How To Find The Best Removalist In Adelaide
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How To Find The Best Removalist In Adelaide

Jan 24, 2019

Are you planning to move this year? Then you may be considering hiring a professional removals company. If you have already started looking for a team of removalists, you must start understanding what you should look for and the questions you need to ask them.

After all, trusting people you don’t know and that too with valuable and expensive belongings during the stressful time of relocation is not easy. Thus it is essential to do some research to make sure you hire the best removalists in Adelaide. Here is a list of helpful tips that can help you to choose an accomplished and capable removals company. Let us have a look:

1. You Should Start Early

Your moving day is most likely to be an anxious one and you don’t want the additional headache of finding a moving company in Adelaide to add to your woes. So, you better start the research as early as possible.

This will give you plenty of time to compare different companies and you can also match the final cost, especially when you are moving on a fixed budget. Always remember a rule of thumb – if a removalists company is available at the eleventh hour, it is perhaps for a reason.

2. Read As Many Reviews As Possible

Word-of-mouth and online reviews are by far the best ways to start when you are looking for a reliable moving company. It is vital to get help from a quality removal company before you start your relocation to Adelaide, the best city to live and work.

Discuss with your friends and check with your colleagues or neighbours in Adelaide for recommendations and read reviews on trustworthy sites. Reviews provide you with an impartial view of the credibility of the company and their service quality.

3. Find Experts To Move Your Specific Items

You cannot allow any random person to be in charge of your precious belongings while moving. People usually have expensive and fragile items at homes such as pianos, pool tables and gym equipment. So you need to find a removalists company in Adelaide with experienced professionals.

Knowledgeable removalists are aware of the best routes in Adelaide to move and to handle such big and expensive belongings. Companies generally mention this type of information on their official website, so you can read it before you shortlist. Also, reading reviews would be a great help.

4. Get Proper Estimation

Once you have analysed the moving companies in Adelaide on various parameters, shortlist the best ones. Then get the estimated cost quotes from them.

Always follow the golden rule – if any moving company hesitates or doesn’t give an on-site estimate, do not hire them! Try to get at least three to four in-person estimates before finalising. This way, you can have enough options at your disposal.

5. Find Out What The Company Is Providing

What extra benefit you are getting from the moving company? Do you have to take care of everything while packing or your movers will do it for you? Will your company provide or help in getting insurance for your belongings in transit? These are the essential questions you need to ask yourself before making any commitment.

Ask the removals company whether they are providing the blankets, boxes, and what about other critical moving supplies? Fuel can change your overall costing to a great extent so make sure that it is included in the estimated price. Otherwise, you might end up paying extra at the end. Try to avoid all unexpected costs on your big day.

6. Find The Balance Between Quality And Price

Evaluate various moving companies by comparing the service they are providing and the price they are charging. Always remember that a good mover is usually famous among customers, so they don’t need to lower their price.

And the moving companies offering low cost usually don’t have the quality and play on the price factor to attract their customers. But anyone charging more money doesn’t become a quality moving company either. You have to analyse them on various parameters – from reputation to price to what they are providing in the service.

7. Don’t Pay A Large Deposit

A reliable moving company won’t ask for a large deposit or cash before moving. So, always remember to pay upon delivery. What’s wrong with advance payment? If you make the payment in advance, you will lose control over the entire moving process.

Also, no one can give the surety when you get your belongings again. Also make sure that whenever you are making any payment to any Adelaide Removals Company, always use a credit card. This can protect you from any possible fraud activity.

A moving company does not require a deposit above 20 per cent of the estimated cost. Some removals companies do not even ask for any payment until the belongings are safely delivered.

8. Verify The Credentials Of The Moving Company

If you are planning to make a move across states, your moving company must have a permit issued by the Transportation Department of Australia. This identifies the commercial vehicles and allows them to transport passengers or moving cargo from one state to another.

In the absence of this permit, you can face legal trouble. So, make sure that the removals company you want to hire has all the legal documents.


With thousands of families moving every year in Australia, most of the removals don’t go smoothly. The reason behind this is that people don’t research about their moving company. Always remember that choosing a good team of removalists in Adelaide will ensure a hassle-free move.