How Much Does A DIY Relocation Cost?

How Much Does A DIY Relocation Cost?

Oct 12, 2022 The DIY or self-move is way more adventurous than taking assistance from professional movers. If you are running low on budget, plan the process and manage tasks on your own. It is good to ask your friends and family to help you with packing and moving chores to complete everything before the final moving date. When you choose this option, you have to prepare for multiple things, such as arranging packing supplies, the correct size of a moving truck, costs of labours for lifting furniture , moving checklist, transportation fees and much more. Of course, you have more control over the process than hiring trained removalists in Adelaide, but you have to calculate the overall cost because many people spend more on DIY moves. So, look at some important aspects or factors that can help you gauge the average cost of a self-move. This will give you a better idea of your DIY relocation budget before you make the final decision.

1. Packing Supplies

If you are moving on your own, make sure you calculate the prices of all the necessary packing supplies. You may need different cardboard boxes, packing paper, packing tape, bubble wraps, packing peanuts, furniture pads and other items. So, do not forget to put these costs into your DIY moving budget. To save extra money, you can ask local grocery stores and liquor shops to give you used boxes that are in good condition. For packing supplies, you can use old towels, blankets, bed sheets, t-shirts, socks, drawers, etc. Still, you have to add an estimated cost of packing supplies to your budget so that you can track everything throughout the process.  This is one of the important factors to consider when estimating moving costs.

2. Rental Moving Truck or Van

You may need to spend around $700 to $2,500 to rent a moving truck for your possessions. The size of a truck depends on the weight and number of your household belongings. So, it is good to de-clutter your home and create an inventory to know how much you are going to relocate. Here is a quick guide to help you decide the right size of a moving vehicle:
  • 1-room apartment – 10 to 16 ft. moving truck
  • 2-bedroom house – 12 to 22 ft. vehicle
  • 3-bedroom house- 16 to 22 ft
  • 5-room house – 22 to 26 ft.
If you hire the best removalists in Adelaide, you don’t need to worry about the size of a moving truck or prices because professionals manage everything, and the price is also included in the final quote.

3. Rental Moving Equipment

The best part about hiring an experienced moving company is that professionals bring all the necessary moving equipment to lift and load bulky household belongings. If you plan for a DIY move, you have to arrange everything on your own. Look for companies where you can get rental equipment, such as a moving dolly, moving straps, etc. Make sure you add this cost to your budget and see how much you need to pay for a self-relocation.

4. Moving Containers

Portable moving containers are in high demand if moving on your own. You need to pay depending on the size and distance of your move. Unfortunately, you will have to pack and load all your stuff on your own. You can schedule a pick-up and delivery day with such companies. Instead, it is good to hire a company that specialises in local or interstate removals and packing services, as they can reduce your stress and manage everything from start to end. This way you can save for an upcoming move.

5. Moving Insurance

Do not forget to purchase the right moving insurance to cover the repair and replacement costs due to the accident or damage of your possessions during the process. The cost of moving insurance relay on the type of coverage or valuation option you are picking up for your items.

6. Hidden Costs

These are one of the most overlooked costs when creating a DIY moving budget. This includes road taxes, fuel prices, tolls, storage fees, food and cleaning charges, etc. After spending so much, there is no guarantee of a damage-free move. So it is good to hire a reliable company that can provide comprehensive moving services at the most reasonable price. If you are tight on budget, book removalists during the off-season, such as winter or you can also choose a mid-week for a moving day to save money.


When preparing for a DIY move, you need to consider monetary as well as non-monetary costs, such as time, energy and mental stress. Do proper research, compare quotes and look for the most reliable options within your estimated budget. If you want to avoid damage or personal injuries, hire good removalists Adelaide and stay relaxed throughout the process.