How To Build A Network In A New City Before You Move

How To Build A Network In A New City Before You Move

Oct 26, 2023

Relocating to a new city brings a lot of great opportunities and a better lifestyle. However, leaving the old place, family and friends behind and re-starting a life from scratch in an unfamiliar place can be overwhelming and challenging.

Apart from preparing for a big house move, pay attention to other key aspects to settle into a new place with ease. It is good to build a network and connections before you move.

A strong network can help you get better job opportunities and referrals and make you feel more connected to the new community and neighbourhood.

Make sure you hire the best removalists Adelaide to manage the entire packing and moving process so that you can focus on building your network considering the following tricks:

1. Research The Area And Its Major Industries

Whether you want to chase your dream job or upgrade your living standard, every home relocation journey has its purpose. However, it is important to know everything about a new location and look for events you can attend when you arrive.

Make sure you search for local chapters of organisations you already know, such as

  • Professional networks
  • Local community groups
  • Alumni Group etc

You can subscribe to their bulletins and know everything about the upcoming events. It is a good way to stay connected with the local people before you move. You can use the same contact and look for a potential job in the booming sectors and live a dream life with your family.

2. Connect People on Social Media Platforms

This is one of the easiest, effective and time-efficient ways to build your network in a new place before you move. Leverage the benefits of popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Start with the people you already know and prepare a list of those who have lived or worked in that particular location.

For instance, search among your networks on Facebook by location. This will help you find colleagues and friends who are already living in the area.  You can also find new schools in a new location for your kids.

You can even post a notice on these social media platforms letting your contacts know about your home relocation to a new city. They can give you genuine advice to make your stay comfortable without a hint of stress.

3. Reach Out People Directly

Publishing a post on Facebook or LinkedIn may not be enough if you want to build connections. Whether you are moving next door or across a new state, it  is imperative to contact potential people directly for more information about a new location.

If you are relocating for a job, you can contact your new employer or their official social media account to build your network easily.

4. Build Network Using Your Alumni Group

Believe it or not! This is one of the best ways to get acquainted with a group of people you already know. You can begin with your alumni directory because renowned universities have a huge database that lets you search for people by location and industry.

So, prepare a list of people in a similar field and create a network of like-minded people in a new location.

If you are relocating to a metropolitan city, check whether your alumni group organises events so that you can participate later on. You can hire experienced removalists Adelaide for a full-moving service so that they can unpack your stuff and help you settle into a new home quickly and easily.

5. Attend Virtual Meetups and Events

If you are under a serious time crunch, look for virtual events and meetups and connect with like-minded people in your new city before you move. You can attend events in your new neighbourhood and build your local network in a matter of a few clicks.

These meetups have chat rooms, breakout rooms and other key features to let you connect with other attendees and share views and information.

You can ask questions about the new place and participate in discussions to build strong relationships.

6. Plan a Visit to a New City

If you are moving for the first time, plan to visit a new city and stay a few days in the area. It is good to meet local people in your new neighbourhood in person and build your network.

You can also meet your new employer and employees and get familiar with the new office. These small things can make a huge difference and help you cope with this big change.

If you are concerned about your household belongings and the entire moving process, book trained removalists Adelaide in advance and focus on other important tasks related to your home relocation. However, it is pivotal to understand the removalist call-out fees so that you can plan your moving budget accordingly.

Wrapping Up

Building a network and genuine connections in a new city takes a lot of time, energy and communication skills. But it is worth getting to know people when moving to a new location. This guide will help you make new friends even before you arrive and make your stay comfortable post-relocation.