How to Deal with Anxiety When Moving House?

How to Deal with Anxiety When Moving House?

Jun 22, 2020

Moving house is considered as one of the stressful processes. It not only brings excitement and adventure, but also makes you feel anxious. The stress of losing any precious household belonging, property damage and personal injury can turn your experience into a nightmare. What is more annoying is that the entire process can cause moving anxiety, which is also known as moving depression?

Since you have invested a lot of time, money and efforts, make sure you keep yourself calm and composed. It is good to hire professional removalists in Adelaide who can reduce the level of your anxiety and transit your belongings without causing any damage.

However, there are some symptoms of moving anxiety that need to be addressed and resolved before moving to your new house.

Moving Anxiety Symptoms

Moving anxiety is usually related to many of the following symptoms:

• Headache
• Worrying Unnecessary
• Lack of Sleep
• Enteralgia
• Lack of Concentration

To reduce the anxiety level during the move, you can consider the following tips and transit your belongings safely and stress-free to your new house.

Tips to deal with Anxiety When Moving House

1. Stay Organised

Majority of people feel anxious on a moving day due to lack of planning. It is always good to prepare and plan things at least 8 weeks prior to your final moving day. Creating a moving checklist can be an ideal way to track different tasks included in the relocation process.

Make sure you start the packing process as early as you can. But, before that, sort out your household items. Inspect all rooms and make a list of items that you want to throw away, donate and keep along with you.

Getting rid of unnecessary items can reduce the moving load as well as the overall budget- which can be very relaxing. You can also discover everything about your new location. Search for the most suitable house with the assistance of a real estate agent in Adelaide. This will minimise anxiety about things going swiftly once you have moved in.

2. Hire the Best Removalists

Moving precious belongings from one place to another involves a lot of risks. You may lose or damage your expensive and fragile items during the transition process if you are doing it on your own. This could double your stress level.

The best thing you can do is to hire professional removalists in Adelaide who come fully-equipped with latest moving equipment to lift heavy furniture safely and securely. They are well-versed with tried and tested lifting techniques and can help you pack delicate items using high-quality packaging materials.

Do a thorough research and shortlist best removal companies in your area. To find the ideal option, compare their estimated quotes, check customer reviews, pricing policy and quality of service. This will help you make the well-informed decision without any stress.

3. Spend Quality Time with your Family

It is good to give yourself quality time so that you can forget all the stress related to the move while spending some precious time with your family. Since the moving day can be very exhausting, make sure you take a proper rest a day before your move.

You can also read a book or do some meditation to get peace of mind. Make sure you do this in spare time after packing all your household belongings.

4. Pack the Essentials

Moving involves mental and physical stress. You need to take care of everything during the moving journey as well as you reach your new house. If you have small kids and pets, then prepare the essentials. Pack everything- from first aid box to toiletries, bottled water to snacks, phone chargers to bed linens.

A moving day survival kit is an important thing, especially if you are moving across the new city with your toddlers.

5. Throw a Goodbye Party

Dealing with emotional stress is one of the difficult aspects. Saying goodbye to friends and neighbours can be really tough. If you want to reduce the anxiety level, throwing a farewell party can be an ideal option. Invite your friends and neighbours in your backyard and enjoy a BBQ with them. This may help you feel distressed because of meeting old friends, and spending quality time with them can be great relaxing therapy.

6. Pack a Joy Box

Moving day can be emotionally and physically draining for many of you. It is good to pack a box of stuff the entire family will need to make themselves feel comfortable. You can pack favourite toys of your kids, pillow, a special mug, scented candle, etc. The purpose is to help you settle and relax in your new house without much stress.

7. Stay Calm and Relaxed

Don’t be harsh on yourself while moving your house. It is perfect to feel anxious but find out the ways to overcome all your fears. Instead of doing everything on your own, ask your family members to assist you during the packing process. Make sure you take proper sleep and eat well throughout the process.

Tip: Do some breathing exercises. It will make it easy for you to feel relaxed and overwhelmed.


The tips mentioned above in this article will help you deal with anxiety while moving house to a new location. Whether you are moving across the street or to a new city, make sure you take professionally trained removalists in Adelaide. They have the potential to reduce the stress out of your move and give you peace of mind.