How to Create a Floor Plan of Your New Home Before Your Move
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How to Create a Floor Plan of Your New Home Before Your Move

Nov 01, 2019

Are you moving to a new home? There is no denying the fact that relocating a house is one of the stressful events. Whether you are moving into a bigger home or settling into a studio apartment, you must plan out your new living space before your final moving day.

From trimming down unnecessary household items to preparing heavy furniture, you have to manage everything with perfection. You should also consider hiring trained and professional Adelaide Removalists for safe and secure removal of your belongings.

Apart from preparing household items and creating a moving checklist, it is also important to create a floor plan of a new home before your move. With a little planning and a sketch of a floor plan, you can easily get into the new home without any burden or stress. A floor plan will help you in getting familiar with the new layouts and also organise your entire moving process.

Here is the list of things you should keep in mind while creating a floor plan of your new living space:

1. Evaluate the Size of your New Home

It is possible to end up with chaos when you are moving without a plan. For a safe, secure and efficient relocation, you need to organise everything ahead of time. Knowing the size of the new home is one of them. Nothing can be annoying than arriving at the new place and discovering that your furniture doesn’t fit. This could be a depressing situation. So, you can start by taking dimensions of each room, including the ceiling height as well as the length of the walls.

Don’t forget to jot down the location of built-in elements that will be needed to plan around, such as windows, doors, counters. You can also ask your property manager or realtor for a floor plan, or you can create a rough sketch using photos.

Tip: Make sure you take the measurements of your elevators and doors to let the furniture in without any scratches. This will save you from relocating items that won’t fit when you arrive at your new home. ­

2. Measuring the Major Items

Noting down the dimensions for large items such as furniture, appliances, TV, refrigerator, etc. is equally important. Whether you are shifting within Adelaide or moving across the new city, measuring existing furniture and other major pieces can save you from damages, injuries and of course scratches.

When you have precise dimensions in hand, you can easily map out your new space before the final moving day. You can even get rid of things that won’t fit in your new home. This way you can minimise the moving load, which in turn saves you money as well as time.

3. Take Assistance from A Floor Plan Software

Creating a floor plan’s sketch by hand might take a lot of time and energy. Plus, overlapping the layouts or designs may make your plan look messed up. Instead, you can create using floor plan software. There are plenty of options available on the internet, such as Sketch-Up. You just need to download it and start sketching your floor plan virtually.

It allows you to enter room dimensions so that it can create virtual rooms, doors and walls. Apart from this, you can add graphic elements for text labels and furniture for notes. You can customise the details as per your need in a few clicks. Isn’t it amazing?

4. Organise you Packing Chores

Once you know where household belongings will go, you have your floor plan layout. Make use of it and organise your packing chore. Try to stay organised and group all the belongings you want to take along with you. Pack them using high-quality packing materials such as packing tape, paper, bubble wraps, and secure them into the boxes. Don’t forget to label each of your boxes according to where they will go. This will make unpacking super easy when you arrive.

Tip: It is good to hire experienced removalists in Adelaide that can offer you high-quality packing services at the best price.

5. Create a Custom-made Design

When you are planning out your new abode, make sure that it reflects your personality and lifestyle. Instead of making a floor plan that doesn’t meet your specific needs, you should focus on creating it more personalised and comfortable. Since it is your home sweet home, don’t forget to design it according to your taste.

For example: If you love cooking or you spend most of your time in the kitchen, then your floor plan drives the action toward that section with seats and table. If watching a football match is your kid’s favourite activity, leave plenty of space in the living area for couches, sofas and TV. This way you can customise your home ahead of your final moving day.

6. Create a b/w architectural details and practical elements

Don’t skip the safety of your kids. Keep the space for heating and cooling pipes, drainage system, staircase and ceiling windows while creating a floor plan of your new home. Make things easier for you before moving out of your current home.

Tip: For better assistance, you can opt for the best Adelaide Removalists who can take care of your household belongings throughout the moving process. They come fully-equipped with necessary lifting appliances, moving checklist and other tools to give you a safe and secure moving experience with a 100 % service guarantee.


Shifting home from one place to another can be daunting for many people. From packing household belongings to organising a new home, you have to engage in multiple tasks. To make your work easier, have a look at this mentioned-above in this article and prepare your own floor plan. These tricks will help you design and customise your new place virtually so that you can take only the necessary belongings- this will reduce you both moving burden as well as budget.