How To Donate, Recycle, And Dispose Of Old Furniture

How To Donate, Recycle, And Dispose Of Old Furniture

Jan 27, 2023

With a new home, many people want a fresh start which means getting new furniture and disposing of the old. However, since furniture is expensive and challenging to replace, donating, recycling and disposing it need contemplation and planning.

You must develop a plan for getting rid of the remaining used furniture after paring it down, deciding which pieces you want to keep and hiring removalists in Adelaide for removals. You can produce a lot of waste during a house move, which can end up in landfills.

Australia produced an estimated 75.8 million tonnes of garbage per the National Waste Report 2022, and recycling it all is challenging. Your efforts to recycle old and unwanted furniture responsibly contribute greatly to reducing Australia’s waste management problems.

Before moving, you must learn how to repurpose, discard, and donate old furniture. It will reduce your moving anxiety and ensure you can move out of your old home without worry.

Thus, here is your complete guide to taking care of unwanted furniture.

How To Repurpose, Refinish or Reupholster Old Furniture?

One of the best ways to make old furniture suitable for your next home or reselling is to repurpose, refinish and reupholster it to make it as good as new. Outlined below are things you can do to reuse old furniture.

  • Sand an old cabinet, bookcase, chest or other storage unit and repaint to add more character.
  • Replace accessories like knobs, handles, footholds etc., to make the furniture pop after repainting.
  • Get worn or damaged upholstery of otherwise good furniture reupholstered with a modern print and colour. It can make a sea of change.
  • Clean, sand the furniture and stain to change furniture minimally.

After you have remodelled the furniture, you can decide which pieces to keep and which ones to resell. Do this before you look for local removalists in Adelaide because they will inquire about furniture to estimate the moving weight.

When To Discard Old Furniture?

In certain situations, disposing of old furniture responsibility is the better option because the pieces are unsuitable for donating or reselling. Therefore, if your furniture has the following issues, it is time to toss it.

  • A serious termite and pest infestation.
  • Irreparable decay and rot
  • Broken armrests, legs, tops, backrests and other components
  • Weak structural integrity makes a piece of furniture unusable
  • Mouldy, torn and damaged upholstery

You can hire a junk removal service to take away unwanted and damaged furniture from your home. Inquire from removalists in Adelaide you want to hire if they offer this service along with furniture removals. Alternatively, contact your local waste and recycling centre to learn the procedure for disposing of old furniture.

How to Donate Used Furniture?

Donating used and old furniture is a quick and good way to get rid of unwanted pieces in your home. You can do this after decluttering or if you want to downsize for a move. Before you start looking for options for donating, make sure the furniture is in good condition. Once you have segregated donatable items, you can do any of the following things.

  • Post about the furniture on GIVIT, the Freecycle Network, Gumtree, Craigslist or any other online platform where people in need can see the post and contact to get it. You can either ship the furniture or choose to have it collected from your doorsteps.
  • Take the furniture to a local Salvos store, Vinnie’s shop or a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission. These are great places to donate household items when you move.
  • Move the furniture to your yard and put up a big sign like ‘Take for free’, ‘Furniture for taking’, ‘Pick-up what you like’ etc.
  • Send pictures to friends, family members or neighbours to ask if they need anything. You can also have them visit your home to look at the furniture and decide.
  • Create posts on your social media channels and groups to reach more people and entertain genuine inquiries.
  • Search local organisations that haul old furniture and offer free pick-up from residences.

Old Furniture You Can Donate or Recycle

Usually, most wooden, plastic, metal and other furniture pieces are suitable for reuse when they are in good condition. Giving away furniture is helpful in reducing your packing load and eliminate hidden moving costs or expenses. You can give away outdoor or indoor furniture items, such as

  • Sitting chairs and stools
  • Tables and bedside tables
  • Baby furniture like cot, crib, nursing chair, changing table etc.
  • Beds, loveseats, couches, recliners, lounge chairs
  • Wardrobes, chests, cabinets, bookshelves, shoe racks and other storage units.


A house move is the best time to pare down and get rid of unwanted furniture or make room for new furnishing for your home. Therefore, use this guide to donate, recycle and dispose of old furniture before booking removalists in Adelaide and planning your move.

By sorting unwanted furniture pieces responsibly, you can deal with moving stress and make a huge difference by preventing things like plastic chairs, metal tables and more from ending up in landfills and polluting the planet.