Handling Unexpected Challenges During House Removals

Handling Unexpected Challenges During House Removals

Aug 08, 2023

Moving precious household belongings from one location to another requires adequate planning and an optimistic approach.

Despite creating a detailed moving checklist, you may face several unexpected challenges during the process. From logistical mistakes to mental stress, there is always a chance of losing your calm and ruining the entire home relocation experience.

However, with a positive mindset and cool-headed nature, you can resolve all the challenges or obstacles you may encounter during house removals.

For the safety of your valuable items, book cheap Removalists Adelaide to stay organised and relaxed. You can research properly and choose the most experienced experts for a safe and smooth transition.

Today, we will explore some unexpected challenges you may face during a move and provide relevant solutions to them.

Challenge 1: Unplanned Home Relocation

Are you moving to a new home in Adelaide without a proper plan? This can lead to a moving disaster.

Lack of planning will make the entire process inefficient, and you may encounter financial and emotional stress at the end of the day. There is a huge chance that you may forget to pack your valuable items or overlooking the important tasks, such as updating the address or transferring utilities.

Plus, you may pay extra if you book removalists Adelaide at the last moment due to an unplanned moving procedure.


Instead of waiting until the last minute to plan, you should create a proper moving checklist with a timeline.  Decide the final moving date ahead of time and start the planning process at least 8 weeks prior to the move.

Since you have to declutter your belongings, arrange packing supplies, pack your stuff and relocate belongings, jot down each and every point and give yourself enough time to complete these tasks.

Challenge 2: Delays in the Process

From pending house maintenance work, completing rental tenancy paperwork, or transportation issues, delays during the process can create chaos, and you may lose your patience. This can lead to moving stress- which is not good for your health and mental well-being.


To solve this problem, you need to focus on developing a proper moving timeline and start the process as early as possible.

Complete the end of lease cleaning process and submit your paperwork before booking removalists Adelaide. This will give you clarity and save you from unexpected delays.

You can also stay in contact with your real estate agent or moving service provider to know updates on potential setbacks.

Challenge: 3 Your Forgot to De-clutter Home

Another major unexpected issue for homeowners is having too many belongings to pack and relocate to a new abode. This happens when you overlook the de-cluttering or purging process. Taking everything along with you to a new house means paying extra for unwanted items. So, be mindful.


It is important to inspect all rooms, storage units and cabinet units and start de-cluttering your home and get rid of junk. You can do this at least 6 weeks prior to your moving day and divide your items into the following categories:

  • Items you want to keep
  • Items you want to donate to the local charity
  • Pre-loved items that can be sold out during a garage sale
  • Junk or Trash

This will help you pack only the necessary household belongings- saving you time, money and energy.

Here are the tips to help you donate and recycle old furniture using proper ways. You can also dispose of them in a sustainable manner before the final move out.

Challenge 4: Neglecting Special Packing Needs

With a huge number of household belongings to relocate, it becomes easy to forget there are items that need special packing supplies.

Items like large pieces of art, flat-screen TV, mirrors, sculptures, lamps, computers and chandeliers need special care and attention when relocating home. Using low-quality packing supplies can cause damage to your fragile during the process.


As soon as you decide to relocate, create an inventory of your fragile or breakable items and arrange extra cushioning packing materials to keep the intact. You can use packing paper, packing peanuts, blankets, and much more. This can help you handle fragile items and valuables with care and precision.

You can hire professional removalists Adelaide to pack your specialised household belongings that are prone to damage.

Challenge 5: Facing Financial Issues

Moving a house is one of the expensive processes. From arranging packing supplies to hiring professional Adelaide Removalists, hiring a babysitter, to pet care service, you need to prepare yourself for these potential expenses.

But, sometimes, you may end up paying hidden costs in the middle of the process. If you don’t want to take a toll on your pocket, focus on the following solution.


It is good to create a proper moving budget to track your potential expenses. When choosing a moving company, do proper research, compare quotes from at least 3 companies and make a final decision to save money on house removals.

You can pick the most renowned company that offers a transparent pricing policy. This will give you peace of mind that you will not be charged unexpectedly in the middle of the process.

Challenge 6: Weather Changes

Unforeseen weather conditions can also lead to a serious problem during a move. Bad weather conditions, such as extremely heavy rain or snowfall, can ruin the entire logistics, and you may damage your precious possessions.


If possible, you can reschedule your relocation to a safer date. If there is no option for rescheduling, take precautions, such as using plastic sheets to protect your boxes and other stuff from rain and protecting delicate furniture and electronics to minimise the impact of unexpected weather conditions.

Wrapping up

You can resolve unexpected challenges and navigate the process smoothly with proper planning, a positive approach, and calmness. It is good to create a proper moving plan and a detailed timeline and stay optimistic to keep the process running smoothly and damage-free.