How Long Does It Take To Move House?

How Long Does It Take To Move House?

Oct 12, 2020

Moving out of a house is among the most stressful events of anyone’s lives. The process requires patience and careful planning that can take months. People who move out of owned properties have more time to prepare for the move compared to people who live in rented properties.

However, the usual time it takes to manage the move in both cases is usually similar. Thus, whether you live in an owned house or a rented one and have to relocate – here is your complete guide on how long does it take to move house in Adelaide.

Finding a Residence

Often finding a property to rent is easier and faster than finding real estate to buy, which is why you should plan your move accordingly. Tenants moving out should ideally start looking for properties 8-6 weeks before their lease ends as they have to give notice for moving out at least 28 days prior to the lease ending date. What’s more, signing and formalities of a lease agreement shouldn’t take more than a week.

Property owners may not have a tangible date to move, which means they can start planning and looking for a real estate whenever they have the budget and time. However, it is necessary for them to keep in mind the following information.

• It takes at least four weeks to get a mortgage approval
• The settlement between a buyer and the vendor happens four to six weeks after both parties sign the sale contract
• After the contract is signed and the decided cooling-off period is over, you can take possession of the real estate.

Decluttering and Packing

Decluttering your residence is an important activity to perform when moving out of a house. It is necessary to get rid of unwanted and damaged things you have hoarded in the house. Furthermore, it is required to reduce your packing and moving load because the more things you have to move, the higher will be the expense.

Ideally, the DIY decluttering and packing process should take about four weeks to complete. If you are taking the assistance of professional removalists in Adelaide for packing, then the experts can manage that process in a few days or a week depending on the size of your house and amount of things to pack.

Discontinuing Utilities

When moving out of a house, you have to discontinue utilities like electricity, gas, water and others. You need to contact the service provider of each utility and inquire about the process of discontinuation. You may have to provide a notice of a week or more depending on the policies of the provider. Therefore, contacting them at least two-three weeks before moving is the best.

Please note, disconnection of energy services in South Australia cannot be done on the following days.

• Weekends: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
• A public holiday or the day before it
• Between 20 and 31 December (inclusive)
• Any usual day before 8.00 am or after 3.00 pm

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning the house deeply and ensuring repairs or remediation work are complete is essential to move out of a house successfully. However, these things can take time if not planned. In case you are taking the assistance of a house cleaning service in Adelaide, then it may take a day or two.

Otherwise, it can take up to a week or more depending on how fast you can sanitise it. Pest control, mould removal, and other maintenance-related work may take one-two days or more. Therefore, create a checklist of cleaning and maintenance tasks to draw deadlines for completion and plan for them accordingly.

Moving Property Contents

Loading, transportation, and unloading of property contents can take one or two days when professional removalists in Adelaide are hired. By that measure, DIY movement can take longer because you lack the experience, training, and skills of professionals. In addition, professional removalists have the right moving equipment and tools using which they handle and move belongings much more efficiently and effectively.

To decrease the time it takes to move the property contents, you can rent a storage unit, get rid of unwanted/damaged things, and book reputed removalists in Adelaide.


Moving is a time-consuming and tiring process that can take weeks to months to manage and plan. For tenants, the move can be managed between 8-6 weeks with proper planning, whereas house owners may manage the process from 8-22 weeks. However, it is essential to understand each move is different, which is why it is essential to analyse your situation, consult professionals, and create a timeline for your move.