Feng Shui Ideas For Your New Home

Feng Shui Ideas For Your New Home

Aug 01, 2023

Are you moving into a new home and want to design it the best way possible? One of the ways you can go about this is by using Feng Shui ideas and tips to decorate and design elements in your new home. Feng Shui is a Chinese concept that helps create a good energy flow and a positive vibe in your new home.

By adding natural elements, removing obstacles and negative energy from your new home, and arranging your furniture correctly, you can create perfect balance and harmony in your new space.

Here are some helpful feng shui tips for your new home: 

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical concept that believes in creating a harmonious flow of energy between you and your home. Creating a positive vibe using elements in your home will attract good energy when moving as well as invite success, peace and stability.

To do this, you might have to rearrange some elements in your home, concentrate on the material and designs you use, look at the colouring of your walls and add decorative and aesthetic artwork in your home. Here are some useful Feng Shui concepts you can use to attract positive energy in your new home: 

Make Your New Home Lucky With Feng Shui 

1. Declutter And Remove Obstacles

One of the first steps to making your new home lucky is by removing unnecessary elements and clutter. Before moving into your new home, you can do this by decluttering your belongings and bringing only the things you need and will use.

You must thank these objects for all the good times and then donate, sell or throw them away. This will not only make your home more open and inviting to new opportunities, but it will also help reduce your moving load. Your budget removalists Adelaide will have fewer boxes to load and unload, making the moving-in process easier.

2. Balance The Five Important Elements 

In Chinese philosophy, there are five important elements:

  • Fire: Growth
  • Wood: Passion
  • Metal: Mental strength
  • Earth: Safety
  • Water: Money and Career

According to Feng Shui, you must choose materials, furniture items and colours representing all these features in your new home. It is important to balance all these elements to set up your new home properly. For instance, if you need a better flow of money and a career, adding elements of water like an aquarium or blue and black colours into your home is important.

For more passion, add rectangular wooden items and play around with more green colours in your new space. These elements will help you make your home more comfortable and personalised so you can attract only good and positive things.

3. Include Natural Light And Ventilation

Next, you must ensure that your new space has a lot of natural and bright sunlight. Keep your windows open to let natural light in, as it positively affects your home and helps you destress and remove negative energy. This will also help ventilate and promote airflow in your home to eliminate any negative and stale energy and keep your indoor air quality hygienic.

4. Place Furniture In Strategic Positions

You can ask your furniture removalists Adelaide to help you to rearrange and strategically place your furniture items in your new home. You must place these elements in such a way as to ensure that they are not blocking the flow of energy.

For instance, you must never place a bed in front of a door or under a window as it creates negative energy and acts as an obstacle to free-flowing air. You should keep chairs and tables away from entrances and exits and align them properly to create a harmonious energy flow from one room to another.


These tips will help you decide whether to get new furniture for your home.

5. Keep Your Entrance Way Clear And Neat

You must then clear your entrance of any clutter and obstacles to allow opportunities to knock at your door and find you. Feng shui wisdom believes that if your door and entryway are clear and visible, it will attract positive energy and help your home and you grow.

So, you must regularly clean your doors, knobs, hinges and frames and keep a small mat, plant and table near the entrance. You must also ensure your front door is not directly leading to the back door by adding a small rug or wooden object to break the flow.

6. Add More Indoor Plants To Enhance Productivity

Adding more indoor plants is another Feng Shui element that you must incorporate into your new home. These indoor plants add greenery and positivity and help purify and cleanse your air of any toxic elements. If you maintain these plants well, water them regularly, and provide them with adequate sunlight, you will add growth and vitality to your new home.


Once your professional removalists Adelaide have unloaded your belongings, you can use the above Feng shui tips to rearrange and organise your home. By balancing the five elements, decluttering and removing obstacles, adding more natural light and indoor plants and keeping your entrance clean, you can attract positive energy into your new home and make it your safe sanctuary.