How To Deal With Moving Stress: Tips To Manage Anxiety

How To Deal With Moving Stress: Tips To Manage Anxiety

Nov 08, 2021 Relocating to a new home is never easy as you can feel overwhelmed and stressed before/after a move. It is a major life event, which is why it is natural to feel anxious about packing all your belongings and going to a new place to live. People get attached to their surroundings, and leaving a familiar environment is emotionally, mentally and physically taxing. Thus, if you are moving house and feeling anxious about it, start planning every aspect of your move. Hire professional removalists in Adelaide, get quality packing supplies and ask for the support of near and dear ones. Furthermore, look at this complete guide outlining tips to manage anxiety and deal with the stress of moving.

Identify Your Anxiety Triggers

House move is a stressor for every person going from one residence to another. Upon further analysis, you can identify your anxiety triggers. Does the thought of your saving depleting makes you anxious, or is it related to your comfort? Many people feel overwhelmed when they have to manage different tasks simultaneously. Additionally, anxiety happens when you are confused or don’t understand how to manage your move effectively and efficiently. Therefore, you must learn what makes you anxious and find solutions to mitigate those issues. For example, avail of a full-moving service from reliable removalists in Adelaide to let professionals manage every aspect of your move. It will help reduce stress and ensure you can focus on other moving-related tasks.

Eat & Sleep Well

While planning a house move, it is common to skip meals and sleep poorly. But, it can affect your mental well-being and elevate your anxiety significantly. Therefore, make sure you maintain your daily routine, eat meals on time and sleep for at least 7-8 hours daily. With proper rest and nutrition, you can concentrate on tasks better, remain active and have a good memory. • A good night’s sleep and healthy meals also do the following. • Enhance body’s ability to repair and recover • Maintain cardiac and metabolic functionality • Improve mood, cognition and learning • Increases productivity & body immunity

Streamline The Process

Managing a house move without sorting the tasks according to importance and urgency is extremely cumbersome and tiring. Therefore, you must create a moving checklist outlining every task you need to complete before and after moving. You can install a mobile application on your phone to create the checklist, share tasks among household members and make notes. One of the best ways to make a to-do list is to search various ones online and make a personalised one after proper research.

Start Decluttering & Packing ASAP

Decluttering and packing are significant tasks you need to perform to manage your move successfully. Since they are time-consuming and require focus, you should start these tasks as soon as the moving date is finalised. • Sort your belongings first to reduce the packing and moving load for your hired removalists in Adelaide. • Donate or resell things in unused or fairly good state • Downsize if you are moving to a smaller space than before or you have many duplicate items. • Get the right packing supplies. Arrange small, medium and large boxes with one or two wardrobe boxes. Additionally, get newspapers, cell dividers, bubble/foam wrap, etc. • Pack room by room, starting with least used ones first & packing the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom last. • Don’t pack things removalists in Adelaide don’t move like perishable goods, valuables, flammables, toxic products etc.

Visit Your Healthcare Providers Before Moving

In addition to getting all your medical records, visit your doctor to ensure you are in optimum health to manage the process of moving. People suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes, asthma, arthritis, cancer or others need to get physical exams to determine fitness for relocation. Additionally, visit your therapist or counsellor if you have depression, anxiety disorder or a mental illness that elevates your stress levels or impairs your ability to do everyday activities.

Book Removalists Early

Finding and booking reliable removalists in Adelaide should be a priority for anyone moving house. The process takes time, and you should start exploring your moving options early to select the right services. Additionally, get free quotes from removalists to compare rates and hire the most affordable one. Make sure to book the professional weeks before moving day to reduce stress and anxiety. It will help you focus on other moving-related tasks and get things done in time.


Feeling stressed and anxious during a move is natural because you have to manage various tasks simultaneously and come to terms with changes. Therefore, take the assistance of professional removalists in Adelaide to deal with moving stress. Additionally, follow the tips mentioned above to manage anxiety and ensure you can complete the process smoothly.