How to Declutter Before Your Move: What to Keep, Toss and Donate
Things to Throw Out When Moving

How to Declutter Before Your Move: What to Keep, Toss and Donate

May 21, 2020 When you are moving to your new home, it is always advisable to declutter first. It helps you to organise all the things you have in your house and get rid of the unnecessary stuff. It saves your packing time, supplies and efforts. But make sure that you declutter before the removalists in Adelaide arrive to pack and load your stuff. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do it properly. When you declutter your items, it is crucial that you know which items you should keep, toss and donate. Here is a detailed list of such things. Let’s have a look!

Things You Should Keep

Declutter process help you to get rid of unnecessary items, but you will also find a few things that will prove useful to you, and you will need them in your new home. Keep the following things with you when you declutter your home. Furniture If you are planning to decorate your new place, you don’t have to purchase all your furniture. You can keep some of your furniture during the decluttering that can complement the style you have selected. Hire removalists in Adelaide to move them to your new place without causing any damage to them. Clothes Assess, organising and updating your closet is a significant part of the declutter process. Take out everything from your closet and decide what you will wear and what you will not. You should keep all the clothes that you love or wear often. Memorable Items Over time, people collect numerous things at their home, and some of those things have a great sentimental value. You can also have such things the bone china crockery of your grandmother, the wines glass you received on your marriage, and other similar stuff. Always keep such stuff during the declutter process. Things that you can modify There are always a few things that might not be useful in their original form, but you can modify it a little and make it work. You can decorate your old faded coffee mug into a pen stand. You can also keep a couple of old cotton t-shirt and make the dusters for various things.

Things You Should Toss

During the declutter process, you will find many things that you do not use anymore because it’s damaged, too old or not working anymore. It doesn’t make any sense to move them, and you also cannot donate them to anyone. The best thing you can do with such things is to toss them. Sheets, Pillow covers and Towels If some of your bedsheets, pillow covers and towels have become too old, it doesn’t make any sense to move them to your new place. You cannot donate them because most of the centres will reject anything of that quality. So the best you can do is to get rid of such items. Expired Beauty and Food Products During the declutter process, one of the most common things that people found is expired beauty and food products. If you have such items, the only thing you can do is to toss them somewhere. Pesticides and Chemicals During declutter, you might found pesticides, any chemical, acids or old car batteries. But you should not move them at any cost. You should talk to the concerned department and discard them appropriately, so they do not cause any environmental pollution. Broken Appliances, Furniture, Electronics Your appliances, furniture, electronic items are entirely useless if they are not in a working condition or damaged. It doesn’t make any sense to hire removalists in Adelaide for such items. You also cannot donate such things to any centre. So, tossing these things is the only option you have.

Things You Should Donate

If you find something during the declutter process that is not good enough to keep an also not bad enough to toss, you can help a person by donating it. Look for some nearby NGO in Adelaide and let them know that you have a few things that you would like to donate. Packed food During the decluttering procedure, if you find any packed food items that have at least a couple of months to expire but you are in no position to take it to your new place, contact any nearby centre and donate the food items. You can also give to homeless people. Books, magazines, sports equipment If your book and magazine collection is massive and you don’t have enough space for them in your new home; then you should contact any nearby schools in Adelaide and ask them if you can donate your books. Many educational institutes welcome such donations. Clothes in good condition You often purchase clothes that you start to dislike soon. As a result, you don’t wear them. Such clothes stay in your closet for years and look brand new. People always have shirts, t-shirts and jeans that no longer fit them. If you also find such clothing during the declutter process, contact some NGO in Adelaide and donate them. Dishes and kitchen Items If you are using mismatches dishes and glass for years, this is the best time to get rid of them. If they are in good condition, donate them. Replace such kitchen items with a new and complete set. Furniture If you are hiring experienced removalists in Adelaide, it doesn’t mean you have to move all your furniture. If you have any furniture that is in good condition, but it won’t match the style of your new home, donate them.


Declutter is one of the most important processes when you are moving to a new place. It helps you to get rid of irrelevant things so that your new home has more space for items that you will buy in future. Consider the list mentioned above to carry out your declutter process perfectly.