Home Improvements to Make Before You Move In
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Home Improvements to Make Before You Move In

Jan 07, 2020

When people are occupied with pre-moving tasks like decluttering, packing, organising and hiring removalists in Adelaide, improving the new home is something that often gets neglected. Therefore many people renovate their place only after moving there. However, the experts beg to differ. They believe that if you want to upgrade the condition of your new house, you must do it before moving when the place is free from family and furniture.

When you purchase a house, you should not forget that the house is either rented or resale. This specific factor makes the home improvement task more essential. Purchasing a house that requires a lot of repair and modification work doesn’t make any sense. So, before you make any commitment, inspect the property and see if the home improvements fit in your budget.

Hire Professional for Home Improvement Inspection

Purchasing a house is undoubtedly one of the biggest investments you will make in a long time. Thus, it would be best if you ensure that the property you are interested in is worthy of spending so much money. After purchasing a new house, people often discover many hidden problems that require immediate fixing.

Thus, before hiring professional removalists in Adelaide, contact professionals to inspect the property. The best option for the task would be an experienced property inspector or a reliable contractor. They will examine the property in detail and will provide you with an official report. This will help you to calculate your future investments in detail.

Even if the new house is in good shape, here are five home improvements that everyone has to make before moving in. Have a look:

1. Repair Work

Your new house might need a lot of repair work. Thus, you must examine your new house and find out the essential repair jobs like changing lights and fixtures, clogged drains in your kitchen and bathroom, or leakage problem in the pipes. You might need to hire a professional to resolve these issues.

Lights and Fixtures

Before moving in your new house, pay attention to the lights and fixtures and get them fixed immediately. Contact electricians to get the job done in a hassle-free manner. Any socket or light problem in your basement can delay several tasks after moving.

Leakage and Clogged Drains

Check if there is any leakage problem in the pipes of the kitchen sink or toilet in the bathroom. These leakages can lead to massive problems after moving in. Contact experienced plumbers in Adelaide to sort out this problem. They can also help you with the issue of clogged drains. The last thing you want is your moving boxes getting wet due to overflow of water in the bathroom or the kitchen.

2. Renovation and Painting

This is another home improvement task you should accomplish before you move in. Renovation and painting after moving in makes things more difficult, time-consuming, costly and frustrating. Hire reliable removalists in Adelaide, so that you can focus on your home improvement.

Changing Countertops and Tiles

Kitchen is perhaps the most important space in your house, so you might want it to look good and complement your entire property. If you want to change the kitchen tiles and countertops, do it before moving.

Changing Toilet, Sink and Bathtub

Whether your new house was owned by someone or on rent, no one likes to use the toilet, sink and bathtub once used by other people. So, from the personal hygiene point of view, you must change it before moving with your family.

Laminate Floors

Laminate floors have become a popular option in big cities like Adelaide. It will give your house a sophisticated touch. So, if you are interested in this option, you must finish it before moving. Changing the floor is much easier when the house is empty.

Removing Mould

Mould is a common problem that people often find in the bathroom or basement. If you also witness a mould problem, clean it and paint that area properly, so the wall looks perfect. You can also paint your entire house as per your preference.

3. Security Concerns

When you are moving to a new house in Adelaide, you need to make sure that the security of the house is up to the mark. Thus pay attention to the door locks and fencing. Also, you should not forget that danger can approach not only from the outside but also within the house such as a fire. So, you also need to focus on the smoke and alarm systems.

Change Door Locks

As soon as you get the possession of your new house, you must change all the locks of the house. Hire a professional locksmith in Adelaide to get the job done efficiently. This is important because you don’t know whether the last owner or tenant has extra leys of your house or not. If they have, it would be a massive risk to your security.

Smoke and Alarm Systems

You should not spend a single night in your new home without installing safeguards like smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. These are essential things. Thus, you must install them before moving in. You can purchase them from any nearby store. You need a lot of time to focus on such things, thus it advisable to hire experienced removalists in Adelaide. They will take care of your belongings and give you ample free time to concentrate on other things.


If you have purchased a property that does not have any fence, you must consider erecting a fence. This improves the overall security of your property. And if you have young children or pets, the fence will prevent them from going too far. You can further improve safety by installing CCTVs near the fence.

4. Set Up the Utilities

You should also set all the essential utilities before moving in. This will make your first few days very easy. When you are making plans to move out, transfer your main utilities like electricity, gas, water, internet, phone, etc. at the right time. If you delay the process, you might have to live in your new house without these utilities for a few days. And that will be very frustrating.

5. Deep Cleaning

You must clean your house before moving into it. You can hire professional end of lease cleaning in Adelaide to clean the house thoroughly. When the house is empty, it is much easier to clean the house. This helps to remove dirt and allergens from the house and make it healthy for you and your family. Particularly focus on the kitchen and the bathroom as these are the two dirtiest rooms in your house. Moreover, it would help if you also focused on the carpets because the previous owner might have a pet, and the carpets can have pet hair and germs.


The moving process is a daunting task, and it becomes more challenging with various complications and additional expenses. Although you cannot be prepared for every scenario, you can help yourself by taking care of the home improvement tasks mentioned above before moving in. It will not only save valuable time and money but also give you peace of mind.