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01 Sep, 2020

First Apartment Checklist for Renters on a Budget

When people relocate to a new place for the first time after the marriage, to get a higher education, to join a new job or any other reasons, they look for a rental property to settle down. However, moving to a rental property for the first time can be stressful.

You can quickly relocate with the help of removalists in Adelaide, but after moving, you have to deal with a lot of expenses and tasks that you are not used to. If you want to avoid any chaos after moving, then you need to consider all essential aspects of moving to a rental property for the first time. Here is detailed information on the first apartment checklist for renters on a budget. Let’s have a look!

Moving Expense

The foremost thing that you should include in your first apartment checklist is the moving expense. Relocation process is not only time-taking and challenging but also expensive. So, if you want to save more money during the move, you need to prepare a budget and stick to it.

Look for options where you can make adjustments in your cost. For instance, you can hire cheap removalists in Adelaide to accomplish the task in a hassle-free manner. Many people try to perform the process on their own to save more money during a house move. However, this approach can backfire and end up in chaos on the moving day.

Security Deposit

Another essential thing that you should also consider in your checklist is the security deposit, which is a hefty amount. Thus, you should save money in advance so that you can pay that amount at the start of the lease period.

The maximum bond that the property owner in South Australia can take from the renters depends on the weekly rent amount. If the weekly rent is $250 or less, the landlord can ask up to four weeks rent as security deposit and, if the rent is more than $250, the bond money can be up to six weeks rent.

Weekly Rent

Apart from the security deposit, you also need to consider the rental amount. That is why is it always advisable to have a job before moving to a new place and estimate whether you will be able to take care of the weekly rents. If you do not have a job, then you need to save some money that you can pay as the rent of at least 2 months.

You should save this amount before making a move. If you are alone and think that the rent is above your budget, then the best way to pay less rent is by sharing the property and rent with a person. You can use the amount on other essential things like hiring the best removalists in Adelaide.

Utility Cost

When you are making your first apartment checklist, make sure that you include the utility cost in that list. Many landlords include the cost of essential utilities like gas, water, electricity, etc. in the rental amount while others exclude it. So, discuss with your property owner about it and make adjustments accordingly.

To reduce the cost of electricity, include appliances in the checklist that consumes minimum electricity. Make a list of items that can help you minimise the electricity cost like using broom and dustpan instead of a vacuum cleaner and washing plate in the sink instead of using a dishwasher.

Rental Insurance

Rental insurance is not something that is mandatory, but when you are moving to a rental property, you should go for it. It protects the belongings of renters against earthquake, fire, burglary, storm, flood, accidental breakage, etc. Thus, it is always beneficial, and all you need to do is to pay it premium.

If you want to get the insurance and also want to save some money, do some research on it and talk to different insurance companies in Adelaide. Know about the different types of plan and opt for the one that suits your budget and requirements.

Cleaning the Property

When you are planning to move to a rental property, it is essential that you clean it thoroughly before moving in. The landlord always ensures that the property is clean, but you should not take chances. If you are allergic to pets and the previous tenants had a dog, then you can face an allergic reaction.

Therefore, you should thoroughly clean it before the removalists in Adelaide reach the place and unload your belongings. The cleaning task can be performed in the most effective manner when the property is totally empty. For affordable cleaning, use natural products instead of costly commercial cleaners.

Thoroughly Check Rental Property

First apartment checklist for renters should also include a thorough check-up of the rental property. Once you have signed the agreement and get the keys, your property owner will do a walkthrough with you. It is the right time to check the rental property and take note of any issues you find like pipe leakage, dampness, or fuse bulb. It is the responsibility of the property owner to repair all the damages before you move in. So, ask your landlord to fix the damages and save your money.


A lot of people live in rental property because it allows them to save a lot of money. However, the rental property also has some expenses. If you are moving to a rental property for the first time, you should pay attention to the checklist mentioned above. It will make your life a lot easier while living on rent.