable with their excellent packing service and safe loading. They also ensure that you get enough time to focus on other essential aspects of a house moving. The useful tips mentioned above will help you to find good removalists in Adelaide.