Four Week Moving Plan For Managing A Short-Notice Move

Four Week Moving Plan For Managing A Short-Notice Move

May 18, 2021

Usually, having a few months to prepare for a house move is ideal, but due to circumstances like the landlord selling your rental property, relocating for a job, increase in rent etc., you have to manage a move on short notice. Under such situations, you only have a few weeks to plan and complete all moving-related tasks.

It can be challenging and chaotic even when you take the assistance of professional removalists in Adelaide. To avoid getting confused and overwhelmed while moving on short notice, here is your complete guide outlining a four-week moving plan. Follow it to streamline your tasks and have a comfortable shifting experience.

Week Four Before Moving

During this week, you need to focus on planning the entire move and on the following tasks.

• Sort your belongings and get rid of unnecessary items you don’t want in your new home. Discard trash and unwanted things and resell or donate items in good condition.
• After decluttering, create an inventory of items you want to pack and start the process. If you plan on hiring professional removalists in Adelaide for packing, then skip this step.
• Create your budget for paying the remaining rent, arranging bond & rent for the new home, getting supplies, travel, hiring professionals etc.
• Start the process of changing/updating utility services subscriptions, and address
• Find good removalists in Adelaide to pack/handle/move your property contents. Plus, look for end of lease cleaners for the final clean of the rental property.
• Make provision to rent a storage unit if packing and moving your belongings is not feasible for you at short notice.
• Look for good schools and initiate the transfer if your children need to enroll in a new educational institute.

Three Weeks Before Moving

The key to avoiding stress and feeling pressured during this time is to ensure all tasks listed below are completed in the third last week before moving.

• Ensure the moving date is fixed, then confirm bookings with the bond cleaners and removalists in Adelaide you want to hire.
• Start packing major items like furniture, appliances, valuables etc.
• While shopping for perishable goods to eat or drink, get them to last for a few days only. Also, make a plan to use food supplies in your home and see what you can give away.
• Pack things you want to donate and conduct a garage sale to resell unwanted items
• Discuss the moving day plans with your household members to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Two Weeks Before Moving

Besides picking up the pace for packing property contents, here are the things you need to complete in the second week before shifting.

• Sort your valuables and important documents to pack and store them securely to take along in a personal vehicle.
• Start responsibly disposing of items like cleaning products, paint, propane, etc., as professional removalists in Adelaide don’t move flammable and poisonous items.
• Make arrangements and plans for travelling to have a comfortable journey and reach your new home without delays.

One Week Before Moving

In the last week before the day, you need to vacate the rental property and ensure everything is packed or ready to be packed if you are availing of packing services.


• Ask every household member to start preparing an essentials bag
• Re-confirm your bookings with your hired cleaners and removalists in Adelaide.

• Confirm utilities like electricity, gas, water and others will be available in your new home on the day you arrive.
• Ensure you remove garbage and trash from the property
• Be ready for the removalists to come and move your belongings.

On The Moving Day

On this day, you need to be active and ready to leave the rental property. Thus, you need to:

Inspect the real estate thoroughly

• Take pictures and videos before moving out
• Make sure your vehicle’s fuel tank is full. If you have booked a cab or made other travel arrangements, ensure everything is on time.
• Ensure the removalists arrive on time, and they start the moving process before you leave.

After Arriving At The New Home

Upon reaching your new house, contact your hired removalists in Adelaide to ask about their estimated arrival time. Furthermore:

• Get the keys from your landlord if you haven’t already.
• Check utilities.
• Take photos and videos for the original condition report.
• After they arrive, assist the removalists in keeping furniture, beddings, and other heavy items in the house correctly.
• Start unpacking boxes by rooms starting with the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.
• Ensure the cleaners arrive at your previous rental property and clean it adequately.


Moving at short notice is challenging and overwhelming, but renters sometimes have to manage it due to unforeseen circumstances. It may seem complex, but by hiring professional removalists in Adelaide and following the four-week moving plan shared above, you can manage your short notice move without any hassle or stress.