How To Create Good Energy In Your New Home When Moving

How To Create Good Energy In Your New Home When Moving

Sep 23, 2022

Moving house is a fresh start, and you must set the tone for your home in the beginning to settle faster. Creating good energy in your home is crucial to dispel negativity and relax after enduring the stress of moving.

Being stressed for a prolonged period is problematic and overwhelming as it adversely affects your mental health and well-being. Hire professional removalists in Adelaide to make your move less challenging. Additionally, surround yourself with positivity immediately upon arriving at your new house. You should feel joy and excitement in your abode, and here are tips for feeling positive vibes in it. Have a look.

Deep Clean Before Moving In

From day one, your new house should feel welcoming and neat, which is why you must deep clean it before moving in. Avail a professional house cleaning service in Adelaide or manage the cleaning yourself if you have the time, energy and motivation.

Renters may skip this part, as landlords or previous tenants usually perform bond cleaning at the end of a tenancy. However, you still need to confirm if the property was deep cleaned and if it wasn’t, make a house cleaning checklist and get to work.

Keep Spaces Open & Clutter-free

Understandably, your home will look messy after moving with open/unopened items, household things strewn across rooms, takeout boxes etc. However, aim to remove clutter and organise your home immediately after moving in to minimise the risk of injuries and avoid trapping negative energy.

Hire professional removalists in Adelaide to unpack your belongings and place them where you want. With their expertise, moving equipment and your guidance, removalists can easily take away the burden of unpacking off your shoulders. Once they leave, you can fine-tune to keep spaces open and clutter-free in your new house.

Let in Natural Light & Air

Humans need exposure to sunlight and outdoor air to feel healthy and happy. Ensuring your new house has ample natural light, and good ventilation is crucial to create positive energy indoors. According to Feng Shui and Vastu, your home shouldn’t have dark corners or spaces because they trap negative energy.

Thus, upon arrival, open windows and doors to let sunlight and outdoor breeze enter the house. If you still have dark or poorly lit areas, install lamps, led lights or candles for illumination.

Burn Sage & Use Essential Oils

A house that smells good automatically feels more positive and welcoming. Burn sage upon arrival and cleanse the house of old energies. The herb’s name means to heal in Latin, which is why it is often used in Feng Shui and Vastu to bring good vibes. If possible, keep an indoor sage plant to keep its aroma inside your house all year round.

In addition to burning sage, refresh your surroundings by adding a few drops of essential oil to a humidifier. Alternatively, add an anti-microbial essential oil to cleaning solutions and keep your home smelling fragrant and its indoor air quality good at all times.

Personalise Household Areas

Besides keeping personal items in your bedroom, customise your living areas, bathroom, kitchen and other rooms to reflect your style and personality. You can hang personal photos, place home decor items, install lights, use favourite beddings, get furniture etc. You cannot feel at home in a house that doesn’t have things you didn’t place with love.

You can also feel fresh and happy in your home by painting rooms and outdoor areas in pleasing colours. Renter must do this with landlords’ permission, while homeowners can manage this task without hassle.

Get Plants

Many people feel relaxed and rejuvenated when they have lush and green house plants. Plants inside homes improve indoor air as they emit oxygen and purify the atmosphere around them. What’s more, watering and caring for plants brings positivity, productivity and creativity.

Therefore, make sure to move your plants with the assistance of good removalists in Adelaide. Unpack and place the plants in household areas immediately after moving to make the new house feel like home and improve your mood. If you are into gardening, use the back or front yard to display your skills and feel proud when your plants thrive in the new home.

Use Fresh Salt Water

According to Feng Shui, sea salt can purify homes by absorbing and transmuting negative energies, and water also can trap negativity.

Therefore, salt water cure effectively rids your new home of bad energies and tensions arising during a move. All you need to do is place a bowl filled with water and sea salt in a corner and let it remain undisturbed for a day before replacing the water.

The Bottom Line

House moves are challenging, draining and overwhelming, which is why they cause stress and anxiety. Hire cheap removalists Adelaide to reduce moving stress and manage the task without hassle.

Additionally, create positive energy in your new home when moving using the tips shared above. When your new home has good vibes, you can settle in it better and quicker.